Bar Stools & Breakfast Bar Stools

A modern home needs the right accessories, and bar stools are an essential addition to your house. Sometimes, it is the small matters that matter most in the interior of your house, but we are here to help you. With bar tables, you need a seat, but sometimes a traditional chair isn't right. Sometimes, you need a stool.

With the help of HomesDirect365, when you shop for quality, you’ll have no trouble finding the best range of stools and bar chairs for your home.


Breakfast bar stools start your day right

You don’t need to eat breakfast at this table or only use it in the morning, but this is the perfect spot to kickstart your morning. So, you need the best sort of seat, and this is where breakfast bar stools are the ideal addition to your home.

Whether you choose breakfast bar stools based on colour, material or height, we have the perfect range. We have a comprehensive selection of kitchen bar stools, all aimed at helping you settle down to eat in style.


What sort of kitchen bar stools interest you?

One popular area of kitchen furniture is pieces that fit with a kitchen island. A kitchen island is often a brilliant way to create space, add storage, and bring people together. If you are a busy family or socialise with friends, it is natural to congregate around a kitchen island. This is a fantastic way to keep up to date with what is happening, and you'll love spending time together in a comfortable way.

You need dependable seats or chairs, so you need reliable material. You also want a durable material that is easy to clean. Your kitchen island can get messy, so knowing your stools wipe clean is a great comfort.

Measure your bar or island before committing to a chair

It would be best if you also considered the height of your kitchen island, making sure your stools fit underneath or alongside it.

There is a lot to consider regarding kitchen bar stools, but we are confident we have the right furniture for you. Why not check out our full range of stools, and find the ideal addition to your home.


What height of bar stool do you need?

Height is a crucial component in choosing your perfect stool. You want to feel comfortable with the counter height, and that you can reach everything you need.

Height adjustable options are helpful

For many households, adjustable bar stools are perfect. Stools of an adjustable height are very functional, and make life simpler. If you have a large family, being able to adjust chairs means everyone can sit comfortably, no matter the counter height. This helps children and adults eat together at the same height, making for a more fun activity.

Fixed height bar stools are one option

You have many options to consider when it comes to your ideal seat, and for some homes, fixed height bar stools are convenient. With this option, you know what you are going to get.

A chair attached to the floor means you always have a seat available. Some of these stools come with legs, some with arms and legs, while others are fixed to the floor with a rod or gas lift mechanism.

Remain flexible at home

If you like flexibility, or different people will use your chairs, this might not be the best option. Yet, permanent height bar stools are perfect for their kitchen or bar area for those who appreciate consistency in life.


Storage is always essential with stools and furniture

If you don’t have much space, rest assured we have stools that fit your limited availability. Foldable stools are perfect because they don’t need to be on permanent display.

Create floor space with the right item

This creates a seated area when you need it and gives you more room when you don’t. Some stools are foldable under the dining surface or island and can be placed into storage.

Who loves a swivel seat? Kids and adults!

Another brilliant option to bear in mind is swivel chairs. These are flexible options that allow you to look in any direction. Kids love these swivel seats, and we are sure adults too. When you dine or drink, you can face the table, and then swivel to look elsewhere at other times. This is a perfect arrangement when you want to watch TV, but all your food and drink are on the breakfast bar.


Comfort matters when it comes to furniture options

Comfort is always crucial for stools, and you have several things to consider.

Bar stool backs are a great option if you want more support. Some people are happy with a traditional stool, but not everyone. There is nothing wrong with back support, and dependable backrest helps you enjoy your time at the bar. It might not be the traditional diner look, but having a place to rest your arms is more than acceptable at home!

Take comfort in the ideal backrest

We have vintage or contemporary chairs with a backrest or armrests, offering more comfort. Whether you have issues or you just enjoy relaxing, armrests and backrests make a massive difference to your seat.

Sit comfortably at the counter

Another way to add comfort when sitting at a counter is to add a footrest. This takes the pressure of your feet, and aids the lower back. We know a backrest is important for many people, but the right footrest helps too. At HomesDirect365, we make comfort a top priority.


Your choice of material also impacts how comfortable you are

One of the things we love about the range of stools at HomesDirect365 is the range of seat material options.

You can choose natural wood bar stools (including oak stools), leather bar stools or velvet stools. The latter is a soft option, so consider this if comfort is essential to you. Many people prefer faux leather bar stools, ensuring you get the look you want without compromising your beliefs.

Is a chrome look right for your kitchen?

Metal bar stools are also a great option. A chrome finish blends well with any situation, and we know many kitchens welcome brushed steel, copper or brass features. Chrome metal stools are easy to clean and will look brilliant for years to come with a little bit of maintenance.

Plastic is always fantastic

Another option is plastic bar stools. These are great for outdoor usage or when you don’t have a permanent seating arrangement. If you only need a seat occasionally, plastic stools are easy to store and use when necessary. This is also a material which is easy to clean and comes in a broad range of colours.


What colour do you want?

With metal stools, you take the colour as it comes. Chrome, copper or brass needs no adornment to look great.

We have green, pink, blue and many more colours in stock

Of course, if you opt for upholstered bar stools or the aforementioned plastic stools, you can choose from any colour. At HomesDirect365, we are pleased to offer a selection of different colours, including yellow, blue, green, red, pink, brown, black, teal, charcoal and many other options for your stool.

You won't be feeling blue when you see our full collection!


What style is best suited for your home?

There are many things to consider when looking for a seat. Whether you need cheap bar stools or you want a signature piece, we have a complete range to please you. The important thing is finding a stool which is ideal for your home, and this is why you need to consider what style is best for you.

Our stylish bar chairs make a room come alive

A great looking chair transforms an interior space, and can make a room feel warm and fresh. The right table and chair set changes its environment, offering functional and fashionable benefits. You'll love our stylish luxurious stool and chair products.

With an industrial bar stool, you robustly complement wood and metal. This is a great way to enhance a vintage or rustic appearance at home. Natural wood stools work wonderfully in a rustic or rural setting, so consider these stools if you have an outdoor area.

Whether you want a contemporary bar stool (chrome is always futuristic) or prefer a retro bar stool look (consider bright plastic if you do), we have chairs waiting for you that you will love in your home.


We stock chairs in all styles and sizes

Whether you need a great feature for a home bar or convenient seat for a kitchen island, HomesDirect365 helps you discover your perfect style and seat in any room. If you want to shop for the most popular choice of modern or vintage stools, we can help.