Bar Tables & Breakfast Bar Tables

If you are building out a home bar, there is several accessories you must have in place. We can’t help you out with a drink, but we’re delighted to say we can help you select from the most acceptable range of bar tables.

We also offer bar stools, drinks cabinets, and drinks trolleys, but this page focuses on the finest bar tables, and there is something for every price, budget, and home style. At HomesDirect365, we offer affordable bar tables, in all colours, materials and designs.


A breakfast bar table gets the day off to a great start

If you are a morning person as opposed to a night owl, a breakfast bar table might better suit your pace of life. We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of breakfast bar tables, including bar tables with stools.

Start your day right by sitting down to a hearty meal in a good space.

Our bar table sets work well at home

You want items to match if you have an overall theme in your kitchen, living room, or bar. We have a range of bar table sets which match other furniture items, helping you create the ideal scene in your home.

Whether you want metal frames, a wooden edge or a chrome finish, HomesDirect365 has the ideal sets bar tables for your kitchen, living room or outdoor space.


Bar tables with storage are a great idea

A bar table is appealing, but if you don’t have much space at home, you might wonder how you can fit everything in. Kitchen bar tables with storage help you make room and create an orderly space at home.

We have stools that homeowners can fold away and bar tables with cabinets or drawers underneath. This includes drinks cabinets, side tables or a modern table with compartments and shelves underneath.

If you require space to make the most of your home, our bar tables with storage are perfect.


What bar table materials do you like?

One of the best things about our range of bar tables is that there is something for everyone.

We offer a mix of contemporary bar tables and ones which appeal to those with a classic or vintage style. If you are looking to develop a particular style at home, you’ll have no problems pulling something together with our help.

Glass is great for bar tables

Bar tables with a glass surface are trendy. These look great, they can be wiped down easily if spills occur and complement any room style. Glass bar tables often come with wood or metal fixtures, so you have a choice of options for finishing this style of table.

Metal is dependable for your furniture

It might be that metal bar tables are your preferred option. These are robust tables, carrying a sense of strength, and these look great in many kitchens or your dining area. If you have an industrial style at home, a dining table with metal elements fits perfectly.

We also know metal bar tables work well outdoors. You want to care for metal when exposed to the element, but a metal frame table in your garage or on your porch has a rugged appearance that you will love.

Our wooden bar furniture has a long-lasting appeal

Wooden bar tables also work well inside and outside of your home. On a porch or corner of the garden, a bar table outside is very appealing. There is no need to head into town when you have a fantastic wooden bar at home. Some of the most popular types of wooden bar include:

  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Beech


These are all hardwoods, which is the sort of material you should consider when adding a wooden bar table to your property. A natural wood bar table looks great, and you know it lasts for a long time. These are durable and reliable woods, capable of handling spills in a social setting.

Also, this style of material lasts for a long time with minimal maintenance. If you want a great-looking bar table that you don’t need to clean and care for every day, wooden bar tables are excellent.

Rattan is a good furniture material

Another option to consider with an outdoor bar table is rattan. Rattan is an increasingly familiar material for garden furniture, and rattan bar furniture sets offer tremendous value. Rattan is a material that looks great and lasts for some time, so you get outstanding value for money when looking for bar tables and chairs outdoor.

It might be the shape of the bar table that interests you most. A square bar table can fit anywhere and is helpful for corner spaces in your kitchen. If you don’t have much space, knowing this table style fits into available nooks and crannies is a great comfort. Convenience matters as much as style for modern bar tables, and square or rectangle bar tables help you develop a good look at home.

Then again, perhaps round bar tables are suitable for you if you want to mix things up a bit. This is an excellent option with a slightly retro feel or vintage designs. Round bar tables come in all colours and sizes. They also come in a range of materials, with plastic bar tables adding to the kitsch value of this furniture type. We know your friends will adore funky table styles.


What size bar table do you need?

If there’s likely to be a few of you around your table, you need a long bar table. The space available in your home dictates how long your bar table can be, but there are plenty of options to choose from. For the dining area, a long table is a nice way to bring people together to enjoy food and drink.

Lengthy kitchen bar tables with foldable or collapsible seats are a great solution. When not in use, you have the storage opportunity provided by the flat surface, and when you look to use the table, you can pull the chairs down. When you have space saving flexibility with bar tables and chairs, you can achieve more at home.

You might look for a high bar table, perhaps one where you stand instead of sitting down. HomesDirect365 offers this style of table and bar tables attached to the wall. You can set your height yourself, so if you need a high bar table, you have the freedom to do so.

Whatever bar table you desire, we have what you need. From black, white, red or blue bar tables to contemporary or traditional tables, we have you covered. However you eat or socialise, HomesDirect365 has you covered.