Drinks Cabinets

Whether you're hosting a party or just plan on relaxing in your living space, a stylish and well-stocked drinks cabinet is the perfect addition to your home.

At HomesDirect365, we offer an extensive range of bar cabinet products, suitable for every price range, every style, and every type of event, gathering or party. Whatever the colour or style you want, we'll ensure you add some glamour to proceedings.


A drinks cabinet is a perfect addition to a home

In many homes, a corner drinks cabinet is ideal. This doesn’t take up much room, and with outward-opening doors, you have easy access to its contents. Corner drinks cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, and they are made from many materials.

Corner drinks cabinets fit your life perfectly

Wooden corner drinks cabinets are a popular option, and there are many great designs and styles on offer. Some of the most revered bar cabinet styles include the Wadlington, Bremond, Duflos, the Aaron Bar, which offers a lot of storage space, and the Navarette.

There are also many trusted brands and manufacturers creating these products. Whether you want an art deco piece, or one with fancy handles, we have what you need.

We'll sort out your drinks unit for you!

You might not know the name of the drinks cabinet you like, but you’ll recognise it instantly. From vintage drinks cabinets, such as the always popular globe feature, to modern drinks cabinets elegantly offering functionality, there will be a drinks cabinet that fits your home.


Space and storage are crucial with your bar cabinet

The number of drinks you can store and serve depends on storage. There is a brilliant range of drinks cabinets on offer, with many ingenious storage solutions. Some come with drawers allowing you to store more accessories and tools of the trade.

Tall shelves are a good solution for many drinks cabinets. If you have spirits or tall glasses, you need to store these safely. Sturdy shelves with plenty of space on top keep everything safe, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Tall drinks cabinets save space

Of course, if you need a lot of space between shelves, you need a tall drinks cabinet. Some tall drinks cabinets go from floor to ceiling in your home. These won’t take up much floor space, but give you enough room to host every drink you and your guests love. No matter the style you love, you’ll find tall vintage drinks cabinets or tall modern drinks cabinet solutions so that you can style your home perfectly.

A sideboard drinks cabinet gives you many options

Suppose you want to go the other way, looking for width instead of height; a sideboard drinks cabinet is superb. This doesn’t come far out into your room, hugging the wall behind it, but a sideboard drinks cabinet is often surprisingly spacious. These bar cabinets have a lot of depth and many additional cupboards or compartments for glasses and accessories.

Room on top is as vital as space inside

With a sideboard drinks cabinet, you also have room to place items on top. This creates more storage space or even provides you with a worktop to make pouring drinks easier.

Sideboards never go out of fashion, and these cabinets work as a furniture piece, as well as a place to get the party started!

A pull out shelf creates more working space

One of the most functional drinks cabinet solutions come with a pull out shelf. This provides a worktop to pour and place drinks or hold your accessories while you mull ingredients together. A movable shelf saves space and comes in very handy when you have a lot going on.


Our cocktail cabinets add sophistication to any home

If you want to make the best cocktail selection in your town, you need liquor, glasses, the best ingredients, and a touch of elegance. Cocktails are for fun occasions, and a certain grandeur is expected from the process. The finest cocktail cabinets transport you from your everyday life, making you feel privileged.

Home cocktail cabinets have a lot of work to do, and they need to balance functionality with stylish design. Cocktail cabinet shelves and storage need room for drinks, shakers, and accessories. A cocktail bar cabinet needs to be stocked with your favourite items, so choose wisely.

Furniture pieces with storage solutions make a big difference

A cocktail cabinet with large shelves is a sensible option. Unless you use miniature spirits, you’ll likely need a lot of space to hold your bottles. This means you need sturdy shelves from the best materials for your cocktail cabinet.

Hardwood cocktail cabinets are dependable and can be finished in the style you want.

Colour and design create an ambience inside your home

Of course, for many people, art deco vintage cocktail cabinets are perfect. If sipping this style of drink transports you to another time, you should embrace this style. Whether you opt for a retro, industrial or classic cocktail cabinet, you create an ambience that changes a room and a mood. For retro options, colour is essential. No matter the shade or hue, a colour scheme that matches your room, and your chosen drink, pulls the look together!

Then again, modern cocktail cabinets are sleek and stylish. If you don’t have much space or want something stylish without being overbearing, a modern take on drinks cabinets is for you. Metal cocktail cabinets are appealing and easy to clean. If you know people will spill drinks, opt for a cocktail cabinet that doesn’t require much maintenance!


Bring your indoor bar to life

It is fair to say life has changed for many people in recent years, and home socialising is extremely popular. If you want to impress friends and family members at home, an indoor home bar is ideal. You can avoid the noise and other people that blight the pub experience, by having an indoor bar.

You choose the music, serve the best snacks, pour the measures, and decide when it is time to call it a night. You don’t have to call a taxi, because you’ve been socialising at home with your indoor bar!

What indoor bar unit is best for you?

If you don’t have a lot of space at home, or you don’t want to dominate a room, a mini bar cabinet is often enough to ensure you have. If you have space for your favourite drinks and a few glasses, you have all you need to enjoy yourself at home.

There is no shortage of convenient options with a home mini bar cabinet. A home mini bar cabinet with wheels is an option to consider. The convenience of wheeling a bar unit in and out of the room when you need it is an excellent addition to any home.

Our sideboards and bar units give you what you need

You can match your surroundings with an indoor bar, and bar unit accessories allow you to customise this part of your home. A stylish mini bar cabinet is often the perfect addition to any house, and with a well-stocked bar unit, you will have a popular place to hang out.

Do you need a home garden drinks unit?

A small garden drinks unit is also a great idea, and this will provide you with comfort and convenience when drinking outside in the sun. A garden cabinet must be sturdy to withstand all weather conditions, like all outdoor furniture, but hardwood cabinets will do the job for your home garden unit.


Enjoy your favourite drinks in style

At HomesDirect365, we understand the importance of home socialising and making a good impression. We also know how vital it is for people to unwind and relax. A stylish drinks cabinet is one of the most essential additions among your modern home furniture for all these reasons.

Whether you opt for unique cocktails, or your favourite drink from a great glass, an indoor bar unit gives you the freedom to enjoy a drink in the best manner. No matter the style of your home or the look you want to achieve, the great selection of drinks cabinets means every home is ready to socialise and mingle.