Drinks Trolleys

Whether you love to party or unwind after a long week, drinks trolleys are the ideal addition to your living space. The right drinks trolley doesn't just store alcohol, it adds style and glamour to a home. With great spirits on top and statement glassware on the lower shelf, you show your taste and style when entertaining guests.

You don't need too much space to benefit from a helpful drinks cart, a small drinks trolley gives you everything you need. HomesDirect365 has serving trolleys, bar carts and the best drinks trolley for your home bar or dining room.


Stylish drinks trolleys never go out of fashion

While some people might feel a drinks trolley may hark back to the 1970s, they never really go out of fashion. If you enjoy entertaining friends, create the best atmosphere with bar carts that cater to every need.

We know it wouldn't take long to set up a table for drinks, but why settle for this when you can choose from the best drinks trolleys?

Given many households place significant importance on how good their home looks, it is understandable that people want stylish drinks trolleys.

Our vintage drinks trolleys are loved by many

If you enjoy a vintage style, there is no shortage of vintage drinks trolleys online. Of course, unless these traditional drinks trolleys have been well-preserved, you cannot be sure if they are suitable for your home.

This is why vintage-inspired drinks trolleys are ideal for many households. These trolleys look like classic trolleys, perhaps even capturing the style of antique drinks trolleys at home. However, they are built to modern standards and made for everyday consumers. When you buy a vintage-inspired drinks trolley, you get the best of both worlds.

An art deco bar cart will always be in fashion

There are also retro drinks trolleys to consider. Old-fashioned or retro trolleys capture the essence or atmosphere of a traditional trolley but with a modern take on it. You’ll feel confident about the durability and reliability of these products.

It is also fair to say retro products are often cheaper than finding the original. If you want good value for money, we will assist you.

When you shop for a drinks trolley which adds instant glamour to any room, an art deco bar cart is perfect.

Modern drinks trolleys are a good option

If you have a contemporary furniture style at home, you need a modern drinks trolley. Choosing a sleek and colourful design ensures your trolley blends in with surroundings, matching your furniture. Modern drinks trolleys are built with modern homes in mind, saving you space and fitting into tight spaces.

Any homeowner who is keen to find a trolley that doesn’t look out of place in their property needs to buy based on their style.

At HomesDirect365, we are pleased to say we have a fantastic range of drinks trolleys, and we are sure we have the perfect accompaniment for your home.

A glass drinks trolley is perfect for display purposes

It is not as if these trolleys only matter when people use them. Many trolleys have a significant impact on how a room looks, and a glass drinks trolley is perfect for those focusing on a fashionable display.

Glass shelves and surfaces add a touch of class

The glass finish displays what drinks you have, allowing guests to select what they’ll have next. This clear surface helps the trolley blend in with its surroundings, so it doesn’t distract from the surrounding space.

Also, glass shelves are easy to maintain, so you won’t worry too much even if spills occur.

Do you crave a gold drinks trolley?

No matter what colour scheme you have at home, there will be a finish or hue right for you. At HomesDirect365, you will love our gold drinks trolley options. This is an elegant finish, with gold accentuating a stylish frame. Gold goes with many colours and materials, working well against wood so that you will appreciate this finish.

Some trolleys come with gold shelves, offering functionality and fashionable appeal in one go. You also find copper drinks trolleys, silver trolleys and antique brass drinks units have a similar effect.

Coloured shelves create a striking look with your home bar cart

It might be that a black serving trolley or a white drinks unit is best for your home. These are excellent choices and go well with many furniture items and accessories. However, there is no limit on what appearance you want your trolley to have.

Green, blue, red, pink or brown are all great options, and something is waiting to find a perfect place in your home.


Wooden drinks trolleys care for your collection

A wooden drinks trolley is a classic addition to any home. Whether you opt for a new style or a vintage influenced option, wood will not let you down. Teak drinks trolleys are popular, durable, affordable and stylish. No matter what factor matters most to you when looking for this furniture style, you don’t have to look far to find it.


Our industrial trolleys and serving units are ready for action

With an industrial drinks trolley, you know it is ready for action. The combination of wood and metal makes for a rustic feel, but it is durable and hardy. There is a fantastic selection of trolleys in this style, including wine trolleys on wheels. For convenience and style, this is a wonderful option.


Keep glasses safe

The best drinks trolleys don’t just keep your bottles safe; they also store your glass. It is vital to keep your home bar well-stocked. With the right glasses and bar tools, you can meet the needs of even the most-needy guests.

A good drinks trolley keeps you happy, but the finest drinks cart takes care of all your guests. Having a stylish art deco bar cart is one thing, but ultimately, people remember the drinks you serve. You don't want bottles or glasses to roll around when the cart is on the move. So, keep your glasses safe and your bar well-stocked for success in socialising at home.


What is your tipple?

It would be best if you didn’t overlook the importance of what drink you will place in your trolley. Opting for a wine serving unit is sensible if you mainly drink wine. You want storage space for the wine bottles and a safe place for the wine glasses.

If you intend to serve cocktails, you need room for spirits and a range of accessories. If you intend on showing off your mixology skills, the right bar trolley is essential. A trolley with shelving space with compartments for mixers, straws, glass and an ice bucket will be handy.

Anyone happy serving bottles and cans will find simpler trolleys suitable, so get the serving unit tailored to your needs. It is one thing to think about the style of trolley or the floor space you have, but to best showcase your drinks, find the ideal unit for your social habits.


What constitutes a cool drinks trolley?

If you’re looking for a cool drinks trolley, you can go in one of two ways.

You might be looking for a cool option concerning the style and appearance. For people who associate these units with James Bond and glamour, you have plenty of opportunities to mull over.

An intricate drinks trolley looks brilliant

There are beautifully detailed units, some with intricate designs. These pieces make as much of a statement in your home as the drinks will. If you look for chrome, antique brass or rose metal finishes, curved and fashioned pleasantly, you have many options to ponder. It is not as if you have to settle for square, rectangle or circle options with the drinks unit.

An innovative drinks trolley captures attention

There are octagon shaped trolleys and many unique shapes, offering the ideal final touch for those whose house is home to innovative and original designs. This is another example of an art deco bar cart that stands out for the right reasons.

The best drinks trolleys or bar carts are the ones that you fall in love with, and set up an evening of fun with friends and loved ones. When you see some of the stylish carts, you know a table won't garner the same interest or attention. When you socialise, it is good to have talking points, and your bar unit will be discussed and praised all evening.

Whether you want a trolley that stands out from the crowd or blends into your surroundings, HomesDirect365 has what you need.

A cool unit makes your drinks more enjoyable

It might be that the cool effect you are interested in relates to the temperature of the drinks. A handy ice bucket helps you regulate the temperature of the drinks you serve, but you’ll want to keep drinks cool in the main. When you entertain guests, the last thing you want to do is serve warm drinks.

Cabinets with doors allow for bottles to be kept out of sunlight, which is a good starting point in maintaining coolness at home. The same can be said for keeping mixer ingredients fresh. Keeping bottles safe and secure is the first task of a bar cart, but after this, you want the drink to be served at its optimum level. Dependable shelves create confidence in your bar cart, and this helps to start the party!


Need a drinks trolley for the garden?

If you socialise a lot outside, you might look for drinks trolleys for the garden. Drinks trolleys for outside your home are not dissimilar to indoor trolleys, but they must be more robust and secure.

What are the best drinks trolleys for outside of your home?

There are a few options to consider when it comes to the best drinks trolleys for outside of the home. These bar carts must be robust, preferably on wheels, and capable of hosting glassware. Thankfully, finding the best drinks trolley for the garden isn't an impossible task.

It is natural to consider wooden drinks trolleys when you shop for the garden. If these trolleys are treated well, they will provide excellent service. It might be you opt for a rattan drinks trolley, capitalising on this ever-increasingly popular material.

A small outdoor drinks trolley on wheels is an excellent addition to any patio, balcony or decking area. If you have a garage, hut or shed, you can place your trolley here when not in use. If you are entertaining friends and family members outside, the flexibility of an outside drinks trolley will be of tremendous value.


What are the best drinks trolleys?

It would be great if we could name the best drinks trolleys, but of course, this isn’t possible. The best drinks trolleys for one home wouldn’t be suitable for another household. Small drinks trolleys are perfect in some spaces, but for large families who socialise a lot, you need shelves, room for glassware, spirits, and more. You want more than a table, you want a stylish piece of furniture that completes your home bar space.

HomesDirect365 understands the importance of bar carts and drinks cabinets, and we are sure we have the ideal bar trolley for you, so shop with us.