Home Bars

Drinks cabinets can make the perfect addition to your dining room or entertaining space. Whether you're expecting lots of guests over for a party or you prefer to just enjoy relaxing in the evening with a few tipples and some good music, a home bar can be the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

Read on for some inspiration for the styles of drinks cabinets that could suit your home. Check out HomesDirect365 for more amazing home bars and browse more details about our home bar range, all with free delivery services.


Make your drinks cabinet unique and quirky

If you're looking for a fun (and maybe cool?) addition to your man cave or bar area, opting for something unique and quirky can show your friends and guests exactly who you are.

Whether it's a drinks cabinet that looks like a phone box, one that looks like a motorcycle, or one in the shape of a Victorian trunk, these cabinets will inject fun into any party.

Check out our range of vibrant and quirky bars that are on-brand for anyone who likes to be a little different on our shop page.


Show off your style with an elegant and sophisticated home bar

Maybe quirky isn't your design sense, and instead, you would like a stylish home bar that will be sure to impress any friends who come to visit. A mahogany home bar can help you to create a true bar area in your home and will be the perfect place to entertain with some stylish drinks.

Whether you prefer cocktails, wine, or even bourbon, this type of home bar will be sure to impress. Plus they have plenty of storage for all of your glassware and bottles!

Our shop has a range of home bars & bar tables with the highest manufacture quality, including the highest-quality wood types such as mahogany.


Save space with a bar cabinet

If you don't have the room for a full home bar, you can save space by buying a bar cabinet instead. This will fit easily in your dining room or living room in the perfect understated way.

From it, you can serve drinks to your significant other or friends relaxing on the sofa, or you can use it to serve after-dinner drinks at the dining table. A stylish piece of functional furniture that will also show off your style and won't take up too much room. What's not to love?

The bar cabinets in our shop range from shabby chic to modern, so our customers can find the perfect piece for their room.


Try a modern and sleek indoor bar

If your home has modern decor, you don't have to sacrifice that when it comes to your home bar. You don't have to opt for a mahogany bar that looks straight out of Poirot.

There are plenty of sleek, modern, and clean home bars and drinks cabinets that will fit right into your space and that will help to set the mood when you are entertaining or relaxing in the evening.

Check out our shop for a range of contemporary and modern home bar styles in whatever brand of look you are searching for.


Store your wine in style with a wine bar

If you are a wine drinker, you may not want to opt for a full home bar. Instead, there are plenty of wine racks that will store your wine bottles and display them perfectly.

And anyone with a wine collection knows that getting the storage right so that the wine is celebrated and handy to get to is the perfect solution. With a wine rack, you can sit happily with your glass of wine in hand under some soft lighting and relax.

Our shop always has a stock of the perfect wine bars and racks for any space and any occasion.


Everyone needs a compact but contemporary mini-bar

If you don't have the wall space even for a cabinet, let alone enough room for a full home bar, a mini-bar can be the ideal solution. You can use it as a side table by your sofa in the daytime, but come to the night-time, you can crack open the bar, dive right in, and have a glass of what you fancy.

With shelves to hold your glassware and drink bottles, all of your bar needs can be kept in one compact place and they look pretty good at the same time.

In our shop, you will find a wide variety of gorgeous mini-bars to suit any space and in any design that you are looking for.


Lean into your retro style with a drinks trolley

Why did drinks trolleys ever go out of fashion as a home bar solution? They are perfect for those who only want to use their home bar when there is something to celebrate or for people who don't want to use up the wall space for a full bar.

You can store the trolley safely in the corner of the room and then wheel it to wherever in your house the party and games are happening. For a true retro feel, a glass piece with all the accessories will be a real talking point for all your guests.

If you love the idea of bringing the drinks trolley back, check out the stock in our shop and find one that is perfectly on-brand.


What about a minimalist and practical bar table?

Maybe you don't need anywhere to store your glassware, bottles, cans, or other drink accessories and you just want the perfect piece on which you and your visitors can place your glasses. If so, a bar table could be perfect for you. They are also ideal for card games so that you don't have to pull out your rugs and sit on the floor.

Check out our shop for a wide range of bar tables in different styles to suit any decor.


Make a wall cabinet your room's centrepiece

There is nothing saying that a drinks cabinet needs to be a standing piece of furniture. A wall cabinet won't just be a space-saver but it can also be an eye-catching and stylish centrepiece for your room. You can decorate it with a range of pieces that evoke your style while also using it to store your favourite drinks and drink accessories.

If you like the idea of wall cabinets being the eye-catching subject of your space, check out the variety of brand cabinets that we have in our shop.


Don't forget the essential home bar accessories

It's all well and good having a home bar but if you don't have the right accessories, the look will never be complete.

Bar stools

What is a home bar without bar stools? Giving your visitors the perfect place to sit while you entertain can help make the party happen. No more awkwardly perching their drink on their laps while they sit on the sofa or leaning in the corner.

Instead, a bar stool allows everyone the place to set their drink down while they speak to each other from a comfortable distance. There is a range of different bar stools available for you to shop for, from a classic stool that wouldn't look out of place down the local pub to a more modern and luxurious brand. Whatever your preference, you can shop here for the perfect stool for your home bar.


The ambience is important for any home bar. Many a party or date has been made awkward by too harsh lighting. If you find you can't relax and enjoy yourself while using your home bar, this could be a sign that you need to switch up the lighting.


The bottom line

If you are looking for home bar ideas, you have reached the right place. Our ranges come in every style you can think of, so browse around and you are bound to find the perfect piece for your needs and your sense of design. Our free delivery services also mean that the price you see is the price you will pay.