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If you're looking for a new bed, HomesDirect365 has some great news: we have more than 700 beautiful beds to choose from!

Our extensive range includes a wide variety of styles and designs to suit all budgets, so you're sure to find your perfect bed on our impressive website.

Want to find out more? Here are some of the different designs we stock in our exclusive online shop:


French Antique Beds

The French are famed the world over for their fashion and flair, and you can get a flavour of this in your own home with our antique-style French beds.

These come in a huge range of designs, including the following -

White & Ivory

Imagine the opulence of Versailles in your bedroom! That's what these magnificent beds offer, with ornate decoration on the headboard and foot end. The white and ivory French beds feature hand-carved mahogany frames are offset beautifully with tasteful pink or grey crushed velvet, fabric or rattan panels.


These take luxury one step further, with stunning silver French beds that turn your bedroom into a palace. Once again, the frame is expertly handcrafted from high-quality mahogany, coated with sumptuous silver paint. Some are elaborately decorated with carvings, while others are enhanced with crushed velvet quilting or rattan screens.


Gold bed frames are our pièce de résistance, as the French say.

Choose from the 'gold Rococo' or 'gold leaf' design for the ultimate in luxury bed frames. The carved foliate and floral design is exquisite, enhanced by a superior gold lacquer. You're sure to get a good night's sleep in this bed. In fact, you'll sleep like royalty! Discover our full range of gold French beds.

Natural Woods

For a more traditional, timeless style, why not take a look at our natural wood French beds? You'll find the same level of craftsmanship as any of those listed above, but these beds celebrate the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Our wooden beds are expertly crafted from solid mahogany or mindy wood (also called white cedar) and are less ornate than the gold, silver or white examples. However, the Raphael goes against this trend, mirroring the luxurious Rococo bed above but without the layer of gold. Instead, the natural wood grain is allowed to shine through in all its glory.

The Montpellier Blanc offers 'sophisticated simplicity', limiting the carving to central detail on the headboard and foot end, and softening them with cream fabric.


We're not talking about rainbow colours here! After all, this section is dealing with French antique styles.

Instead, our Chloe, Bakersfield and Louis rattan French beds come in deep greys and whitewashed wood. The Bakersfield range comprises several sleigh-style beds, one with a lush grey fabric panel on the foot end and headboard.

Finally, the Louis rattan bed frame exudes glamour, with its ornate head and footboard, both of equal size and decorated with rich carvings and rattan infill. Find our coloured French beds here.


What could be more magnificent than four-poster beds?

The Lincoln stands out in our collection, as it is a full four-poster with integrated curtain poles. There is no canopy overhead, meaning that your bed space stays light and open, although you can use curtains to add your own flair if you wish.

Our other four-posters don't have the cross pieces that join the uprights together, but they are equally as beautiful and stylish as the Lincoln. You can choose from polished mahogany or stunning white bed frames, some with a barley-twist design and others with classic fluting on the columns.

Fabric & Crushed Velvet

If you like the idea of upholstered divan bed frames to soften the hardness of the wood, then we've got you covered. As mentioned above, many of our French bed frames have quilted fabric or crushed velvet panels on the headboards and footboards. Our collection of fabric beds and crushed velvet beds will be the ideal choice for anyone looking to make a statement!

And for a truly regal look, check out our button backed bed! The finely-detailed carving adds a touch of class, offset by cushioned fabric and an antique finish.

Mix & Match

Our antique French style beds compliment each other brilliantly, so you aren't limited to only one design. As well as an amazing choice of bed frames, we also stock an enviable range of antique French bedroom furniture, including dressing tables, console tables, wardrobes and bedside tables.

Alternatively, you can set one of our stunning beds as the centre of a shabby chic scheme for your bedroom.


Modern Beds

If you prefer contemporary bedroom furniture, you might want to see our full range of modern beds.

These include the Elissa range, with a high headboard and mirrored panelling, or the Ashton range with its gracefully curved headboard and matching foot end. Maybe the Octavia or Serenity range is more your style, with their square lines and elegant metal beading?

For modern simplicity, you can't beat the Lida, Alexandro and Karina ranges, with their high headboards and angled metal legs.

Finally, if you love industrial minimalism, the Hoxton is the bed for you. With an angular black steel frame and aged oak-effect planks, this bed frame will fit into contemporary living spaces perfectly.


Fabric & Faux Leather Beds

HomesDirect365 has a stunning collection of more than 600 upholstered bed frames for you to choose from, including several in faux leather. In our fabric and leather beds range, you will find an exceptional range of design, colour and storage options to suit all tastes.

Aside from our opulent French antique-style beds, we also have a superb collection of fabric beds, including the Lexie, Cavendish and Islington ranges.

Select from subtle shades of grey to eye-catching blue, pink, yellow and green.

Velvet vs Crushed Velvet

Many of our upholstered bed frames are covered with either velvet or crushed velvet, and some customers aren't sure what the difference is.

Essentially, crushed velvet has a longer pile that's achieved by twisting the fabric while it is wet (or by pressing it in different directions). This creates a shiny, patterned effect, adding a real sense of luxury. Regular velvet has a shorter pile which is soft and luxurious to the touch but isn't as shiny.

Storage Solutions

If you need extra storage space, take a look at our range of ottoman beds, including the Rimini and Valentina ranges in beautiful crushed velvet. There's also the Camden and the Oxford upholstered beds to consider. The Oxford comes in classic grey with a slatted wood headboard, while the Camden has a fabric cover in grey or mustard.

Finally, there's the Prado with its black leather-look cover for added luxury.

All of these might look like traditional divan beds, but they are cleverly hinged at one end so the mattress lifts easily, revealing a large space beneath.

We also have beds with storage drawers underneath, such as the Hopton. This is available with or without drawers and side panels, so it's up to you.

Our storage beds provide a handy space for blankets, bedding, clothes etc. and they are ideal for keeping your bedroom free from clutter. Experts agree that a tidy bedroom boosts your chances of having a great night's sleep!


Metal Bed Frames

Our Orion, Dorset and Paris metal beds are modern and minimal, while the Florence, Barcelona, Annabel and Chicago ranges have beautiful curving metalwork finished with crystal finials. The latter are available in black, white and grey, and any of them would add a vintage feel to your bedroom.

The Florence day bed has an optional 'trundle' that can be pulled out to provide an extra sleeping space when required.

For something a little different, why not check out the Halston with its stunning copper frame?


Shabby Chic Beds

Shabby chic is one of those styles that never really goes out of fashion. In essence, it relies on your own personal style and it can be as eclectic as you wish!

Any of our shabby chic beds would fit into this scheme very well, allowing you to build your dream bedroom around them. Choose from natural wooden bed frames, lacquered whitewashed or upholstered bed frames, and you can guarantee that they'll make an excellent centrepiece for your ideal shabby chic design.

One thing that makes them ideal is their colouring; cream, white, ivory, grey and champagne are neutral colours that allow you a lot of room to add your own flair. Natural wood grain adds another dimension but still fits nicely into the shabby chic niche.


Sofa Beds

Do you have a guest bedroom? If so, you'll need a guest bed for it! Any of the examples in our extensive range would be perfect as guest beds, but it all depends on the size of your room.

If space is tight, we have a small single bed. For a slightly larger room, how about a small double bed?

In reality, many of us don't have a guest room, which makes things interesting when visitors come to stay! However, a sofa bed could be the solution.

Don't worry, these aren't the clunky, heavy contraptions of the past, with limited choice or appeal. Our sofa beds ooze modern style with a retro-chic look that you'll love, and your guests will appreciate the comfort when they come to stay.

Sofa beds are ideal for anyone with limited space: they can be used as a sofa until required for sleeping in and you don't need to find a place to store it.


Bunk Beds

Our Sydney, Milan and Neptune bunk beds are brilliant space savers. They are available as triple-sleepers, with a double bed at the base and a single bed over the top! The Sydney is also available as a single bed on extended legs, providing valuable storage space beneath for a chest of drawers or stacked containers.



If you love the style of some of our beds, but you don't need the whole frame, many of the headboards are available separately.

You can choose from the following:

  • Milano - a classy wooden headboard in a chevron pattern using inlaid European oak and rustic oak, finished with a matte lacquer.
  • Silver/White Rococo - an exquisite 18th century style handcarved design referred to as the 'late Baroque'.
  • Louis XV - available in two different styles of rattan panel or solid wood with detail around the edges. Any of these adds real class to your bedroom decor.
  • La Rochelle - with beautiful 'wedding cake' detailing on the outer edge, this headboard will add panache to any room.
  • Hopton - looking for something a little more understated? The Hopton comes in two styles: vertical slats or beige fabric panels with metal stud beading. Both headboards are a tasteful blue colour with a natural oak strip at the top.

All of these headboards are expertly hand-crafted, highlighting the quality of our stock.

Please note that they don't come with any fittings, as this gives you the freedom to choose whether to attach them to a wall or use your bed base to keep it in place.


Important: Choose The Right Mattress!

Picking the right mattress is essential, as mattress and bed sizes vary, with no international standard for dimensions. Even in the UK, many bed manufacturers and outlets use different measurements! For example, a king-size bed in the UK is given as 160 x 200 cm or 150 x 200 cm. Some companies refer to the 160 x 200 cm bed as a European king-size.

In the US, king-size beds are 180 x 200 cm, so if you bought one of these it wouldn't fit a divan base using UK dimensions and would overhang each side.

To add to the confusion, there are different names as well; a queen-sized bed is sometimes called a small double bed.

Also, you need to make sure that the mattress depth is right for the bed frame. Some frames have a deep recess in which the mattresses sit, so a thinner mattress would actually be lower than the surrounding frame.

This is especially important with bunk beds, as a thicker mattress depth may rise above the frame, meaning that there is nothing to stop the sleeping child from rolling over the edge.

Finally, to ensure a good night's sleep, you need a mattress that's right for you. Choose one that offers good body support, either with pocket springs or memory foam. A restful night is vital to your physical and mental health, and the wrong mattress could impact this severely.

If you have any concerns about mattress depth, dimension or softness, please contact our team. They will be happy to explain our sizes and discuss the best bed options for you.

Note: our bed frames are sold without mattresses, so make sure you check our mattress selection when you choose your bed from HomesDirect365.


Selecting The Right Bed

We know that it's essential to pick a good mattress, but before you rush into buying a bed there are a few issues to consider.

First, there's the size of your bed frame. As we saw with mattresses, there isn't an international standard sizing system. Measure your bedroom carefully and make sure you'll have enough space for your new bed before buying it.

Also, many of our beautiful beds have high headboards. Think about where those will go in your bedroom. Window frames, lights, radiators or other fittings and fixtures may be in the way, so you'll need to think about repositioning your bed or buying one with a smaller headboard.

The decor is another important factor. Make sure that your new bed frame is going to match the existing decoration - unless you are planning on redesigning your bedroom around the style of your new bed.


HomesDirect365 - Your First Choice For Beds

All of the above bed types come in a range of sizes, from single beds to small double, double, king size and super king size beds, so do be sure to check which ones are available for your chosen bed.

HomesDirect365 offers great value for money, with a vast range of quality beds at exceptional prices.

We have classic divan beds, metal bed frames, wooden bed frames and upholstered beds with a wide variety of colour and storage options.

Order online today or contact us with any queries and questions you may have concerning our fantastic bed collection. We're here to help you realise your dreams, so have a restful night with HomesDirect365.