Bedside Tables

HomesDirect365 is your first choice for furniture of all kinds, including bedside tables. If you have the space, these are a great way of completing the look of your bedroom furniture. They also provide a handy place for lamps, or for putting your book, ornaments, photos, glasses and drinks when relaxing in bed.

What's more, they often have drawers or cupboard areas so you can store all those knick-knacks that threaten to clutter the room.

Check out our comprehensive bedside table and bedside cabinet collection on the HomesDirect365 online store.

Here's an overview of what you'll discover!

Antique French Bedside Tables

Who doesn't love the French flair for fashion and style? Our French bedside tables celebrate the glory days of Versailles, with characteristic French je ne sais quoi.

And whatever design you adore, we have something to suit your taste.

Antique White

This is in a class of its own; hand-crafted mahogany coated in high-quality 'antique' white paint elevates these pieces to another level.

They'll be at home in a stylish boudoir or even as part of a shabby chic design (see more below).

You can choose from rectangular or cylindrical tables, and those with one, two or three drawers. Some are intricately carved while others are more plainly decorated.

Our Antique white bedside tables have a range of handles, too, including drop-handle pulls, cup pulls and crystal or wooden knobs.

Some, like the Emanuelle, La Rochelle and Rococo ranges, have curved cabriole legs while others have classic fluted or reeded legs.

The Juliette range is different in that it isn't all white. Instead, the body of the table has a whitewashed effect with distressed drawer fronts and top. Once again, this fits perfectly with the shabby chic idea.


Basically, our Antique French silver bedside tables selection is similar to those mentioned above; high-quality items hand-crafted by experts. The only difference is that they have been beautifully painted in lustrous silver. It isn't a shiny silver but it catches the light just enough to be highlighted, showing off the carving to great effect.


Silver is special, but gold bedside tables are the ultimate statement piece.

HomesDirect365 currently has two of these on offer, the first being an ornate Baroque gold leaf design with foliate carving. The second is also in the French antique style but has a pleasing gold leaf finish without the carvings. It also has long, slender cabriole legs and glass crystal drawer handles. Both examples have two drawers and are part of a stunning collection of French antique-style bedroom accessories, including wardrobes, bedside cabinets and chests of drawers.


By its very nature, this style of furniture is never brightly coloured. Instead, the tones of our coloured bedside tables are muted and tasteful. We've looked at white, silver and gold, but our French antique collection also comes in a variety of grey shades or has a 'distressed' effect.

You can see examples of this in our Chloe, Bakersfield, Etienne and Toulon sets.

However, we do have a new addition which is a little different: an elegant French antique one-drawer nightstand in a subtle shade of pink!


It's not for everyone, but black furniture carries a certain mystique and appeal. Our Antionette and La Rochelle French antique sets come in black, and by all accounts, they are stunning, especially when set against a grey background alongside matching wardrobes and cabinets.

If you want to make a bold statement with your decor, why not browse our black bedside tables on the HomesDirect365 website?

Natural Woods

For those who prefer a more traditional look, we have bedside table units in a natural wood finish.

For example, the Raphael is elegant, polished and expertly crafted from mahogany with cabriole legs, while the Montpellier is made from Mindi wood (White Cedar) with a distressed whitewash finish. Natural wood bedside tables are always a good choice if you want something subtle. Read our guide on different wood types for an idea of which wood suits you. 

Mirrored Bedside Tables

Mirrored furniture has been in fashion for several years now, and it's easy to see why!

HomesDirect365 has at least 25 mirrored bedside tables, in a wide variety of different styles, including the Romano, Florence and Sassari tables.

Each has its own distinct features that will appeal to all fans of mirrored furniture, and you'll definitely find the one to suit your own personal style.

Modern Bedside Tables

Fans of modern furniture shouldn't feel left out, as HomesDirect365 has the perfect bedside table for you, too!

For example, we have the silver sunburst two-drawer unit with a unique sunburst design. For something more quirky, check out the Nordic, with its three offset drawers, each with a different type of handle. Our modern bedside tables will sure match any style and decor. 

The Milo units are white and have a pleasing rounded-square appearance with either one grey drawer and an open shelf or a single grey door.

Or, how about the contemporary feel of the Victoria or Charlotte tables? These are similar in design, as both are in gleaming white with curved chrome legs and supports, a single drawer and an open shelf space.

Our final examples couldn't be more different! First, the Puro; a stunning charcoal two-drawer unit with a silky high-gloss finish.

Then you have the Townhouse, with its crossover mirrored legs and brown and white cowhide finish with leather handles. This one-drawer bedside table is truly unique!

Industrial Bedside Tables

Although these units could easily fit into the 'modern' category, they deserve a section of their own. Industrial styles in interior design and decoration have surged in popularity in recent times, which is why HomesDirect365 has expanded its stock as more people move away from traditional styles.

These amazing creations combine iron, steel and various types of wood (fir, mango, oak, sheesham etc.) to excellent effect. Each unit is solidly built, with an incredible variety of designs to choose from.

Some are set on heavy-duty castors for easy movement, while others have sturdy metal or wooden legs in a host of different styles.

Each one is unique and will add a touch of industrial glamour to your room. See our full range of industrial bedside tables here.

Shabby Chic Bedside Tables

This style arrived on the scene in the 1980s and has gone through various phases, although it is still as popular as ever. The reason for this popularity is that it allows you to throw together items that you love, creating a truly personal effect.

Many of the items in our furniture selection can form part of a shabby chic scheme, including all of our French antique style assortment. We have a range of shabby chic bedside tables for you to discover. 

Basically, you need to look for anything with a lot of detail, such as carvings and ornament. Items with a distressed or whitewashed finish are perfect, as are any tables in gold, silver, white, cream, grey or black. The idea behind shabby chic is to celebrate furniture and accessories with character and history; signs of wear and tear or age are a bonus!

That's why HomesDirect365 furniture is absolutely ideal - it is well-made using good-quality material and has plenty of character. And while it might look 'aged', there is no compromise in standards.

HomesDirect365: Quality Bedroom Furniture

We've given you a flavour of what we have on offer, so now it's time to head to our online store to find the furniture you've dreamed of.

At HomesDirect365, we are proud to present such a large selection of items, where everyone is sure to discover something they love at a price they can afford.

Don't delay, as our stock is often in great demand! Visit us now to check availability. If you have any questions or queries, contact our team for advice and we'll help you to achieve your dream bedroom design.