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Although the correct term is chaise longue, a French term meaning long chair, many people know this piece of furniture as a chaise lounge.

Whatever you like to call them, they are a perfect addition to any living area, whether the bedroom, lounge or even the conservatory - any place where you like to rest, relax and take a break from your busy life.

HomesDirect365 has an amazing range of items, including a superb chaise longue/chaise lounge collection for you to choose from.


French Chaise Longues

As this is a classic piece of French furniture, it's no surprise that we have French chaise lounge in our collection.

French Flair

Our first example couldn't be more stylishly French! Finished in antique white, this stunning item has the typical chaise longue design with an armrest at one end and a high backrest at the same side. The armrest is beautifully scrolled, and the 'crown' on the backrest is ornately carved and highlighted in silver.

The short cabriole legs and feet have delicately carved detail, again with silver highlights. Finally, the arm and backrest are white, while the seat is upholstered in an elegant floral pattern with a matching cushion.

Three-Seater Style

We also have a three-seater chaise longue in soft orange with a natural wood frame. This item has two rounded backrests, one at either end, allowing the frame to sweep down low across the back. The expertly-crafted woodwork is decorated with delicately carved detail here and there.

The deeply padded seating provides superior comfort, and two round cushions are included for good measure.

A Statement Piece

If you really want to inspire envy, then this next item is the chaise longue for you!

Stunning patterned fabric over an opulent 'antique' gold frame makes this chaise stand out from the crowd. Although not designed in the typical chaise longue style, this double chair looks simply amazing and will lift any interior to new heights.

With just the right amount of carving, the frame gracefully wraps around at each end, with a high backrest and arms, and thoughtfully placed padding on the armrests.

Deep padding on the seat makes this a supremely comfortable place to relax and enjoy a well-earned break.

Parisian Ambience

This last example of French design conjures images of days gone by, of soirees in grand Parisian mansions or chateaux.

Again, it departs from the classic chaise longue design, with high armrests at each end, but it's a beautiful, high-quality item that deserves your attention nonetheless.

The scrolled arms, seat and backrest have integrated double-thickness rattan panels for comfort, strength and durability. The frame and gracefully-curved legs are decorated with intricate floral and foliate carvings that are a delight to see.

There's a distinct lack of colour to this item, which is intentional as there's a lot of detail and texture. Coloured fabrics or highlights would detract from its beauty and make it overcomplicated. As it is, however, it's a luxury item that will complement the decor in almost any room in your home.


Modern Chaise Longues?

If antique styles don't appeal, then don't despair, as we have several modern alternatives to consider. Our modern chaise lounge will be ideal as part of the bedroom furniture, lounge or hallway.

French Chic

The Doucet is a high-back two-seat sofa/bench that fits neatly into your bedroom or living room, easily taking on the role of a chaise longue.

The neutral-coloured linen fabric contrasts wonderfully with the dark wood legs, and the button-tufted backrest adds a nice touch. Low arms and tapered legs make this a modern-looking piece that will add style to your room.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life!

At HomesDirect365 we understand furniture and we know what people want. And not everyone loves the classic chaise longue design.

That's why we have an extremely wide range of products to choose from on our online store - somewhere between nine and twelve thousand! These include day beds, benches, stools and ottomans, all of which make great alternatives to chaise longue.

So, check out our online store and browse each of these related categories to discover exactly what you want.


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