Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers come in all shapes and sizes, and this is reflected in the selection on the HomesDirect365 online shop.

For some people, bedroom storage is a practical thing, and that's fine. So, if you prefer a plain, simple bedroom chest of drawers we have some that will appeal.

However, for those who like something more ornate, quirky or stylish, we have an excellent range of exciting chests to suit all tastes!

Here are some examples of what you can find:


Modern Chest Of Drawers

Is your home a haven of modern contemporary design? Do you love all things sophisticated and new? Then take a look at our stunning modern chest of drawers collection.

One example is the Dakota, with its sky blue or grey high-gloss finish, natural wood effect top and sides, and silver handles. This MDF unit can be part of a bedroom set with a wardrobe and bedside table.

Or, how about the Milo? This smart white unit has rounded edges and four drawers, each one a different shade of grey that gets darker towards the bottom.

The Puro has a sleek high-gloss charcoal-coloured finish that definitely has a modern feel!

The Riano, Denver and Nevada units are neat and sharp, with three, five, six or eight drawers in grey, black or natural wood effect.

Bringing an even more up-to-date contemporary feel, we have the Kensington Townhouse drawer chest. This unique unit is a marvellous combination of beechwood, mirrored glass and metal. The metal feet are angled inwards to lend a touch of sophistication.

Finally, why not consider the five-drawer elmwood tallboy? This unusual chest of drawers celebrates the natural wood grain of elm, with a truly contemporary stainless steel band acting as the front feet and giving the appearance that the unit is floating!


French Chest Of Drawers

If you fancy some French influence in your bedroom decor, check out our French-style furniture collection. Our French chest of drawers come in the following categories.


Whether all-black or highlighted with gold or silver detail, these are seriously beautiful pieces. Black furniture offers a sense of mystery and daring, favoured by the confident and bold.

Our black chest of drawers vary in shape, some with organic curves and cabriole legs, others with a more traditional rectangular design. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure of its quality.


In stark contrast, we have the white chest of drawers collection. Choose from a superb wide chest of drawers with twelve drawers, or a slim five-drawer Bakersfield tallboy, among many others.

White items look amazing when set against heritage colours that are in fashion these days, such as cream, grey, pale greens or blues.

Look out for our Emmanuelle, Estelle, Etienne and Baroque sets, as these beautiful white chest of drawers are excellent examples of what's on offer.


Why not step up the luxurious atmosphere in your boudoir by adding a touch of silver?

Our silver chest of drawers collection includes some dazzling pieces, with two, three, five or six drawers. Some have a gloss finish while others are more of a muted silver-leaf design. The handles vary as well, with either black iron or crystal.


If you want a splash of colour, we have several coloured chests of drawers options for you!

For example, the Chloe and Etienne units come in tasteful greys, the Florence four-drawer tallboy comes in warm ivory, and the Bombe is a beautiful pale green with gold detail.

Natural Wood

Wood grain adds a feeling of comfort and warmth to any room, especially when it is hand-crafted to a high standard like the products on the HomesDirect365 online shop.

Our Provence and Montpellier units enhance the wood grain with a distressed or whitewashed look, while the Raphael has a deep, rich polished mahogany finish.

Whichever design you opt for, you can guarantee that our natural wood chest of drawers will look stunning in your bedroom!



Want to add flair and sophistication to your bedroom? Then purchase a mirrored chest of drawers from our extensive collection!

Designs vary greatly, so be sure to check them out carefully to find one that suits you.

For example, the Sahara, Romano, Alghero and Cutler units couldn't be more different. Then you have the Amberly, which easily fits the 'modern' category even though it has an antique mirror effect finish.



Industrial designs are very popular right now, which is why we've added to our collection significantly.

These distinctive designs are fun but practical, offering the storage space you need while adding to the ambience of the room.

If space is at a premium, you could opt for a tallboy. Otherwise, a wide chest of drawers is great for storing clothes and bedding.

Our industrial chest of drawers include both types, using metal and wood to create bold pieces that look fantastic.


Shabby Chic

Popular since the 1980s, shabby chic is favoured by many of our customers today and it's likely to continue this way for the foreseeable future!

That's why we have put together an extensive collection of items that can easily slot into the shabby chic niche. All of our French antique effect units work amazingly well as centrepieces of shabby chic schemes, especially those with a whitewashed or distressed finish or ornate carving.

If you want real character, look out for the vintage black mahogany three-drawer chest. The black paint has been deliberately stripped away in places to give it an aged appearance, and it looks convincing. Turned, fluted legs and elegant brass drop handles complete the effect.

Even so, the grey, black, white and gold items also work brilliantly. The main thing is that the pieces appear to have a history or show signs of ageing. With HomesDirect365 you get the best of both worlds; a beautifully made, good-quality item that looks aged, vintage or antique, and at a low price! Find our full range of shabby chic chest of drawers here.



It's not just about storage, it's also about style. And you can indulge your own personal preferences with the HomesDirect365 chest of drawers collection.

We don't compromise on quality, and you get the lowest price possible with our exclusive sales and offers, so don't miss out on our bedroom furniture!

So, whatever you're looking for, whether it's a small, tall, slim or wide chest of drawers, make HomesDirect365 your first priority.