Cheval Mirrors

Mirrors are a handy addition to any home. They reflect light around the room, making it brighter and adding a sense of space, and they are great for making sure that you look your best before setting out to face the day.

Large or full-length mirrors are best, and some of these are known as cheval mirrors. Cheval is the French term for horse, as these free-standing mirrors, invented in the 1700s, had four feet on their base.

HomesDirect365 has a wide range of cheval mirrors in a variety of styles and at a price to suit all budgets!


Modern Cheval Mirrors

Our modern cheval mirrors include the following ranges:


As part of our Swindon bedroom set, these free-standing full-length mirrors come in midnight grey or white. Rectangular in shape, they have a wide frame that gives a sense of solidity and assurance. The frame finishes at floor level, giving you extra mirror length.


Available in charcoal, white or grey, the Trentino is similar in style to the Swindon, although it has four feet in the classic cheval design.

Each different option is topped off with a thick oak strip that contrasts nicely with the colour of the frame.


Like the Swindon, the frame on this rectangular model also reaches the floor, with a u-shaped frame providing support at the rear. This comes in charcoal black, euro grey, or with a mirror frame.


Resembling the Trentino in design, the Marfa is expertly crafted from oak, without looking rustic. The frame is held secure by an ingeniously simple peg-and-hole system that works beautifully and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


While most of the other modern cheval mirrors have a sandwich board type of frame where the legs fold out, the rectangular Nishano relies on a central frame from which the four legs splay out to the front and back. This allows you to pivot the mirror from the middle, rather than have it at a set angle all the time.

It is available in black, white or grey and it really does have a modern vibe!


Industrial Cheval Mirrors

If you love industrial designs, this is the one for you. With a distressed black metal frame, this robust, rounded-rectangular mirror is a fantastic addition to any bedroom.


French Cheval Mirrors

For the classic boudoir effect, look no further than our French cheval mirrors selection. Some, like the Elizabeth, La Rochelle, Rococo, Juliette, Baroque and Raphael, have graceful curves and/or ornate carvings.

Others have plain frames in oval or rectangular shapes, and all of them come in black, white, silver, grey or natural dark wood.

Shabby Chic Cheval Mirrors

If you love shabby chic, then you're in luck: our collection of shabby chic cheval mirrors are ideal for the job! Any furniture with character will act as a focal point for your shabby chic scheme, and our French mirrors really fit the bill.


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