Dressing Tables

A dressing table is the perfect place for you to prepare yourself, ready for the day ahead. You can put on make-up, arrange your hair and check that all is in order, giving you the confidence to take on the daily challenges of work and family life. Best of all, the mirror doesn't judge or criticise!

Dressing tables also provide handy storage for all kinds of bedroom clutter, like jewellery, beauty essentials and accessories, glasses, books, magazines etc.

However, you might need some help finding the right dressing table.

Our HomesDirect365 online store is the very best place to begin your search, as we have an extensive range of high-quality dressing tables for you to browse, with designs and prices to suit all tastes.

Here's a taste of what's on offer:


French Dressing tables

The world often looks to the French for inspiration regarding fashion and style, and this extends to furniture design. Our collection of French antique-style bedroom furniture reflects this, with more than forty stunning dressing table sets to choose from.

Expertly hand-crafted from solid wood (usually mahogany, but also oak and mindi wood), these are high-quality items that won't let you down.

Many of our French dressing tables have elegantly-curved cabriole legs and delicately carved details, like the Baroque, Annaelle, la Rochelle and Rococo sets.

Others, like the Bakersfield, have a solid, classical look with dentil carving around the underside of the table and stool. These beautiful units are rectangular in shape and have rounded bun feet.

The Versailles and Toulouse sets are different again, with turned or fluted legs. The Toulouse dressing table has clean lines and pleasing symmetry, while the Versailles is delicate with sumptuous, organic curves and foliate carving.

Most of the HomesDirect365 dressing table sets come with a mirror and a stool, although some only include a mirror, so be sure to check the listing carefully and check out our stool department if necessary.


The mirrors included with our French dressing table sets vary in design, from simple rectangles to oval mirrors or ornate Baroque or Rococo styles. Some examples have a hinged three-piece mirror for added elegance, while others have the mirror attached to the main body, often with extra storage space for jewellery, make-up or beauty essentials.

Depending on which design you choose, the mirror may be fixed in position, or it may be hinged in the middle to allow easy movement. Some mirrors are set in a portrait position while others are landscape.

Different Colours

The choice of colour is an important factor in any design project, so choosing your dressing table colour matters a great deal.

HomesDirect365 makes this task a little easier by stocking the best and most popular colours that will complement your design perfectly.

In our French antique style range, we have white, cream, black, silver and grey items. The Raphael has an impressive, polished natural wood finish, while the Montpellier Blanc has a rustic whitewashed effect. And for the ultimate in vintage-style luxury, we have a deep mahogany escritoire. Although technically a writing desk, this charming piece can easily double as a vanity table or dressing table and it really makes a statement!


Modern Dressing Tables

As furniture experts, we understand that French, vintage or antique styles are not for everyone. Many discerning customers love all things modern and that is projected in the way they furnish and decorate their homes.

If your bedroom is dedicated to modern styles, we have a range of modern dressing tables that you'll love.

For example, if you're a fan of contemporary minimalism, our Puro range will appeal. Available in white, cream or charcoal, this three-drawer unit neatly fits into your room without any fuss.

The Ava, Sophia and Isla dressing table sets are modern in design, with strong lines and sharp angles. These come with a variety of storage options, such as drawers, cupboard space, or a central storage area (on the Ava range) where the middle of the tabletop is hinged to act as a lid - ideal for packing away all that clutter! The lid also has a large mirror on the inside.

Our Hulio and Riano sets are also contemporary in design. These each have three drawers and are available in black, white, pine or walnut effect. In addition, the Hulio is available in walnut with white drawer facings.

For anyone who likes their furniture to have a classic look with a modern twist, there's the Ranston, Granada, Wycombe, Burlington and Swindon sets. These are available in blue, white, black, grey and midnight grey, depending on which set you choose.

The Trentino, Marfa and Boise are similar, although the Trentino is white with a natural wood top, and the remaining two have a natural oak finish.

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary furniture further, we have the Scandi set. Although modern in style, they definitely possess a certain retro-chic, with their angled legs and rectangular body. The two drawers are white, or you can choose to have one white and one grey!


Shabby Chic Dressing Tables

The best thing about shabby chic is that you can indulge your own passions and mix and match with other furniture to create something truly unique. Our shabby chic dressing tables are a perfect addition to any eclectic design scheme, particularly our French antique style pieces.

The key to a good shabby chic room is to have items with character and history, and many of our dressing tables possess this quality. The idea is to have pieces of furniture that are different in style but still manage to complement each other.

The key to this is to choose the colours carefully, tying them in with cushions, throws and accessories. Neutral colours often feature heavily, with splashes of bold colour here and there, which is why our silver, black, white and grey furniture is absolutely perfect for your project!


Mirrored Dressing Tables

If you want to add class and a touch of sparkle, you can transform your bedroom with a mirrored dressing table. Our mirrored dressing tables aren't just practical, they also make the space feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light around the room.

These eye-catching dressing tables come in various styles, some with a retro vibe and others that suit more contemporary tastes.

The Romano, for instance, is available in three different options: slim, crystal handles, or metal handles. The slim model has only one drawer, while the others have two. All three items are attractive with their smart angles and perfect symmetry.

The Argente and Marrakesh sets are more decorative, with one or five drawers respectively, and the seven-drawer Alghero has a stylish, contemporary appearance with grey drawer facings, crystal handles and mirror panels.

Mirrored furniture took off in a big way in the early 1980s, and has surged in popularity several times over the years. This is partly because of its links with the opulence of Art Deco and Hollywood Regency fashions and you can match it with almost anything!

Safety Notes

Some of our solid wood dressing tables are heavy items, so we advise that you anchor these to a wall to avoid any accidents. If someone (particularly a child at play) was to pull on any open drawers, there's a chance that the unit could topple over on top of them. Although the risk is minimal, it's better to be safe so you don't have to worry about it!

Most of our units require some assembly, and with mirrored furniture, you need to be extra careful when attaching the handles. Always place the rubber washer on the screw fitting and don't over-tighten the nut or you risk breaking the glass!


Vanity Table Vs Dressing Table

It's a question that's often asked, and there's a fairly simple answer:

A vanity table is generally smaller and more compact, often consisting of a simple, narrow table with a stool and mirror. They don't always have drawers, either, meaning that dressing tables are usually more practical if you need furniture to help organise your bedroom.

Dressing tables of the past had to be robust as they often held a cistern or a water bowl for washing, whereas vanity tables were purely for allowing ladies to apply their make-up and check their appearance before going out.

These days, it's more a question of space, so it's up to you which you go for, depending on the size of your room.


Choosing The Right Dressing Table

We have so many different styles and designs in our range that you might feel overwhelmed!

To help you through the process, we've listed a few things for you to consider before selecting your ideal dressing table:

  • The available space
  • The existing decor
  • Whether you need a mirror
  • Whether you need a stool (or you have room for a stool!)
  • What styles you like
  • Your budget
  • Whether you need extra storage

Once you've figured out all of these issues, you can browse our online shop with a better idea of what to look for.


Dressing Table Sets

As we mentioned above, many of our dressing tables come as a set with a mirror and a stool, but not all of them do so. Always check carefully before adding anything to your basket and particularly before you buy.

If you choose a dressing table that comes without a stool or a mirror, check out our other departments in our online store to find items that will match them perfectly.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue, please get in touch and we'll endeavour to provide an answer.


HomesDirect365: Quality Bedroom Furniture

HomesDirect365 is the perfect place to find your ideal dressing table, so get browsing and pick out a few examples to put on your wishlist, add one to your shopping basket and buy your beautiful new dressing table today!

Made by master craftsmen from sturdy wood such as oak and mahogany, our furniture is either lacquered, painted or polished to perfection. Decorative features are expertly applied and we never compromise on quality.

Don't forget, we offer free delivery to most UK mainland areas (check our Terms & Conditions for more details) which is another good reason to shop with HomesDirect365.

While you're on our website, feel free to check out our other furniture sections. Whether you need wardrobes, chest of drawers, side tables, console tables, chairs or sofas, we have all you need to make your home look fantastic.

There's plenty to choose from in our impressive range, and something for almost every room, from the lounge to the hallway to the bedroom!

So, take a look at what we have in stock and choose your ideal dressing table, and maybe other furniture, too.

HomesDirect365 has the right dressing table at a price that suits all budgets.