At HomesDirect365, we know that your bedroom is a private space where you can really indulge in the decor and design. Although you'll spend a lot of time sleeping here, there's a great deal of psychology surrounding the colours, styles, textures and shapes you use in this room.

These influence our moods and affect the quality of our sleep, so it's important to get things right. The good news is that it only takes some simple changes to bring about positive results!

Essentially, when you feel better about how your bedroom looks, you'll feel happier and you'll tend to sleep better. And one way to make an impact without too much effort is to invest in a new headboard.

So, why not browse the headboards on the HomesDirect365 online store? We have some excellent headboard ideas for you to consider that will transform the whole bedroom.


Wooden Headboards

Whether you prefer modern beds or more traditional designs, wooden headboards bring a natural beauty and warmth to any room.

Our Milano headboard is a great example of a modern design, with rustic oak and European oak veneer inlay in a classic chevron pattern. The rounded edges give this a contemporary feel, and the matted lacquer finish enhances the wood grain and keeps it looking sharp.

The Hopton and the Hampton headboards retain a modern classic feel, both with vertical slats capped with natural oak. The Hopton is finished in a beautiful blue colour while the Hampton celebrates the beauty of oak.

The Hopton also has the added option of having two fabric panels finished with metal stud beading.

While they lend a contemporary look to your room, these excellent headboards also work well a more traditional setting.


French-Style Headboards

How about some French glamour to add style to your bedroom? Maybe you need to keep your existing divan bed but want to improve the look of your room?

Our collection of French headboards are just the thing! We have several antique styles that reflect the grandeur of French designs, including the following:


Available in antique white or lustrous silver, this headboard is richly decorated with ornate carvings.

La Rochelle

This antique white headboard is elegantly carved, with the details reserved for ornate flourishes around the edge and at the very top.

Louis XV

This comes in three different styles, the first of which is antique white with delicate carving at the top. The other two have double-thickness rattan panels, although one is finished in antique white with floral details around the frame, and the other is more rectangular in shape and finished in antique grey with minimal carvings.

All of these examples are hand-crafted from solid mahogany, so their appearance may differ slightly to what is shown in the photographs. These items don't come with any fittings, allowing you to attach them to the wall or place them behind your bed.


Shabby Chic Headboards

This versatile design trend first hit the UK in the 1980s and is still popular with many of our customers today.

Our shabby chic headboards are eccentric, eclectic and a little quirky at times, making it easy to personalise with fabrics, materials, colours and textures that you love. If there any rules to this type of design, it's that furniture should have a lot of character, ideally appearing aged.

That's why our French style headboards are perfect for the job! They make a perfect showpiece for any shabby chic room and will tie the rest of the items in together to complete your design.



Most of the items in our headboard range are available in either three or four sizes, from single beds to super king size. Make sure you double-check that the size you want is available before buying. Please contact us if you have any queries.


HomesDirect365: Create Your Perfect Bedroom

Whatever your personal style, we have the right bedroom furniture to suit all tastes. Whether you simply want a headboard for your perfect bed, or you want to furnish your entire home with quality items, HomesDirect365 can help.

We believe that all our customers deserve the same value for money, with exceptional quality furniture at great prices.

So, feel free to check out our beautiful range of headboards, and then find inspiration for the rest of your home with our exceptional furniture collection!