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Jewellery is a very personal thing; whether it was an expensive gift, a treasured heirloom or a trinket from a memorable holiday, each item has its own value.

The trouble with jewellery is that you need somewhere to keep it safe. Delicate chains can become tangled and knotted, smaller items like earrings (or their clips) can be easily lost, and sometimes you just can't remember where you put that precious item for safekeeping.

Jewellery boxes and trinket boxes are the perfect way to keep your cherished pieces safely in one place, making each one easy to find and to put on when you need them.

HomesDirect365 has a beautiful selection of jewellery boxes to choose from, so take a look to see which one you want to add to your wishlist!


The Ola Jewellery Box Range

There are three different options in our Ola range, each of which is a fantastic addition to any dressing table.

Ola Antique Brass Medium Jewellery Box

First, we have the medium jewellery box with an antique brass finish. The metal frame holds clear glass panels in place, allowing you to view your accessories easily. Also, being able to see them clearly will allow you to enjoy them even when they aren't being worn!

This box is divided into three small sections and one long compartment for necklaces. The lid is hinged at one end and has a brass chain that prevents it from opening too far. This holds it in place as you select your jewellery for the day.

The dimensions are as follows -

  • Height - 7cm
  • Width - 27cm
  • Depth - 20cm

Ola Medium Black Jewellery Box

Identical to the brass-effect box in every way but the colour, this superbly-made item comes in a beautiful black finish.

It has a vintage look about it that adds character, making it an ideal place for your treasured jewellery collection.

The dimensions are the same as the brass box above -

  • Height - 7cm
  • Width - 27cm
  • Depth - 20cm

Ola Large Antique Brass Jewellery Box

For those with a large jewellery collection they need to keep organised, this is the perfect choice. With ten separate compartments, including a large one at the end, there's plenty of room for all your beautiful pieces of jewellery!

Again, the antique brass finish with clear glass looks amazing and will enhance the contents, particularly if you have treasured heirlooms such as vintage engagement rings and brooches.

This box will grace all types of dressing tables and will help you to organise all your favourite pieces.

The dimensions are as follows -

  • Height - 9cm
  • Width - 40cm
  • Depth - 24cm


The Bowerbird Jewellery Box

This is unique in our collection and will appeal to those who love an all-natural, hand-crafted look. The ivory effect of this charming jewellery box is achieved through the use of small strips of buffalo bone inlaid over sturdy, high-grade MDF.

The lid is decorated with a blue chevron design that shimmers when it catches the light.

The dimensions of this neat little box are -

  • Height - 7cm
  • Width - 18cm
  • Depth - 13cm

Ideal for keeping your treasured jewellery together in one place.


Mirrored Jewellery Boxes

If you prefer a touch of glamour, then perhaps our mirrored jewellery boxes will take your fancy? There are currently two examples in our range.

Cask Mirrored Jewellery Box

Inspired by Venetian design, this robust cask is crafted from wood with mirror panels attached. The inner surface is lined with black felt, which looks luxurious and protects your jewellery.

The lid has sloping edges that add style and finesse to this fine piece, and there are no catches or locks for your to negotiate. It's all about sophisticated simplicity!

The dimensions of this box are -

  • Height - 20cm
  • Width - 32.5cm
  • Depth - 20.5cm

This allows plenty of room for all your most valued items.

Mirrored Jewellery Box

As with the previous item, this one is influenced by Venetian-period styles. Unlike any of our others, it has three drawers that help you to organise your jewellery.

The drawer handles are made from small cubes of glass, adding to the appeal of this superb box. Its clever design means that this beautiful jewellery box stands proudly in a wide variety of settings, whether you prefer modern or traditional decor in your bedroom.

The dimensions are as follows -

  • Height - 13cm
  • Width - 33cm
  • Depth - 23cm

Draw measurements;

  • Height - 2cm
  • Width - 28cm
  • Depth - 19cm


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