Do you need extra seats for when guests are dining with you? What about a handy place to sit while you put on makeup or get yourself ready to go out? Maybe you need to sit when putting on or taking off your shoes? Perhaps you have a breakfast bar? Or maybe you have a home bar where you relax with a drink? Then why not invest in a stool or two? They don't take up as much room as chairs, they are great for when you're entertaining and they can be as stylish as you want!

HomesDirect365 has well over a hundred different stools to choose from, so you can bet that we'll have one to suit your taste and your wallet.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the designs we stock:


French stools

If you're partial to French styles, you'll love our selection of French-influenced furniture, including our French stools.

Most of these display classic cabriole legs, with a characteristic S-shape, while others have traditional 'turned' legs. Almost all of them have luxuriously upholstered seats in a range of tasteful colours.

Look out for the Chloe, Estelle, Rococo, La Rochelle, Raphael and Baroque ranges with their ornate carved details, or the Argente with its mirrored surface (see more below).

The Toulon, Mustique and Bakersfield stools have straight legs, and each unit has its own charming detail and finish that will complement any room.


Shabby chic stools

Are you putting together a shabby chic design? Then why not select one of our shabby chic stools? The key to your success is to use furniture with style, charm, character and age. But you don't have to head to an antique store!

Our French-style stools in particular make a great match for most shabby chic rooms, with their neutral shades and elegant curves. Silver is an excellent choice, so do check out our silver stool that's specifically designed with shabby chic in mind.


Mirrored stools

Included in our fantastic range of mirrored furniture, we also have several stools that are worth a look. Some are minimalist in style, while others have extra facets that reflect the textures and colours in your home beautifully.

All of our mirrored stools are expertly upholstered with fabric or leather in soft, neutral colours that will look great wherever you place them.


Modern stools

Fans of contemporary design will adore our range of modern stools, and there's plenty to choose from.

Do you love plush fabrics and a bit of sparkle? We have round stools with diamante bands or a few glittery diamante beads scattered around the edge.

For a rustic modern touch, we have goatskin stools with wooden legs, or our faux fur stools with long metal hairpin legs. If you want a bar stool, these are the perfect choice!

And if you want to show your quirky side, then check out our Rosado, Hasso, Hassa and Marlox ranges, as these wonderful examples display a variety of colours, geometric shapes and designs. These beautiful creations easily match some of the best designer stools in terms of quality and style, but at a fraction of the price.

Teak Root Stools

These are great for use in conservatories, outdoor/indoor living spaces and they're just the right height to be used as bar stools for your home bar area. Each one is unique, as the craftsman has to follow the natural shape of the wood to some extent.

Our teak root stools are all beautifully made and come in a range of styles; round seats, rectangular seats, swivel-seat bar stools, mushroom-shaped, block-shaped, four-legged or three-legged!


Driftwood Stools

If the previous bar stools weren't full of character enough, we also have a couple handcrafted from driftwood! These truly unique pieces are rectangular logs that have been carefully carved into a twisted shape, one with the centre hollowed out.

These brilliant stools take rustic chic to new levels.

Whatever your preference, you'll find your ideal teak and driftwood stools right here.


HomesDirect365: Find Your Perfect Stools!

Whether you're looking for new stools for the kitchen, dining room or as part of your bedroom furniture, we have exactly what you need. Do you need bar stools for your home bar? We've got you covered!

They don't have to be purely functional, you can use them to add a touch of sophistication, fun, or glamour to your home.

Why pay so much for designer stools when HomesDirect365 has everything you need at prices you'll love?