Dining Furniture

Creating the perfect dining room can be a challenge but it is very much worth it. The dining room is where you will catch up with your family in the evening over a meal and it is also where you will entertain your guests with a glass of wine. Whatever your style, whether it's contemporary furniture, traditional, minimalist, rustic, and more, you can find the dining room furniture to complement the space here in our store. At HomesDirect365, we offer free delivery on all of our furniture, as well as 0% credit finance options. Take a browse through our collection to find the inspiration for your modern dining furniture.


Dining tables, dining chairs, and dining sets

The key piece of furniture for any dining room is a modern dining table. This is where everyone will sit while eating and socialising and it is also the focal point of the room. So getting the style just right is essential.

The type of dining table you need will depend on how much space you have to work with and how many people you will need to seat. Dining tables come in a wide variety of sizes. If it's just the two of you then a small table with just two dining chairs won't take up much room but will still be very useful for a couple.

Four-seater dining tables are perfect for small families and if you have a bigger family or frequently host guests, a six-seater dining table will allow you more room to fit people in. Extending dining tables are the perfect compromise that won't take up too much space day-to-day but also have the ability to get larger to fit in extra guests when needed.

We have a wide variety of different dining sets, modern dining chairs, and dining tables to suit any room. Take a look around to find the perfect set for you!


Dressers, sideboards, and display cabinets

If you are lucky enough to have the space to fit more furniture and accessories into your dining room, a dresser, sideboard, or display cabinet can make an excellent choice and help to complete the look of the room.

The purpose of modern sideboards is twofold. They are perfect for storage, including any accessories that you will be getting out to use for dinner parties, such as candles, napkin holders, etc. And they can also be used to help serve food. They provide an extra surface on which to place serving trays so that the dining table doesn't get too cluttered.

Modern display cabinets and dressers will also allow you to set out whatever beautiful ornaments and collectables you want to use to make the room that little bit more stylish.

Whatever style of sideboard, cabinet, or dresser you are looking for, we will have the perfect piece in our shop, all made with high-quality and stylish workmanship.



For many people, books are the most perfect decoration for any room. And a good-quality, sturdy yet stylish bookcase, filled with your favourite books, can help to set the scene for your dining room in the most complete way.

But you don't have to limit yourself to just books on your bookcase. You can also intersperse the books with ornaments, photographs, and other accessories to give you an eye-catching and stylish mix.

Whether you're looking for a minimalist and modern bookcase to match your dining set or you're looking for a bookcase with that some extra cool and quirky vibes, you will be able to find the perfect piece in our shop range.


Bar tables and bar stools

If you want your dining furniture to serve more of a party and socialising purpose, rather than a sit-down dinner feel, a bar table and bar stools can create the perfect look for your space.

Our range of bar tables and stools come in all different styles. Whether you're looking for a small table just to set drinks down, a full bar table with high seats, or a bench-style bar table that will fit neatly against a wall, you will be able to find exactly what you need.


Console tables

If you don't have the room to add a full sideboard or cabinet to your dining room furniture collection, console tables can be the perfect compromise. These are the small, narrow tables that you will often find in entryways or hallways and you can use them to add a lamp and some smaller decorative pieces to your dining room.

This type of little stand can add an extra touch of style to your room and you will find the perfect modern console table to match or complement any of our stylish dining room sets.


Mix and match table tops, bases, and chairs

In our store, you will find the inspiration for different ranges and styles of modern dining room furniture. But if you would prefer to have a little more of your own control over exactly how your dining tables and chairs will look, you can mix and match your table tops, table bases, and dining chairs.

Our modern table tops come in whatever shape you want, including round and square, and a range of materials, including oak veneers and metallic. And our dining chairs come in everything from industrial to luxurious. So you can create a style of dining room that is completely unique and entirely your own.


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Our free delivery on our entire furniture range means that you will only ever pay the quoted price and our 0% credit finance options mean that you can make your perfect dining room within your budget. With our wide variety of shapes, styles, and designs in our dining room furniture collection, you will always find exactly what suits your style when you shop with us.