Display Cabinets & Glass Cabinets

The great thing about display cabinets is that they never go out of fashion! These versatile pieces of furniture simply go with the times, adapting to changes in taste.

And these days, if you do prefer something a little more traditional or that has a classic style, you can choose a retro or vintage-look unit. It's all about adding your own personal touch to achieve a design and ambience that you're happy with.

Our HomesDirect365 amazing collection of modern display cabinets reflects this, with a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colours, so you'll be sure to find one you love.


Why Do I Need A Display Cabinet?

For many people, storage space is an issue. We acquire all sorts of stuff throughout time: books, ornaments, photos, plants, curios, etc. Some are souvenirs or gifts, others are heirlooms or treasured keepsakes. We need somewhere to keep these items, somewhere to show them off rather than stash them away in the attic, wardrobe or garage.

A display cabinet is a perfect way to resolve this problem! You get the extra storage space you need along with a stunning piece of furniture into the bargain.

And, best of all, you can choose an attractive unit to match your style and interior decor in our great selection of cabinets.

Here's an idea of what our online shop has to offer:

Glass Display Cabinets

While it might sound like something from a museum, a glass cabinet doesn't have to look old-fashioned or outdated!

Our chrome units with glass shelves have a modern contemporary feel, with three or four tiers to show off your items to great effect from all angles.

We have tall, elegant units, 'ladder' style or hexagonal glass display cabinets with glass shelves. Some of these are available in a gold finish, for that extra touch of opulence.

Wood Display Cabinets

Several of our units celebrate the natural beauty of wood grain. These solid pine wood cabinets are available in various sizes, according to how much space you have at home. The narrowest is 56 cm wide with a depth of 43.5 cm, while the largest is a 'buffet hutch' style unit that measures 144 cm in width and stands 193 cm tall.

Alternatively, we have slimline units in a tasteful oak-effect veneer, some with drawers and others with a cupboard.

Also, you can find ladder-style units in our online shop that look much like a traditional step ladder. Not only are they in fashion, but ladder-style wood display cabinets also offer a lot of space for your photos, books, ornaments etc.

Metal Display Cabinets

Metal frames can evoke all kinds of eras! Our stunning range of metal cabinets conjures echoes of Art Deco right through to today's styles.

You can choose from the fresh gleam of chrome, or classic antique silver, gold, bronze and copper.

Each metal display cabinet has its own appeal and will be an asset to any room.

Mixed Materials

Why not mix it up a bit with an intriguing combination of metal, glass and wood?

Some of the units in our collection use both, while others use all three!

Each one has been expertly designed for maximum effect and usefulness. Many of the examples in our industrial range use this brilliant mix of materials.

Wall Display Cabinets

For the ultimate space-saver, our wall display cabinets are a great choice.

With our amazing range, you can choose one that looks light and elegant, or substantial and solid. Some are designed with mirrors incorporated, adding to their usefulness. Others have drawers and multi-level shelving to show off your treasures and curios.

Again, you can be as modern or as retro as you like! You can opt for a glazed antique-style unit covered with gold leaf, a classic black enclosed unit with niche-style arched openings, or an ultra-contemporary hexagonal metal cabinet to make a statement.

Industrial Display Cabinets

Do you have an adventurous side that revels in a fresh, contemporary style?

Then our fantastic range of industrial cabinets is sure to inspire you!

These are bold and daring, using heavy wood and metal, often together, to create a sense of industrial solidity with an aged, weathered look.

Bolts and rivets on bare iron or steel offer a distinctive feel that's modern without being pretentious. It's grown-up but still fun!

Many are set on heavy-duty wheels, adding to their industrial ambience. Others have a distressed look, or use wire mesh or sliding roller doors to great effect.

One example even has its own ladder that attaches to a rail on the front. If an industrial display cabinet is your thing, you're spoilt for choice!

Unique Cabinets

For a fun, contemporary feel with a dash of quirkiness, how about an antique birdcage style display cabinet? This has the added bonus of having shelves made from reclaimed wood!

Or, there's an unusual selection of units that give a nostalgic nod towards the classic British telephone box. These come in a range of colours including natural wood, blue, grey, white, red and black. You can also have a free-standing four-sided unit or a narrower one that sits against the wall.

If the 170 cm height is taller than you'd like, you could go for our mini-phone box unit that doubles as a handy coffee table! At only 70 cm it's a great way to add a fun and funky vibe to your home.

Of course, many of our industrial-style cabinets are made for our more quirky customers, and they're really on-trend right now. Our industrial cabinets are a perfect match for any modern dining furniture.


Where To Place Your Display Cabinet

One of the best things about these useful items is that they can fit into almost any room.

You can save space in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, landing or hall, depending on what you need to stash away or display.

Several of the units in our collection are ideal for the dining room as they can act as drinks cabinets. Some even have built-in wine racks.

In the kitchen, you can add storage space for all those bits and bobs that accumulate by choosing a unit with drawers. You'll also have extra space for pots and pans, glasses, or your favourite cookbooks.

One unit, in particular, is designed specifically for the kitchen, with a towel rail and hooks. It has wheels for convenient movement and effectively acts as a kitchen island.

However much or how little room you have, we have a cabinet to suit the space. We stock tall, slim cabinets and wall-mounted units that won't take up much room at all. On the other hand, we also have impressively large cabinets that look amazing and will act as a conversation piece!


Find Your Perfect Display Cabinet Today!

Browse our excellent collection of display cabinets in our online store now, and contact us if you need guidance or help in any way.

We will help you find the right colour, size and style to suit your home, as well as advise you about our delivery options. Whether you prefer a modern furniture look or your style is minimalist, retro, rustic, industrial, classic or quirky, we have a cabinet in stock that you'll love.

We take great pride in our extensive range of quality, affordable furniture and always strive to make our customers happy. Whatever your dining furniture needs, we have the right item to enhance your home at a price that fits your budget.