Industrial Furniture

Check out our industrial storage boxes, and more. Very practical and cool industrial furniture is perfect for your living room furniture.

You may pick up some industrial furniture ideas of your own after seeing our tables, storage systems and more!

Industrial furniture is fun and just what you need to brighten up a room. We have industrial dining tables, industrial cabinets and industrial console tables.

Discover more at HomesDirect365 for a varied choice of home furniture!


Industrial Furniture Bedroom

Rustic industrial tables, to more chic and refined industrial selections. We have it covered for you. The perfect bedroom furniture to pair with your room, for today's interior design. 

If industrial furniture isn't your bag, we have a large range of other contemporary furniture, and other types of storage trunks along with industrial bedside tables and various miscellaneous items. 

For the bedroom we also have industrial chest of drawers, modern industrial style furniture and industrial TV units. We also have a large range of industrial lounge furniture, featuring industrial chairs and stools, industrial side tables and more. 

As well as this, we also have industrial coffee tables,  these durable, long lasting tables are perfect in a contemporary environment such as a living room or studio apartment, as they do the job, BUT they are also highly regarded as modern furniture centrepieces. You will not be disappointed. The industrial coffee table legs we use are incredibly strong, and built to last. 


Industrial Shelving

Introducing: Industrial shelving - our range of industrial shelving is edgy, vibrant and interesting. Be the centre of attention with these shelving units.  We also have industrial bookcases and industrial bureau. Take a look at our super cool range of shelving and other furniture. Not one to be missed if you want a look that is both Vintage, and Contemporary. Check it out today! Shelving is absolutely fantastic because it alleviates the stress of having a limited space or wondering where to place things, and put things. Shelving optimises space and storage issues as it stores things upwards, rather than on the floor or lying around, resulting in a much tidier home environment. Tidy home environments have been proven to improve peoples mental health and general well being because of the tidy environment that surrounds them. Our shelving options are great for dining room furniture.


Industrial Lighting

We also stock a range of industrial lighting options, from pendant lighting to desk lamps, and chandeliers.  Industrial living room furniture is very in at the moment, and industrial lighting is made just to accentuate this fact. To aid your lighting you may also want some industrial mirrors, to refract and reflect light across the room or space that you are in. Our perfect industrial mirrors are brill for that industrial look and feel, but also have a touch of elegance, and gracefulness. Check them out yourself! Lighting is also a brill way to lighten and brighten the home, which has also been proven to improve moods in the home, and alleviate stress, a dark, dingy home is not a great environment to work or study.