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What are the essential modern living room furniture items? This is a question that many people filling a living space for the first time ask themselves. But it's also worth revisiting when you are buying in new furniture to replace the stuff you already own. The answer, of course, will vary depending on who you talk to but there are definitely some core pieces of living room furniture that make the space recognizably a living room.

You'll be pleased to know that our modern and contemporary furniture is the perfect blend of practical and stylish, helpfully laid out into all of the key living room furniture categories. And all of our living room furniture comes with free delivery, so the price you see is the price you'll pay. Take a look around HomesDirect365 to find the inspiration for your new living room furniture.



You can't have a living room without somewhere to sit, that's for certain. But the type of lounge chairs you will need for your living room furniture will depend entirely on how you plan to use the chair and what sort of role it will play in the room. We have plenty to choose from in our modern lounge chairs range.

Tub chairs and arm chairs are perfect if you want to have a place to sit and watch TV, read a book, knit, listen to music or whatever other hobby tickles your fancy. A metal chair is less a place to relax in and more a functional piece of furniture, and a folding chair is very helpful if you have limited space in your house but want to bring out a chair for guests who are dining with you or spending time in your living room.

Many rooms are now a multifunctional living space and if you have created an office desk area in your living room, a comfortable swivel chair is ideal for working and then also relaxing afterwards.

Armchairs with footstools

Modern armchairs with footstools are the ultimate in comfort. You can lie back and relax with your feet propped up and while the evening away. Alternatively, a lounger chair can let you lie back and relax without the addition of a footstool if you have limited space in your house. Whatever your furniture inspiration, you can find the chair that helps to add to your style.

Rocking chairs

If you are one of those people who have always secretly dreamed of owning a modern rocking chair, now is your opportunity. With the newer range of rocking chairs available, you don't have to go for the traditional wooden look that you see in the storybooks. You can find a rocking chair that will suit even the most modern style of living room.

Footstools and benches

Modern footstools and benches probably wouldn't be on the list of essential living room furniture for a lot of people but if you have the space, they can help to create a stylish and cosy living room. With a separate footstool and bench, you don't have to be tied into a matchy-matchy living room set. Instead, you can use your inspiration to complete an eclectic and exclusive living room that perfectly encapsulates your style.



When it comes time to shop for sofas, the sheer number of different styles, shapes, and functionality choices can truly smack you in the face. Again, thinking about what you need your sofa to do for you is a good way of making a decision. Do you want a Scandi style sofa that doesn't overwhelm the space? Or do you need a corner sofa that can fit the whole family?

Living room furniture sets of sofas and armchairs can help to tie your lounge together but a two-seater sofa can help you to maximise space if you have a small room. Corner sofas can be the perfect place to spend quality time with all the family and beautifully contemporary sofas can fit in perfectly with your living room decor.

Whatever your furniture style or needs, you will be able to find the sofa you need to create your perfect living room in our range.

Sofa beds

If you have guests coming to stay regularly or you enjoy living room sleepovers with all the family, a modern sofa bed can be the perfect fit. It won't take up too much room when it's packed away and used just as a sofa but when you convert it into a bed, suddenly your room becomes something completely different.


Side tables

Side tables are one of those key pieces of living room accessories that are multifunctional. You can use them to display some of your favourite ornaments, as a place to set your drinks, or even as console tables. Modern side tables with drawers for storage can also help to keep your living room free from clutter.

And they are a great furniture option for helping to tie together your living room look. You can go for a classic light oak or something very modern and sleek, and it will add that little extra pop to your living room design.

Nest of tables

A modern nest of tables is the perfect way to have plenty of table space without taking up too much room. When they are put together, they take up minimal furniture space but you have company, you can bring the whole set out and everyone has a table they can use.


Coffee tables

Not everyone has coffee tables as part of their living room furniture set but if you have the space, they can be the perfect centrepiece to the room. More than just a place to set down your coffee, coffee tables can almost be used as miniature display cabinets to truly showcase your style. And they can be another useful piece of furniture storage to hide away all of your bits and pieces.

And, if you fancy a night with a takeaway in front of the TV, they can also double as little dining tables. We have a wide selection of modern coffee tables in our living room furniture collection, some with storage included to help you make the most of your living room space.


TV stands

TV stands or TV cabinets are a piece of living room furniture that can make or break the entire look of the room. Many people opt to hang their TV on the wall, but this isn't always the best option for every living room.

A modern TV stand can double as a place to put your games console, ornaments and accessories, TV box, or DVDs (if you still have some!). And they can help you to create the design style you are aiming for in the room, as they are naturally one of the focal points. They are also another great option for extra storage if you are limited on space.


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