Dining Chairs / Benches

Comfort, style and elegance. You want it all when you bring loved ones together, and our full range of dining chairs and benches will ensure you gather together in a way that looks great at home. Getting more people together around a table is a joyous occasion, but it is sometimes a massive inconvenience if you need more space or seating.

No matter your taste or budget and whether you need a permanent or temporary seating solution, at HomesDirect365 we have the finest dining room furniture, including chairs and benches.


Dining chairs and benches

A good dining chair is often the starting point for a brilliant meal or excellent story, and whether you want a wood, glass, marble, rattan, wicker, plastic or upholstered dining chair, you’ll get what you need.

Wycombe dining chairs are extremely traditional, made from solid oak, available in black or a natural finish. The Granada dining chair expands on this traditional style with a padded seat, for a more comfortable way to sit at the dining table.

When you’ve more guests to entertain, the Ferndale and Huntingdon dining bench provide flexibility and functionality while looking stylish.


French dining chairs

When it comes to dining and furniture, France is a known leader, which is why French dining chairs and tables add a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to any home. Antique-style French chairs have an air of class and gravitas, ideal for holding court with others.

Whether you opt La Rochelle Antique French Style Arm Chair, or the antique French throne, available in gold or black, you’ll be sitting comfortably. The high back and arm rests provide considerable support, making them suitable for people of all ages who need additional help.


Shabby chic dining chairs

From Louis XVI Rattan style chairs to shabby chic options with bohemian fabric flair, you’ll have people talking as soon as they enter the dining room. With gold, silver, white and antique styles, you’ll find colours and metal finishes you love.

For a more rustic feel, shabby chic dining chairs have an authentic feel, fitting perfectly into traditional homes or alongside retro fittings.


Modern dining chairs

Then again, you might prefer a modern home, which is why modern dining chairs and dining benches ensure your loved ones dine together in a contemporary style. Mustique dining chairs are a perfect example of modern furniture, and you can choose this style with armrests or without.

With comfortable design, armrests provide more balance with Dalston and Lara seats allowing you to relax while catching up with others.


Teak chairs and benches

Our teak chairs and benches are unbeatable for a jaw-dropping reaction, allowing you and others to connect with nature while eating. If you appreciate an earthy aesthetic, these dining chairs add a one-off look that makes your dining experience like no other.

These chairs are as suitable inside as they are on patios or decking, with teak root benches offering people the chance to sit together. The unique appearance of these benches, be it distressed or polished, gives you benches and chairs that few people will have, but most will love.


Industrial chairs and stools

At the other end of the style spectrum, industrial chairs and stools offer simplicity with chrome finishes in various colours. From benches to compact seats, the industrial look goes well in a diverse selection of properties, especially those with exposed brickwork, stone or metal.

The Artisan chair is an excellent fit for kitchens and living rooms with limited space, as is the black iron folding chair. When you need to combine flexibility, functionality with a great aesthetic, these industrial chairs offer everything you need without breaking the bank. Another fantastic space saving option is the metal frame stacking chair, allowing you to store them one on top of the other when not in use.

If you welcome guests and occasionally need more seats, this is the ideal way to welcome people without minimising comfort at other times.

There are few more enjoyable things than dining with loved ones and whiling away the hours with fun and laughter. The best chairs and dining bench selection allow you to do so comfortably, and you’ll choose good stock, designed with you in mind, at HomesDirect365.