Dining Tables

Whether you're trying to impress guests at a dinner party, or you simply appreciate beautiful furniture, HomesDirect365 has the perfect dining table for you!

Dining tables are often the heart of the home, where families and friends gather to enjoy good food and company. They're also the place where board games are played, homework is done, and we do craft projects with kids, and they go through a lot over the years! Maybe it's time for a new table but you're struggling to choose the right one.

Our online shop is packed with stunning examples that are sure to delight you. Here's a brief overview of the fantastic items you'll discover:


Mirrored Dining Tables

If you really want to make a bold statement and add style to your home, how about our mirrored dining tables?

Our Sassari and Champagne Apollo mirrored dining tables are stunning examples, oozing class, style and opulence. The Sassari features frosted glass, while the Apollo has a wonderful champagne-coloured edging.

If you have the space, these large, elegant tables will comfortably seat six people, ideal for a large family or for socialising.


Modern Dining Tables

The terms modern and contemporary are open to interpretation, which is why we stock a wide range of modern dining tables. We offer glass dining tables and wood dining tables. Some are ultra-modern, while others have a timeless classic vibe.

Here are some examples of what you can find:


This unusual table will look stunning in your dining room, with its solid wood top and glass legs. The table top has a bevelled edge and the natural wood contrasts beautifully with the tempered glass panels that support it, lending a stunningly sophisticated look.


The clue is in the name of this table: it appears to be made of glass and stone! Three clear glass panels are cleverly linked by a stone-effect beam that slots through the two legs. The sides of the table curve outwards in the middle, making a pleasing, modern effect.

LED Tables

If you love futuristic designs, check out our Milano and Matrix tables. Each one has LEDs fitted within the structure, adding an ultra-modern touch. The Matrix is set on a sheer white pedestal and base, while the table top is glossy black with white edges. A rectangle of clear glass in the centre allows you to view the never-ending array of blue lights!

The four-legged Milano is pure white, with pale blue lights set within a recess under the table top edge.

Both dining tables are excellent examples of our super-modern furniture range!


For something more reserved yet modern, the Forden dining table is a safe bet. It measures two metres in length, providing ample space for friends and family to sit and enjoy a meal and your company. The grey oak finish of the table top is contrasted by a matt black metal frame that forms U-shaped legs.


Industrial Dining Tables

Exposed brick, bare metal, ironwork, frosted or patterned glass, and rugged wood - all the elements you might find in industrial designs. This popular style has really taken root in the UK, so we constantly update our stock to ensure we have the products you want.

Here are some of our industrial dining tables:

Foundry Table

This solidly built dining table is crafted from metal and fir wood. It has rounded corners and a shelf beneath the main table top. Rustic ironwork with visible welding marks adds to the industrial vibe of this stylish and practical unit.

Old Empire

Another solid round dining table, although this one is round in shape and seats four people. The top is crafted from mango wood, while the base is constructed of steel tubes that curve downwards to join before splaying out to form sturdy feet.

Acacia Wood Living Edge Table

The light colour and unusual grain of acacia wood adds to the appeal of this unique rectangular dining table. This is offset by a thick iron U-shaped frame. The straight edges also contrast with the living edge - that is, the natural wavy shape of the wooden edge of the table.


Teak Dining Tables

Are you looking for something a bit different? How about a table made from teak root? The unique shape of our teak dining tables are determined by the way the root has grown, so no two tables are the same! The clever part is that they are perfectly prepared, shaped and polished to make them beautiful.

They are unashamedly rustic, some with round glass table tops and others with solid wood tops. One example uses teak logs, ingeniously joined to form angled legs that support a clear glass top.


French or Shabby Chic Dining Tables And Chairs

Our round white table will add French finesse to any place! It's a great space-saver as you can sit four diners easily without taking up a lot of room.

The antique white finish matches our French-style Cafe 2 cross-back bistro chairs perfectly, and all of these items are ideal for a shabby chic dining room perfectly.

French dining table and chairs are a great way to adding class to your home without much effort. Don't forget to check out our shabby chic dining table and chairs too!


Create Your Ideal Home with HomesDirect365

Choosing a dining room table should be easy, and with HomesDirect365 it is!

Before you choose, consider the size and how many people you need to cater for. Why not consider a butterfly table if you are limited on space, or an extendable dining table so you have extra room when friends come for dinner? We have tables of all sizes, and you can use filters on the sidebar to refine your search results, making it even easier to discover the perfect table. And if you need to narrow the search further, you can simply use more filters!

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