Dining Room Display Cabinets

Do you have space in your dining room, maybe a bare wall that needs something to complete the room? Perhaps you have your best china stowed away in a dark cupboard or attic, but feel that it should be on display? Do you want to impress friends and family with a stunning piece of furniture that lets you show off your most treasured possessions?

Then head to our HomesDirect365 online store to browse our fantastic collection of dining room display cabinets!

Want to get a taste of what's on offer? Here's a quick overview of what you'll discover:


French Display Cabinets

If you love the panache and style of French design, our French display cabinets section is sure to please.

We have large, wide units in the traditional 'sideboard' design, with scalloped tympanum and pediment (the cross piece at the top) and drawers or cupboard space for extra storage. We also have less ornate display cabinets (though equally as stylish!) that are robust, with multiple drawers and shelves - much like a large pharmacy cabinet.

Large Cabinets

Our largest cabinet is almost three metres wide and is a classic example of French grandeur. Three individual sections offer generous storage for plates, glasses, cutlery etc. across fourteen shelves and two separate cupboards with stylishly curved doors. Short, cabriole legs add to the continental flavour, finished off with tasteful mouldings along the frame. The final touch is a library ladder attached to a black metal bar!

Open-Back Cabinets

For sophisticated simplicity, we have the four-shelf French display cabinet with an open back. The shelves are tiered, becoming narrower as they reach the top, capped with an ornate pediment in a scallop-shell design. Beautifully curved cabriole legs add to the feeling of luxury and elegance.

This unit is available in antique white or stunning black with silver highlights.

Shabby Chic Display Cabinets

Is your dining room a shabby chic haven? Do you need a central piece to enhance the theme? We have several display cabinets that would be ideal!

The key to a great shabby chic design is to pick furniture with character. You need something that looks like it has a history, something that has a story to tell. Fortunately, any of our shabby chic display cabinets fit the bill, and the Corbielle, Juliette and Provence ranges are especially suited to the task.

Other than these, most of the others in our French collection would work, particularly those in antique white or ivory finish, or with mouldings, carved details or louvre doors.


Modern Display Cabinets

If French sophistication isn't your thing, how about some more contemporary designs? We offer plenty of designs in our range of modern display cabinets.

Telephone Box Cabinets

Whether it's for a home bar or to showcase your collectables, these units are modern but with a dash of quirky retro chic. Resembling the classic British phone box design, they come in three sizes and types, some with an in-built wine rack and others offering a large area for storage and display.

You also get to pick from a range of colours; red, light blue, dark blue, black, white, grey or natural wood.

Open Units

Our open-style display units allow light to flow freely through the space, enhancing your decor and allowing the objects on display to stand out.

We have a variety of these, including the Pippard, Hadston, Santorini and Rothbury ranges. Each one is a masterpiece of metalwork in a stylish, contemporary design with multiple shelves. The Pippard includes mirrored shelves for extra flair, while the Santorini is finished in a beautiful gleaming gold with clear glass shelves.

Industrial Display Cabinets

Industrial-style furniture is quirky, fun and different, and we have plenty of this in our stock of products!

Tall Mango Wood Unit

This cabinet highlights the beauty of mango wood with a glass and black iron door. The thick metal frame, rivets and metal handle provide an authentic industrial appearance, contrasting brilliantly with the natural wood grain. Six spacious compartments offer plenty of storage for your prized items.

Wheeled Cabinets

Some of our industrial cabinets are set on metal wheels, adding another dimension to the unit.

The mint green cabinet is crafted entirely of metal and has multiple drawers and storage compartments. While the outer body is finished in a distressed mint green colour, the drawer faces are either brushed steel or wire mesh.

Another example is made from wood and metal, set on four large cast iron wheels. This multi-compartment unit has two ingenious doors on a roller mechanism for a seriously industrial feel!

Retro Chic

Our final example is made from fir wood, glass and metal. This tall unit has three drawers, each with a different handle. The three-shelf cupboard space has a frosted-glass door, while the second cupboard has a wooden door. There is also an open storage area with a hanging rail for wine glasses.

While it is designed as a drinks cabinet, it can easily be used in your dining room to display your treasured trinkets and curios.

Glass Display Cabinets

For a minimalist look in glass and metal, we have the Harry or Logan ranges. The Logan comes in a gold or silver finish and in two sizes. It's a ladder-style unit that tapers as it rises, with three or four shelves.

The Harry is available in two designs; three or four glass shelves with chrome supports, or a larger unit with four glass shelves and a rectangular chrome-finish frame.

Glass display cabinets are extremely stylish and are currently on-trend!

Contemporary Display Cabinets

For an ultra-modern look, what about a mirrored display cabinet? We have a stunning example that's tall, elegant yet robust. As well as highlighting the contents, the mirrors amplify the light in your room and reflect the colours of your decor.

What's more, these units are available as a pair, with left and right opening glass doors.

The Charisma display cabinet matches chrome pillars with a high gloss white frame and shelves for a truly futuristic look.

Wall Display Cabinets

If space is limited in your dining room, wall display cabinets may be the way to go.

Our solid oak Marfa unit is perfect, neatly crafted to a high standard and with four large shelves for all your items.

And as mentioned in the Industrial furniture section, we also have the unique black metal wall display cabinet unit.


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