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Here are some examples of what you'll discover:


French Sideboards

Add some French country flair to your home with one of our stunning antique-style French sideboards!

There are several different designs, and whether you want a large sideboard or a small sideboard, we have one that will suit your needs.

Gothic Ambience

Some of our French furniture has a distinctly gothic feel. These robust units are heavily ornamented with a distressed green finish and vintage black metal handles.

Another example has an olive green finish and classic French detailing on the door fronts. This is balanced perfectly with vintage metal gold-coloured handles and a beautiful natural wood top.

All of these units have at least three drawers and two cupboard spaces, allowing plenty of room to store plates, dishes, glasses etc.

Understated Elegance

If gothic design is a bit heavy for you, we have plenty of other pieces to choose from!

The crescent-shaped sideboard, for example, is finished in a lovely sage green with a natural wood top. The three drawers and two storage compartment doors are completed by vintage metal ring handles, and simple curved legs add to its appeal.

There are also examples of larger sideboard cabinets that rely on classical designs with perfect symmetry, and the effect is simply stunning. One of these units is finished in grey, a popular colour that will fit many homes today. It stands on short tapered legs and is tastefully decorated with linear beading and corbels that highlight its brilliant simplicity. Vintage gold-coloured metal hanging handles complement the six drawers perfectly.

In contrast, we have an antique white unit with six legs - the four front legs are in the cabriole style, meaning that they have an elegant S-shaped curve. This eight-drawer unit with two large storage cupboards will accommodate all of your dining room accoutrements without any problems! More elegance is added by the ornate black iron handles with a foliate design.

Rustic Charm

Other units reflect the rustic simplicity of French provincial style, with a weathered finish and restrained ornamentation.

One example is the wide nine-drawer unit with a natural wood top and sage green/white speckled finish, and vintage metal looped handles.

In a similar vein, we have the two-drawer natural wood Chigwell unit, with a cupboard space at each end. What sets this sideboard apart is the marble-effect finish on the counter, simple brass handles and a slatted platform along the base for extra storage!

For something completely different, check out our black rattan unit, crafted entirely from metal! The design is simple but effective; this six-drawer unit also has two cupboards, and all of these are faced with rattan-style latticed metalwork in a contrasting gold finish, making this a perfect statement piece.


Shabby Chic Sideboards

If you are looking for a centrepiece for your shabby chic dining area, then our shabby chic sideboards could be the star of the show! They have bags of style and character, and each one looks like it has a story to tell. They will easily match the textures and colours of your shabby chic decor.


Mirrored Sideboards

Mirrors are great for bringing more light into the room and enhancing the colours and textures of your decor.

Our mirrored sideboards and cabinets will certainly do this as well as being stunning pieces in their own right. Be sure to check out our crystal-mirrored sideboard with its breath-taking circular pattern incorporated into the doors, complemented by crystal glass handles for an extra touch of opulence.

The Rocco, Beaumont and Sondrio ranges all rely on mirror panels for maximum effect, while the Bayview and Torino have wooden bodies with mirrors incorporated within cleverly-made circular designs.


Modern Sideboards

The term 'modern' means different things to different people. Modern sideboards might look futuristic, or simply reflect a refined, timeless classic style.

Whichever style you prefer, we have the right items for you in our extensive stock of amazing products!

On the ultramodern side, we have the Matrix, a gleaming white two-door unit with rounded edges that flow into a glossy, jet-black top. This top is inset with a rectangular LED array that emits a stunning blue colour. For a similar look, check our Nova, Astro and Azura ranges, with a choice of blue, pink or green LEDs.

The Puro range doesn't have lights, but it certainly stands out! This two-door high-gloss unit is available in charcoal or pure white and is wonderful in its simplicity.

Modern Sophistication

The Tate, Oklahoma, Wycombe and Huntingdon ranges celebrate the natural warmth of wood matched with clever metalwork. The Huntingdon is especially attractive, with iron 'staple' shaped legs and an unusual acacia wood body. The three cupboards are enclosed by doors that are cleverly curved along the edges for a beautiful organic appearance.

The Ranston, Granada, Tucson, Cotswold and Bronte units are classic in style and finished in a variety of heritage colours and natural wood tops.

Industrial Appeal

Industrial design is versatile and can reflect retro and contemporary ideas. Our extensive range of industrial sideboards come in all shapes and sizes and will fit into any home where the industrial vibe is preferred.

Each one is expertly crafted from wood, metal and glass. Hinges and fittings are heavy and robust, and mango wood features a lot, along with fir. Sliding doors on metal rails are another feature, as well as cast iron wheels.

Some dressers and cabinets are made entirely of metal and have a definite factory or military vibe!


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