Table Bases

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At HomesDirect365, you will find a wide selection of table bases for both commercial and domestic use. Whether you are looking for a sturdy and durable base for your restaurant or a stylish and functional one for your home, we have the perfect solution.

Our selection includes various materials, sizes, and styles, so you can find the ideal base to complement your table and space. Shop our collection of table bases today and discover the perfect addition to your home or business.

An essential feature of table bases is finding the correct size. Size matters for the height, width and depth of your table stand. The larger the balance on the ground, the more support it should offer the table, so if you use a large or heavy table-top, you should shop for a dependable stand.

Shapes also matter, both in the aesthetic appearance of the table and in matching the table top. A round design makes sense for a round table top, and there are stainless steel and matt black round bases in stock.

For square table bases, you have many options, with the black or stainless steel poseur table base catching the attention. You can even opt for a free form design which offers flexibility for a wide range of rooms.


Commercial table bases

It is not as if commercial table bases are that much different from domestic bases; they both serve the same purpose with ease. You may have seen a stand in a bar, restaurant or any hospitality venue and felt it would look great in your home. 

This is okay, but table bases for restaurants and cafes need to be robust and dependable while remaining aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. Our metal table bases are ideal for home and restaurant.

A matt table base provides all these benefits, and whether it comes in a black or silver finishes, it looks fantastic in any surrounding.

Contract table bases perform well in commercial settings, and it'll match wood and laminate flooring. You have a limited time to make a positive first impression, but the best range of table stand sizes for restaurants and cafés from HomesDirect365 ensures you welcome everyone with confidence for years to come.

The best modern table stand fits with the style and fit of a current home or hospitality venue. Black and stainless modern table bases are timeless but also very now. Even with large tables, this base form gives you confidence in holding everything together, while the brushed steel and chrome finishes looks fantastic.

Thank you for considering HomesDirect365 for your furniture needs. Our commercial and domestic table base selection is second to none, and we are confident that you will sort the perfect base for your space.

We pride ourselves in offering high-quality products at competitive prices, and our team is dedicated to help you with excellent customer service. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your table with a stylish and durable stand. Shop our collection today and give your space the finishing touch it deserves.

Our table bases don't just make great furniture for cafes and bars, but for your home dining furniture too.