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You might not spend too much time thinking about table tops, but their appearance, shape, durability and finish all impact your day-to-day life. Whether you want a table top for the house, business, or commercial premises where the top is front and centre of your activities, you need something that pleases you and others.

At HomesDirect365, we are pleased to say we stock an extensive range of table tops in all sizes and leading brand names, so find it with us whatever you need.

Shapes matter when looking to choose a new top, and whether you are looking for a square, rectangle or round option, we have you covered.

The colour of your table top is also essential; no matter your interior decor, you can buy a top that matches. When you need to create a comprehensive style at your house or work, the right finish makes a difference, and black marble is a finish and material combination that grabs attention for all the right reasons.

You can enjoy this selection in a round top with a brushed steel finish, offering a practical yet aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.


Wood finishes offer a traditional way with great results

For a more traditional look, a wood finish is a great choice. Light walnut table tops are a trendy choice amongst customers, and you can choose this material on a round or square table top. Dark walnut is also available for a more striking finish, and stains are less noticeable on the darker top. Oak is also a fine choice when it comes to wooden finishes. 

Our collection of wooden table tops will look great with our range of table bases.


Commercial table tops need to be durable and easy to clean

If you’re looking for a practical finish on a top, wood and marble are suitable, but you also have other options, some available at more affordable prices. Ceramic table tops, veneer and melamine table tops, a form of hard resin combined with wood, ensure busy table tops maintain their lustre and appearance, which is great for restaurants and bars.

Whether you have kids at home where spills are likely, or you need table tops for the hospitality sector or restaurant, durable table tops save time and look great, even after a busy day.

With modern table tops, you need the same level of durability and reliability you’d expect from traditional tops but with a more contemporary look or appeal.

Walnut is not a new option, but our modern range of wooden table tops utilises this finish nicely in light and dark walnut options. Whatever sort you opt for, you’ll see an understated wood finish works well in all sizes.

Then again, if you have stone surroundings, a marble table fits in well, combining neatly with your existing furniture without standing out for the wrong reasons.

White ceramic is a bold choice that lends itself superbly to kitchens or dining rooms with a minimalist look. These tables come in round or square, so there is plenty of flexibility to uncover the ideal fit for your space.


Choose a table top that works well with its surroundings

Rectangular and square table tops make it easier to fit chairs and people around them, but a circle table top might be better if you have a busy room. If you have small children, minimising the number of sharp corners at their head height is always a bright idea, which is why many restaurant owners or households opt for a modern circle top in suitable sizes.

Regarding finding table tops that work well with your dining room furniture, and the surroundings, there is no shortage of attractive table tops in stock and in good deals at HomesDirect365. Whether you desire traditional styles or modern table tops that offer a contemporary vibe, you’ll find every surface, finish and shade right here.