French Dressing Tables, Mirrors & Stools

Adding a vanity dressing table to your bedroom furniture should be great fun with HomesDirect365! The icing on the cake of your new French bedroom must surely be your French style dressing tables or what some people call a “makeup desk” or even sometimes French vanity tables which are needed to bring together and complete that air of sophistication for your bedroom – ooh la la!

Perhaps you should start here with the decision of which Collection to choose from, perhaps one of our French style antique white dressing tables or another dressing table from our, Paris Collection, La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Rococo, Montpellier or a Baroque Gold Dressing Table? Allow yourself time to visualise your new bedroom furniture with a brand-new vanity table.


Feature your dream makeup table, vanity table or french dressing unit

Imagine yourself in the morning preparing for the day with such luxurious surroundings lifting your spirits or winding down your day reflecting on your excellent choice of products sat comfortably on one of our stools in front of your brand new dressing table sets from any of our furniture ranges. Indulge your individuality and flair in viewing our selection of materials, colours and carvings; enjoy creating your unique surroundings with your brand new vanity table where you will be sure to feel oh so more relaxed.


Sets that can match your brand-new dressing table/vanity table

Whatever your preference of dressing tables, makeup desk or vanity desk might be, we will definitely have the style you like. We also have sets that come with a stool and mirror in many styles meaning you really will be spoilt for choice when shopping with us!


Dressing table's and vanity tables for every setting

Do not worry about what your current bedroom looks like, there is no doubt one of our dressing tables or vanity tables is going to fit you and your decorative and practical needs. Whether you're looking for something elegant for a primarily simple but aesthetically pleasing room or you're looking for something to show off your bright and bold personality; we will have a makeup desk that will be able to tailor towards these needs - both practically and visually.


Vanity tables and dressing table stools that have been built to last

Nothing but the finest mahogany is used in our French dressing tables & furniture collections, where you will find the same impeccable hand carving throughout, skills which have been handed down through generations of master craftsmen. We at HomesDirect365 really do want you to be happy with the product and it is our pleasure to provide not only a dedicated team of advisers who are familiar with our French furniture and accessories.


Practical and beautiful makeup tables are available

Furniture can sometimes be built for only one thing: beauty. This might seem like a great idea, but it isn't a wise one - especially if you're looking to also add a practical element to an interior; such as a French makeup table or French inspired vanity table.

That's why our designers have put many hours of thought into creating furniture, like a dressing table, vanity tables, table mirrors and everything else we offer at HomesDirect365 that can help bring both practical and aesthetically pleasing elements to your home.


We offer more than just dressing units, vanity table sets and makeup tables

Although our range of dressing tables is fabulous, we offer way more than just that. From the wide range of our French bedroom furniture where you can get yourself a brand-new set of bedsides to our French kitchen area where you finally get a dining table worthy of the centre spot in your dining area.


French-inspired vanity tables and vanity makeup tables not your style?

Perhaps beautiful hand-carved French vanity units just are not your thing. Luckily for you, we offer more than just antique French style makeup tables! With designs inspired by the modern era, we have plenty of modern dressing tables, vanity tables and makeup tables in our contemporary furniture range which features some bold and some more calm and relaxed designs - with this sort of variety, we are more than certain you will find a dressing table that is going to fit you and the surrounding interior a treat.