Storage Basket


Homes Direct 365 features an elegant collection of storage baskets for you to browse through and buy, online now. Whether you are looking for something that is very robust, durable and strong, making it extremely practical for around the house or you are looking for something that is stylish and will help to accentuate some of the features in your home whilst also doing a job, we have something in our collection of storage baskets to accommodate everyone. With a wide range of different styles and designs, including traditionally weaved wooden baskets and a selection of wire metal baskets which have been bent into different shapes, our storage baskets can be used for just about almost anything!

Country Baskets

Come see our beautiful selection of country baskets. From stair baskets, to wicker baskets, and rectangular baskets, these baskets are highly strong, durable and long lasting. This is a tried and tested method of basket making, and you will not be disappointed at what you will find. We also have square baskets, and set of 3 baskets so you will not be spare of choice! We also have umberella baskets, and round baskets. Additionally we have oval baskets, set of 4 baskets. Thats a lot of basket for your money!

Wicker Baskets

We also have baskets with lining, as well as stacking corner baskets. Additionally we have dog baskets, dog beds, even a pet house!

Storage Basket

This range of, storage basketBasket designs and styles, you will find nowhere else! check it out. 

If you like what we offer in our range of storage baskets, you may also be interested in our collection of home bins. In addition to this, we also stock a wide variety of book stands for you to choose from online.