Storage Trunks

Decorative trunk, storage trunk and storage chest collection's fit for any home

A selection of storage trunks can now be found within our online trunks range here at Homes Direct 365. We offer a range of different storing boxes which come in a variety of different styles and sizes, making it easier for you to find exactly the most appropriate design for your sitting room or bedroom area. A large proportion of our vintage trunks are made from wood, which makes them hard-wearing, strong and durable and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. The metal storage trunk designs we offer fit perfectly around our contemporary furniture range, whereas our vintage storage trunks will be more fitting around our french furniture collections.

Wide range of decorative metal storage chests and storage trunk's available with free delivery

With a selection of different styles and patterns available, we are sure you will be able to find the right set of metal storage containers from our collection of metal storage boxes which are available all year round on our official website. For example, if you feature modern interior designs you may want a metal trunk to match your furniture or perhaps a vintage steamer trunk that may work better with your rustic interior. And if you've just added some of our french furniture to your home, then a vintage storage box or luggage trunk will be just perfect for you. There is no doubt within this collection there is at least a set of retro storage trunks whether its a storage trunk with wheels or a simple set of small storage trunks that will fit your needs. 

Our collection of trunk storage chests make for the perfect set of high-quality accessories to any furniture setting

Crafted from high-quality materials with the utmost care, any sort of trunk storage chest you may be interested in will make for the perfect addition to your interior accessories collection in a living room, bedroom or lounge area. Matching them together to make your own custom set, such as combining a trunk storage box along with a few alternative decorative storage trunks - you will be able to create a stunning setting in your sitting room or bedroom area.

Practical and beautiful storage chests for your bedroom or living room

It can be a little confusing as to where you should place your brand new retro storage box as you're no doubt trying to ensure that you are properly taking advantage of both aspects of the practical and decorative design. However, in all of our interior design experience, from the beautiful furniture we create to how it helps to transform the look of our customers' homes; we recommend adding such items as a small storage trunksstacking storage trunks or a leather storage trunk in either your bedroom or your sitting area - preferably you'll have one of these or something like an extra large storage trunk it both areas of the home.

Where to place a storage trunk in your bedroom

The best place to put a brand new set of vintage storage trunks and chests in your bedroom; traditionally speaking - would be at the very bottom of your bed. This is perhaps because it is in the most convenient place or because typically that is space in your bedroom that is usually untouched. In any case, it is best to utilise that space with one of our storage trunks, rather than letting potentially decorative interior space go to waste.

Where to place a storage trunk in your living room

Unlike your bedroom, there is no one single place we could recommend as to where you should put your brand new small wooden chest box since it all depends on the layout of your sitting room and sort of interior style you already have going on. However, we would recommend getting a boarding school trunk and a combination of stackable storage chests, so that you can have handy beautiful storage that does not use up to much room in your sitting area - due to their vertical stacking design.

Trunk Furniture

To give your home a more complete look, we also offer trunk furniture that functions just like any other furniture piece would, allowing you to achieve a beautiful and practical design in your interior. Whether you're looking to add a wood chest coffee table to your lounge area in the form of a trunk chest coffee table or perhaps something with an aged look such as a vintage trunk coffee table, then you're in the right place.

On top of supplying items like vintage storage suitcases and metal trunk coffee table's, we also supply trunk furniture that looks and acts like a normal side table would. With drawers and tabletop space included in their design, items such as a trunk side table will look best when added to a lounge or dining area so that you can make use of their practical and decorative design to its full potential.