Garden Furniture

There are few finer things in life than relaxing in your garden. Whether you enjoy peaceful moments by yourself or socialise with friends, family, and loved ones, a garden is hugely enjoyable.

There are many ways to make the most of your garden, but garden furniture is essential whether you plan on sitting, lounging, playing or dining. See HomesDirect365 for our full garden range.

A sign you need more natural pieces?

One of the best things about furniture for your garden is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter the size of your garden, or your budget, you’ll find furniture to fit.


Garden furniture can fit your taste

You also have garden furniture that fits your taste. If you have a defined theme in your garden or know what you like, the right garden furniture makes this area feel like home.

Don’t forget accessories like garden ornaments that make your garden feel alive.

We look forward to assisting you to create the garden you’ve always dreamt of, and the ideal outdoor furniture makes a massive difference.


Wooden garden furniture

Few things look and feel at home in a garden as wooden garden furniture. Whether you opt for garden benches, garden chairs or even our garden tables, your garden will look great.

Some great benefits of wooden garden furniture include:

1) This is furniture built to last

2) You have ethical furniture

3) The versatility of wood means there is furniture that suits your chosen style

This style of furniture is often affordable, and when it is treated well, it lasts a long time. The value for money from a wood feature or natural benches means you’ll feel confident about this investment.

What table styles do you love?

A great garden table or bench, a necessary element of a garden furniture set, is perfect on your patio or in secure outdoor spaces. Dining sets bring people together, and there is a wide selection of wooden tables for your outdoor space.

You have a few options when it comes to wood suitable for a UK garden. You want durable wood, so redwood, cedar and teak are appropriate options. These woods come in various price ranges, so you should find something that appeals to you.


Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture has grown in popularity in recent years, and with good cause. Rattan furniture can withstand all manner of British weather, which is vital. This list of elements includes wind, rain, hail and snow, and the sun!

Yes, rattan furniture has UV protection, ensuring it continues to look great for many years to come, making it a brilliant outdoor furniture choice.

Storage solutions create more options

Rattan garden furniture sets are robust but lightweight, meaning you can easily move it. This creates flexibility for storage and socialising with friends. When you have people over, you can always make a good layout to ensure everyone joins in the fun.


Metal garden furniture works outdoors

The full range of garden furniture comes in a variety of materials, including metal. Metal garden furniture might not be your immediate choice of garden furniture sets, but many homeowners love it!

Is a metal table right for you?

Metal garden furniture is highly durable, and it is easy to maintain. Some chairs and tables might be heavy, but in some settings, that is a benefit! If you have metal garden furniture, be sure to keep it covered when it is warm. The sun can make these outdoor furniture pieces too hot to sit on!

Find the table colours you love

Outdoor chairs come in a wide range of colours, as do outdoor tables. The same goes for materials in these outdoor elements. When you shop for stylish pieces, you create a place you love and want to spend more time there. Shopping for furniture is functional, and hopefully fun.

Embrace the fresh air

A table is essential, but the table and chairs represent what matters. You have a chance to be together with people you care about in a fantastic setting. The outdoors environment is fresher and a change from the indoor areas.

Even for those people who love their bathroom or bedroom, you cannot argue how fun lazing on a hammock is!


Outdoor furniture should suit your style

If you need inspiration, or even advice, about garden furniture ranges, we can help. From sun loungers for your balcony or chairs that look great all year round, we can help. The right garden table has a significant impact on using this area, no matter how much room you have.

Your balcony deserves love

The right table and chairs make any area come alive, even a patio or balcony. Outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes, which means the right colours or materials that feel perfect for you and your kids might not work for another household.

The diversity of materials on offer ensures that every household should find something right for them. There is a stylish opportunity to embrace your outside area, whether it's a plastic gazebo or wicker sofas.


You can maximise your outdoor space

How you maximise your space is up to you, but there is no denying outdoor furniture enhances and maximises your outdoor area. There are many garden miscellaneous items that help you personalise your space including firepits.

A garden can be personalised in so many ways. Yes, garden chairs and benches are typical, but items like garden mirrors or ornaments are perhaps less so.

Make more room outside

A garden mirror is a great way to create a sense of space and capture light more effectively. If you have a small or compact garden, a mirror can transform how your outdoor area looks and feels.

Birdbaths and feeders are also available for those who love nature and a natural setting.

Create a shaded spot for comfort

If you are fortunate enough to benefit from the sun, parasols are a great addition to add some shade to your grounds.

Garden ornaments brighten many outdoor areas. It is common to have these features inside a home, so why not outdoors? Whether you choose something fun, functional or stylish, the right ornament is a talking piece you’ll love.

Choose a natural dining solution

Opt for a bistro table and chairs if you want to dine outside in style. A classier affair means your garden set will be suitable for any guests or when you want to make the most of your time outdoors.

If you welcome many people to your garden, garden benches are an effective solution to gathering people together. Is there a better way to enjoy food and drink than with friends and family members?

Shop better and discover more our delivery options

With reliable delivery options, a broad range of categories and all the advice, guidance and tips you need to develop your furniture style, we are more than happy to help.

Whether it’s a table and chairs to complete your space or something to brighten a garage or corner spot, we have it all and more.