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A bird bath is a welcome sight for homeowners and birds that visit your property. The same is true for bird feeders, offering food and respite.

At HomesDirect365, we offer a wide selection of bathing and feeding products for birds in your garden, suitable for every season of the year. If you need help choosing from the great styles on offer, get in touch, and we'll help you find what you need.


What are the most common garden birds in the UK?

According to the RSPB, the following list covers the most common UK garden birds:

  • House sparrow
  • Blue tit
  • Starling
  • Blackbird
  • Woodpigeon
  • Robin
  • Great tit
  • Goldfinch
  • Magpie
  • Long-tailed tit


If you want to welcome garden birds, such as sparrows or blue tits, you can take some additional steps. Leaving out bird feed in a safe location is a good idea to attract birds. You might see birds on trees nearby and tree branches, but for the best experience, you should install a bird feeder in your garden.

Be a good host

At HomesDirect365, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of garden furniture, as well as feeders, including hanging bird feeders. We also provide bird baths if you want to be highly hospitable.

Our bird baths and feeders allow homeowners to care for local birds, creating a haven for large birds and small birds. If you love wildlife, you will appreciate our nature-focused products.


What style of bird feeders do you like?

As we stock an extensive range of feeders, you can find a bird feeder that you love seeing. When you combine functionality with style, you add something special to your garden. The birds in your garden will appreciate having the chance to eat and wash while you enjoy the clear visibility of these wild birds and magnificent creatures close to home.

Choose a dependable bird feeder

Opt for a tough material if you want a reliable bird bath or hanging bird feeder. Hardwood like teak is durable to withstand any weather condition. Whether there is rain, sun, hail, sleet or snow, you’ll be confident your bird feeder or bird bath remains in good condition.

Find a sturdy option

We also offer metal bird feeders, with cast iron or stone products. These sturdy bird feeders withstand all weather conditions!

We also offer cute bird feeders

It is also possible to choose bird feeders that are adorable. If your focus is on adding stylish and cute accessories to your garden, our product range will not let you down. We have you covered, from miniature feeders best suited for smaller birds to ornate hanging bird baths ideal for larger birds or a couple of birds.

Whether you focus on functionality or appearance, we have products that are fit for birds and your property!

Choosing the right feeder

With a great range of feeder products on offer, we are sure we can help you find the perfect addition to your premises. However, what is a suitable feeder for your home?

Some of the most common feeders on sale include:

Platform or tray feeder

House or hopper feeder

Window feeder

Tube feeder

The size and space of your home influence the feeder you need. If you don’t have much room in your garden, welcoming birds to your window is helpful. If there are many birds in the local area, you might need a spacious feeder to ensure you can hold as many as possible.


Benefits of a bird feeder in your garden

Some interesting benefits of installing a bird feeder in your garden include:

  • Some birds help pollinate flowers, so welcoming these birds makes your garden look more attractive
  • Having birds around helps to reduce the number of bugs and insects in your garden
  • Encouraging birds to your garden helps to lower the number of weeds on your premises
  • By offering regular food, you help birds stay healthy, and support their youngsters
  • A sheltered area keeps birds warm and protected in difficult weather conditions
  • Birds offer entertainment for people interested in wildlife and nature
  • You will take satisfaction over helping birds eat in winter


Our range of garden bird feeders helps you achieve these outcomes, and a whole lot more. Whatever reason compels you to care for local birds, and give something back to wildlife, we can assist you.

Bird feeders provide protection

Bird feeders offer protection from other creatures, such as squirrels or cats. If you are concerned about birds being attacked, our range of bird feeders helps protect them from nature’s predators and hazards.

Keep birds safe

There is no worse feeling for an animal lover than finding torn feathers and signs of distress in their garden. Our product range helps you to help birds. If you need tips on best positioning your bird feeder and baths in your garden, please get in touch.

Our bird feeding stations help keeps birds safe

There is no more pleasing sight for a bird lover than a bird sitting proudly on a perch, pecking its beak at suet or seeds. We know people take great comfort in connecting with nature in this manner. Our bird feeding stations can be positioned at various heights off the ground, allowing you to use them while keeping birds safe.

We also offer different types of feeders, ensuring you can fill it with your choice of bird feed. Whether you opt for fat balls or suet, we have options that are right for you.


Benefits of bird baths in your garden

There are many benefits of adding a bird bath to your garden, including:

  • You welcome birds to your garden, allowing you to watch them in comfort
  • You can help your children learn about birds, wildlife and nature
  • Bird baths protect the rest of your garden, by drawing birds to them
  • In searching for insects on the ground close to your bird bath, birds help aerate your soil


If you want to enjoy these benefits of bird baths, you should view our full range of bird bath products.

A bird bath helps birds

A bird bath isn’t just a place for birds to clean themselves; it can offer drinking water too. This ensures that the bird bath is a great year-round feature for birds. In the warmer months, they can cool down, and in the darker months, they can stay clean.

The functional benefits of bird baths appeal to people who genuinely care about nature and birds. As much as we try to offer stylish bird baths, we know they have a purpose.

Offer clean water

You will take great comfort from our durable bird tables, designed to welcome birds to your garden with clean water.

We may take birds bathing for granted, but the birds in your garden will welcome the chance to enjoy a bath. Offering this will attract more local birds to your property.

Where to place a bird bath?

The best location to place your bird bath is in a shaded area. It would help if you thought about offering shelter and protection for the creatures, and a shaded bird bath or bird house is an ideal attraction for your garden.

A handy tip is to add rocks or a stone to the bird bath. This allows birds to stand and drink without getting too wet. This is helpful in the colder months of the year.

Another top tip is to ensure the bottom of the bath isn’t too smooth. Some birds struggle to retain their footing on a smooth surface. You’ll be glad to know our bird bath products have surfaces that birds can grip.


Find the best bird bath and feeder products

Our products offer food, drink, shelter and protection from disease for birds. We offer different hangers, baths and feeders, and we are sure we will find something ideal for your needs.