Bistro Table and Chairs

Our bistro sets are perfect for enjoying a morning coffee in the sunshine, or for you to relax with friends in the evening. This is a classy addition to any home, with a number of stylish features. If you want to create an air of elegance to outdoors, there is no more refined garden dining set option. see our full range of garden furniture at HomesDirect365.


What is a bistro table?

A bistro table is one with a round table top and is commonly smaller than most tables. You often find this style of table seats between two and four people.

There are modern square bistro tables, but the quintessential is a round bistro set.

At HomesDirect365, we offer a range of bistro tables, ideally sized for two or four people (or kids) to use simultaneously.


What is a bistro set?

You will not be surprised to learn that a bistro set combines a bistro table and chairs. These feature the same colour and design, creating a cohesive style ideal for your home or garden.

We offer garden table and chairs set with a parasol hole

Some sets come with a parasol hole stand space, which means you can add an umbrella to your dining set. Whether you want shade from the sun or protection from light rain, the most versatile bistro set has everything you need to enjoy yourself in the garden.


What are the benefits of a bistro set?

As we sell a wide selection of garden tables at HomesDirect365, we know the positive features of every table and chairs set.

We are pleased to say our best bistro garden table and chairs set is in demand and with good cause. Here are some of the reasons our customers opt for this style of garden table and chair set:

Our tables save space

It is not as though the functionality is the chief reason people buy bistro table and chair sets from us, but this is a significant benefit. If you have limited space on a patio, decking area or lawn, a compact table is your best option.

Our tables are very chic

Taste is down to the individual, and we know that there is a buyer for every type of garden table and chair set we sell at HomesDirect365.

However, the Parisian flair of a bistro chair and table set appeals to specific buyers. You will appreciate this option if you want to add a sense of flair to your home or garden.

Our tables are multi-functional

A bistro set is more than just a space to place food or drink while chatting with family members or friends.

People can use this table for work and storage purposes too. If you have limited room but want to create a stylish area to place items in the short and long-term, this table set meets your needs.


What colour and materials do our bistro sets come in?

There is an excellent level of versatility with our collection of bistro sets. No matter what colours you prefer or what material you want your bistro table constructed with, you can find it, even acacia wood.

At HomesDirect365, we offer the complete range of bistro tables and bistro chairs. Our product range features every colour that complements your home or garden, and you can add accessories to complete your style.

Enjoy the best table and chairs set

The traditional choice is a black or white set made from wrought iron. However, if you prefer a colour scheme that suits your surroundings or is made from a particular material, this is possible. For example, green always works well in a garden or patio environment, making this an ideal choice for consumers wanting a stylish outdoor table set for their home.

For our wooden bistro set, we sell FSC certified products. Sustainability is crucial, which is why we are proud to sell FSC certified tables and chairs.


Are bistro tables suitable for an outdoor space?

As a bistro table and chairs set are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are ideal as garden tables, as a dining set and suit a variety of outdoor settings.

The right table and chairs set will transform an area

The compact nature of our tables make them a fantastic dining set choice for decks, patios, balconies and gazebos. Of course, our table and chairs can be used on grass and lawns, too, such is their versatility.

With many bistro sets being small and light, they are movable, allowing freedom in a garden setting. Whether you like to follow the sun or sit in the shade, this garden table is flexible to sit where it best suits your needs.

Are you looking for a heavier bistro set?

Alternatively, you might prefer a heavier table set to take a permanent place outside your home. If you have an outdoor area with seats where you regularly dine with family members or friends, it makes sense to opt for a sturdier garden table set.

We have garden table and chairs set for every household

We have a fantastic range of bistro tables, including a bistro table for every need or budget. We sell a table and chairs set which is fit for every household, for spring, summer, autumn or winter.


Your ideal bistro set is waiting

We supply many garden tables and chair sets; some are plainer than others. The bistro set is a functional option to ensure you eat and drink in comfort. However, the real draw of this set is in its style and grace. For the highest standard of outdoor tables and chairs and other outdoor furniture, rely on HomesDirect365 for the latest and best value for money bistro sets.