Garden Benches

No garden set is complete without a bench. On sunny days, there is no greater feeling than having an outdoor seating area at your home. Of course, a good bench is of benefit all year round.

At HomesDirect365, there is no shortage of styles to choose from, and there will be a bench for all households. Whether your focus is on relaxation, creating a seating space for kids or for adults to congregate, our brilliant range of garden benches will leave you sitting pretty.


Benefits of our garden benches

If you want a space to sit in a garden, you have options. Chairs are ideal for some homes, but many people want something else.

Our garden benches offer a significant range of benefits, and if you like the following points, there’s a good chance you will love having a bench in your garden.

A garden bench is always good to go

With many garden chairs or furniture, you need to move it in and out of storage. A lot of outdoor furniture isn’t equipped to deal with challenging weather conditions or elements. If you want a quick place to sit down, you don’t always have a suitable option.

With a garden bench, you always have seating space. A durable and reliable garden bench means you can always find a spot to relax in. Whether this is for a couple of minutes or all day long, benches are there for you when you need them!

You can move a bench around

While benches are often heavy, most are movable when a few people get involved. If you follow the sun around the garden, you can always find a good spot. If you have more friends or family members socialising, you can manoeuvre the bench so everyone finds a space.

Our garden benches are a fun way to sit and socialise

Our outdoor benches offer an informal setting that is perfect for bringing people together. Whether it is breakfast time, lunch, dinner or late at night, garden benches provide a great place to sit with other people. If you enjoy food and drink at this time or just need reliable seating space, benches help people to be with each other.

You can have a focal point to your garden

It is good to have an element or aspect that ties a space or area together. A sturdy bench provides consistency, making it a garden's focal point.

Benches save space

While many people can sit together on a bench, it is often a compact piece of garden furniture. Even in a compact garden space, a suitable bench offers functionality without overcrowding. If you are limited with what you can do in the outside area of your property, a garden bench creates options and opportunities.

A bench also works on a balcony, a patio or in a gazebo as it does on a lawn.

You don’t need much storage space with a bench

If you have a lot of chairs that need to be moved depending on the weather, you need a lot of storage space. With a bench, this isn’t an issue. Whether you have wind, rain, sun, hail, sleet or snow, a bench remains in place.

Some garden benches look fantastic

Sometimes, all you need is a plain and sturdy bench. However, some households might benefit from something more stylish. Our ornate garden benches look great and add class or elegance to this area.

With many people dedicating benches to loved ones or treating them as a special feature, it is easy to see why there is a demand for fashionable benches.

Lattice benches, or benches with flower designs, are a cut above your traditional bench.

There isn’t much maintenance work involved

With many benches, you don’t need to do much work to keep them in excellent condition. An occasional wash, a varnish or a fresh coat of paint can keep your bench looking fantastic for many years.

Knowing you have a dependable piece of garden furniture that you don’t need to care for too much is a massive comfort for families.

This is a cost-effective solution

If you have to buy individual chairs, the cost of creating a welcoming outdoor space soon adds up. With a bench, you can create a place to relax for not too much money. Combine the bench with a table, and you have a dining area, an outdoor games room, or just a spot to chat!


What garden bench material is best for your outdoor space?

The versatility of materials used to make garden benches means there is always a suitable option for households. Whether you focus on size, durability, style, colour or price, there should be a bench that is ideal for your lawn, patio, deck or even by your garage.

A wooden bench is traditional in many gardens

If you love the idea of having a traditional bench in your garden, you will appreciate owning a wooden bench. In the UK, there are many types of wood which is suitable for a garden bench, including:

  • Teak
  • Iroko, or African Teak
  • Oak
  • Redwood


You have other types of wood that feature in UK benches, but the ones mentioned above are popular across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Teak is an excellent choice as it is durable and doesn’t require much maintenance to continue looking great. The same is true for Redwood, a popular choice in the United Kingdom.

If you would like to discuss your wooden bench options, we will assist you.

Our metal benches are an excellent addition to a garden

If you don’t want a wooden bench, a metal bench might be more suitable. You have a great range of options to consider, including:

  • Aluminium
  • Wrought iron
  • Stainless steel


Aluminium is a superb lightweight option, and you can move this around. This is a durable option but should be affordable to most buyers.

Buyers seeking something more robust should choose wrought iron or stainless steel. These benches can be customised designs or lettering, adding a personal touch to a garden bench.

You have other material options to consider

For some households, resin or plastic benches represent a suitable choice. These are lightweight, can be cleaned easily, and are often softer when you sit on them.

There is an increasing range of synthetic materials, including wood and wicker. These are value-for-money options that are ideal for many households.

We also offer stone and concrete benches for those looking for a permanent seated option on their lawn or garden space.

Knowing there are dependable bench options that fit a wide range of requirements is a good comfort for buyers.

There are many colours to choose from

The range of materials used to make garden benches means there are plenty of choices for colours. Green is a popular choice, tying in with the garden setting.

Many people like keeping wood in its natural colour, enjoying a rustic or rural feel to their garden space. However, there are no strict rules for how you must present your garden bench. If you want to paint it a unique colour, you can do so. Black and grey are common options, but blue and red are also great choices.

The most important thing is a garden bench you enjoy and provides utility for you and your loved ones.


What accessories are perfectly suited for garden benches?

If you want to enhance your bench, you should consider accessories that help you get even more fun and value from the bench.

Cushions can make your bench more comfortable for sitting on. If your bench is made of a harder or colder material, such as teak, soft cushions are a welcome addition to the piece.

A cover for your bench creates an added element of protection against harsh weather conditions. Even though many benches don’t require much maintenance, a cover can reduce the amount of work you have to do even further.

Footstools or stand alone complement benches, and you can never go wrong with more seats. These items can make the space more comfortable, or create more flexibility if there are additional guests in the garden. An appropriate table will also enhance your outdoor space, offering more benefits to your garden life!


Where should I place my garden bench?

The ideal spot for your bench will depend on a lot of things. The size of the bench and your space at home are essential factors to bear in mind.

Choosing a place that receives sunshine is a good start. Sitting in the sunshine is a nice feeling and often the main reason for sitting outside. Then again, you might prefer a cooler location, placing your garden bench or seats in the shade.

If you have a suitable wall, placing the bench alongside the wall might be good. This reduces the room your bench takes up. If you have a corner space, a bench is a great way to fill this area without wasting the spot.

Then again, you might want flexibility in getting up and around the bench. Sitting space is optimal for those enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea outside, but so is easy access.

Our wide range of garden benches should ensure a perfect choice to fit in wherever you want.


Find the best style of bench to suit your property

You don’t need to venture far to make the most of the great outdoors, not if you have a garden. Garden benches enhance any external space, ensuring there is always a place to take things easy.

Whether it’s a grey day or a sunny morning, relax in comfort and style with the ideal bench for your garden. If you need advice on finding the most suitable bench at the best price for your needs, get in touch.