Garden Chairs

If you are looking for inspiration to freshen your outdoor area, we have a wide selection of chairs and an extensive range of garden furniture. When the warmer weather comes, you want to be comfortable in your outdoor area, and our garden chairs are perfect for you.

Choose from a range of fabrics and materials with our garden furniture range. Our complete range of outdoor chairs, table and furniture comes in a variety of materials at HomesDirect365.


Plastic is fantastic when it comes to garden furniture options

For an affordable and straightforward solution to seating options in the garden, plastic chairs are an excellent choice. Some of the key reasons to opt for these chairs include:

  • These chairs come in many colours, so if you have a theme or style, you can match this with your furniture
  • Plastic chairs are light, so they are easy to move
  • Stacking chairs save storage space, taking up less room in a garage or garden
  • If more guests arrive unexpectedly, these chairs make sure everyone has a place to sit down


The versatility of this material makes it a fantastic choice for your outdoor area, garden, patio, decking area or even balcony.

We offer an extensive range of lightweight chairs in all colours and styles. No matter your budget or overall style, our outdoor furniture is a fantastic option to have at your disposal.

We are sure you will appreciate the range of chairs we have for sale.

Wood is the way to go for many homeowners

Wooden garden furniture sets in general, and chairs in particular, have several benefits that appeal to property owners, including:

  • The natural appearance of wood is ideal for any garden
  • These chairs are robust and can be relied on in all weather conditions
  • Wooden furniture doesn’t need a lot of maintenance to remain in good condition
  • When cared for properly, wooden garden chairs last a long time, boosting the value for money aspect


We appreciate that many households want a natural look in their garden, and in that case, wooden furniture and chairs are an excellent choice.

We provide a fantastic range of wooden chairs that we are sure you will love, and which complement our tables.

Metal is always an option in your outdoor space

It might be that you need more dependability in your garden, and if you do, our metal chairs are an excellent option. These furniture items often come with stylish material, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds. You have a chair that looks fantastic, is soft to sit in, but is heavy enough to suit being outdoors.

We take great pride in offering furniture items that enhance people’s property and help people to enjoy themselves. Our metal chairs can be relied on, and they usually last for many years.

This provides a great return on your investment, and you can look forward to making many happy memories with this type of garden furniture.

Garden chairs as part of your rattan garden furniture set

In recent years, one of the most popular types of garden chairs has been rattan or wicker chairs. These are excellent materials that provide a broad range of benefits and features.

This is garden furniture that is affordable, dependable, lightweight and able to withstand changing conditions.

Rattan is a dependable material

All garden chairs need to handle UK weather conditions in some form, including sun, rain, wind, hail and even snow.

Light chairs can be moved into storage easily or covered quickly, but you aren’t always home when it starts to rain. If an unexpected downpour occurs, you want to feel confident your furniture can stand up to it without losing its shape, style or consistency.

We serve the UK public, and we offer chairs and furniture sets that suit gardens and lawns across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Dependability in all conditions is vital, and we are pleased to offer a range of products that are ready for anything.


Add comfort with cushions

Some of the garden furniture options we provide might feel hard or cold when sitting on them. There are many reasons to opt for a plastic or wooden chair, but softness isn’t the most obvious factor.

Relaxing is essential at home

However, with the right choice of accessories, you can enjoy a great looking chair for the right price that is also comfortable. The simple addition of cushions transforms where you sit, so bear this in mind.

We help you love your spare time

Many people love our garden furniture as it comes, and some customers accessorise it slightly to better suit their needs. We appreciate comfort is essential when it comes to chairs, and we offer a fantastic selection of soft and comfortable seating and lounging options.


What type of garden chair is best for your outdoor furniture set?

If you enjoy alfresco dining, you need a chair that complements a garden table.

Our range of garden furniture is perfect for families who drink and dine, and you can enjoy alfresco dining all year round with our products.

Take it easy on your lawn or patio

What is better than lying on a sun lounger or hammock when it comes to comfort? We are pleased to offer a range of sun loungers, tailor-made to create comfort in and around your home.

With this product type, a dark grey or light grey finish works well, creating a nice counterbalance to the more colourful elements of your outdoor space.

Embrace the sunshine

If you are fortunate enough to see a lot of sun at your property, make the most of it. Adding sun loungers to your patio, balcony or decking section allows you to relax in comfort while topping up your tan.

If you want a more formal way to relax outside while enjoying the fresh air, why not opt for an outdoor sofa?

Relax in comfort with our great garden furniture like an outdoor sofa

A garden sofa is a great feature for families or people who socialise. This seating arrangement brings people together in a comfortable manner.

If you have kids, they will love the chance to sit together, and what makes for a more pleasant weekend than spending time with loved ones in the warm sunshine?

Outdoor tables and chairs help you enjoy your spare time

A bench is also a great choice for having fun in the sun or shade, and we can help you create a comfortable and stylish space for friends and family members.

Whether you like rattan chairs or wooden benches, we have plenty of garden furniture inspiration for you and your family to love your outdoor space again.


Find the best outdoor furniture in our range of chairs

You don’t need to compromise on comfort when you make the most of your garden. At HomesDirect365, we are thrilled to offer an extensive selection of stylish and comfortable chairs and seating products.