Garden Mirrors

In recent years, millions of people across the UK have discovered the benefits of enjoying the outdoor spaces connected to their homes. Whether it's balconies, gardens, covered patios or decking, these spaces are great for relaxing with friends and family.

Just like the inside of our homes, there are ways to enhance and personalise your outdoor space. And one way to do this is with garden mirrors at HomesDirect365.


Why Are Garden Mirrors A Good Idea?

Outdoor mirrors are great for many reasons:

  • They add interest, creating a talking point due to the fascinating design
  • They bounce light around, making a small space seem bigger
  • They can add character, providing a wow factor
  • They break up large areas of wall space, reflecting greenery from your garden
  • They reflect light in shady areas
  • They can create the impression that you have a secret garden

For an amazing selection of garden mirrors, visit the HomesDirect365 online store where you'll find the perfect mirror for your outdoor space.

Do you want a sneak preview of what you'll find? Here's a quick overview to pique your interest!


Garden Mirrors - Classic Styles

To make a real statement in your outside space, why not explore our exceptional range of classic mirrors?

An arched mirror always looks stylish, with an air of sophistication and history. We have many different arched mirrors, including those with gothic and rounded arches.

For example:

Rounded Arch

  • The Orlanda Outdoor Mirror Gatehouse
  • The Roni Outdoor Mirror Gatehouse
  • The Laguna Grey Estate Outdoor Mirror
  • The Dorset Rustic Scroll Large Garden Mirror

These come in various finishes and colours, with the glass divided into small sections by a simple frame pattern. The rounded arch (often called a Norman or Saxon arch) is a real classic touch, seen in various architectural designs over the years.

Gothic Arch

  • The Monica Outdoor Mirror Noir
  • The Dorset Arched Garden Accent Mirror
  • The Somerly Chapel Arch Large Garden Mirror
  • The Buttercup Country Arch Large Garden Mirror

Again, these are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, from gloss black to distressed to rustic. Although some have a simple design, others boast elaborate metal scrollwork in symmetrical, curving patterns.

Gothic arches add a hint of mystique and character, often found in old churches and abbeys, or even the odd spooky castle!


French Garden Mirrors

Who doesn't love a bit of French elegance? And if you can have this inside, why not in your garden, too?

We have dozens of garden mirrors inspired by French styles, and here are some examples:

  • Rustic Chantilly White Rectangular Panel Mirror
  • Rustic Chantilly Garden Gate Wall Mirror in White
  • Kirkby Metal Bird Cage Green Garden Mirror
  • Dorset Shabby Chic Garden Accent Mirror

The Rustic Chantilly range features rectangular or round arch mirrors with iron scrollwork that forms a hinged gate over the front. The distressed finish is available in white, grey or blue and each one is packed with character and charm that will seriously enhance gardens, balconies and all kinds of outdoor spaces.

The birdcage mirror is a quirky addition, resembling an open birdcage of antique design with a green metal frame. The crown design and scrollwork on top add a note of sophistication that will lift the atmosphere of any garden space.

Our last French mirror is similar, with metal scrollwork, spirals and Fleur de Lys decoration. The vintage-effect cream frame finishes it off to perfection.


Industrial Garden Mirrors

If you love an industrial vibe in your garden, check out these examples:

  • Distressed Black Metal Portrait Mirror
  • Industrial 9 Section Mirror
  • Black Industrial Outdoor Mirror

The first on the list is divided into six 'windows' and the frame has an aged look. The second (as you might guess!) has nine sections but the black metal frame has a sleek, clean appearance and the edges have been softened with a curving edge.

The final example is clever: it is similar to the Industrial 9-section mirror, but the inner frame has been angled to give perspective, making it appear to be an open window!


Modern Garden Mirrors

Contemporary styles work well both indoors and out, so do take a look at our range of modern garden mirrors, including these ones:

  • Black Rounded Corner 12 Panel Garden Mirror
  • Amarelle Extra Large Decorative Tree Design Garden Mirror
  • Large Black-Framed Divided Mirror
  • Chelsea Metal Round Shaped Decorative Colour Tree Garden Mirror

The first item has a pleasing simplicity, with edges softened by a curving tubular frame. The sections are framed by slim metal rods that offer a sophisticated finish.

The Amarelle is one of three different designs (leaves, flames or tree), each using the template technique where a pattern is cut out of a metal sheet which is overlaid onto the mirror surface. It's a highly effective method that's sure to please!

The large black-framed mirror is split into four, giving the illusion of multiple mirrors.

Finally, the Chelsea round mirror is made in a similar way to the Amarelle, with a rustic metal frame overlaid onto the mirror surface. It features a tree design, with the trunk in the centre and branched radiating to fill the entire frame. Each leaf is sprayed green and has a decorative hole for added effect, making this an eye-catching item.


Tips For Garden Mirror Placement

The placement of your garden mirror makes all the difference.

Here are a few hints as to where to put your mirror for the best possible result:

  • If possible, avoid placing it in direct sunlight. The glare from the sunlight, aside from dazzling you at times, could be a fire hazard if the beam falls on combustible material.
  • Don't place the mirror too high. Large garden mirrors with a wide expanse of glass can be a hazard to birds as they could fly into them.
  • Place your mirror where there are flowers and plants. Putting outdoor mirrors on a wall by themselves isn't as effective as surrounding them with colourful plants or greenery. The mirror reflects and maximises all of those beautiful plants, making them seem fuller and adding more colour.
  • Shaded spaces are best. Try to place the mirror in an area that doesn't get much sunlight. This creates a 'window' effect that adds light to the area. Putting a garden mirror on the back wall or fence is a good idea as it reflects your garden back, making it look longer.
  • Secure it carefully! Whether you hang it or stand it against a wall, it must be secure with no danger of falling.

Glass Mirrors Or Acrylic Mirrors?

While you might consider buying an acrylic mirror, maybe for safety reasons, real glass mirrors are better for several reasons.

To begin with, they are more resistant to scratches than acrylic mirrors. They will also cope with the elements much better, whereas acrylic will eventually warp.

Finally, glass offers a far superior reflective surface than acrylic sheets.

Can You Use Indoor Mirrors Outdoors?

Possibly, but not all of them are designed for this use. While some would be suitable, other mirrors won't last long. Outdoor mirrors are designed specifically to cope with the weather and will be frost protected.

Also, the frames may not be treated, particularly if they are made of wood. There's a chance that they will peel, warp or rot after a while.

On the whole, it's best to select items that have been made for outdoor use.


HomesDirect365: Garden Mirrors And More!

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