Garden Tables

No garden furniture range is complete without a brilliant table. Garden tables are the centrepiece of your outdoor area, and of garden furniture sets. You don't need to wait on warmer weather to enjoy an outdoor table, you can embrace alfresco dining all year round.

For tables that maximise the use of your garden furniture, check out the HomesDirect365 range of garden furniture.


Benefits of garden tables

You don’t need us to tell you why garden tables are an essential part of your outdoor furniture set, but it is helpful to recap the benefits of garden tables.

We stock an extensive range of outdoor furniture items, ideal for all shapes and sizes. We think you’ll love a new outdoor table for these reasons, and a whole lot more.

Outdoor tables encourage people to socialise

Warm weather is often enough to persuade people to sit outside and enjoy fresh air, but it must be a relaxing activity. Many people are unwilling to sit on the ground; some are unable. So, having chairs and a table makes socialising outside comfortable.

Whether you want to spend more time with your kids and family, or you want friends to socialise at yours, the proper garden set-up is vital. With reliable outdoor tables, people will love spending time with you in the sun!


Outdoor furniture encourages healthier activity

When you spend more time outside, you are likely more active. You might dine outside with a beer and a burger, so it is not as if garden tables always encourage a healthy lifestyle, but there is a lot to say about spending time in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air.

If you are outside with children, you know that games follow quickly, and half the battle is getting people out of the home. If you need help persuading people to put down electronic devices, creating a stylish outdoor dining set is a brilliant way to achieve this goal.

You create a versatile space

Garden tables aren’t just for eating and drinking; they can facilitate many activities. If the weather is pleasant, some people choose to work outside. With remote working a common feature of UK life, you might be able to carry out work in the sunshine or shade!

Plan great activities

Alternatively, a garden table might help you plan trips or activities. You could even set up a TV or laptop screen and watch live sporting events.

Our outdoor tables create a wealth of opportunities, so explore new ways to enjoy yourself.

You add utility and fun to your property

Many households don’t have a lot of space inside their home. You also have many people who are keen to minimise mess indoors. If you struggle to have fun inside your property, having an outdoor space is vital.

Even a small setup with a few chairs and a garden table creates a space for you to relax, unwind and have some fun. An example would be painting or making things with your kids. An indoor activity creates a lot of mess that people must clean up. If paint or glue falls on a carpet, it might ruin it.

However, outdoors, you don’t have this same concern. If garden tables or a patio gets messy, it can be power washed back to its former glory! If you want to have fun at home, but you worry about mess, go outdoors and maximise your enjoyment.

A garden space adds value to your home

A massive benefit to having an outdoor space with garden tables is it adds value to your home. Leading property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla regularly cite outdoor space as a factor which entice buyers to making higher offers on a property.

A great garden space, both in size and functionality appeals to homebuyers

Since the pandemic and lockdowns, outdoor space is a leading priority for homebuyers. A garden has always been important in the property market, but now, it is essential. If you create a viable garden space with an area to sit, socialise and dine alfresco, you’ll improve the value of your home.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, it never hurts to add value to your property. The short and long-term benefits of high-quality garden tables are enormous, and we can help you capitalise on these features.

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of outdoor tables, suitable for all households and budgets. No matter the size or style of table you need outdoors, rely on HomesDirect365.


What style of garden furniture materials are popular?

If you seek inspiration for garden furniture, knowing which materials are popular now is helpful. When you know garden tables and furniture other people buy, you can be confident that you aren’t making a wrong decision.

At HomesDirect365, we serve an extensive range of garden tables and related outdoor accessories, such as cushions. We know what garden furniture and table materials buyers shop for, and we believe the following options are ideal when you shop for new garden tables.


Our rattan garden furniture is very popular right now

We believe our rattan garden furniture is an excellent choice for homeowners, and there are many benefits associated with this type of outdoor furniture set. Some of the leading reasons for you to choose a rattan table and chair set include:

1) This is a comfortable material, ideal for lazing outside

2) Rattan is durable but lightweight so that you can move it without fuss, yet it remains in good condition

3) This material stands up to all conditions, including wind, rain and sun, which includes being UV resistant

4) Rattan is an easy to maintain material that extends its lifespan, providing you with value for money

This is a trendy choice in the outdoor furniture market these days. Alongside a rattan table, matching products in our range of garden furniture include sun loungers, a hammock, sofas and footstools.

Rattan, or wicker, is an excellent material for tables on a garage, a balcony, patio, decking area or even in gazebos.


Our wooden garden furniture is always a great choice

You cannot go wrong with a wooden garden table for the rustic, natural or rural look. Wooden garden furniture is fashionable, and this will always be the case. Here are some of the leading reasons homeowners opt for wooden garden tables and garden furniture:

1) Wood is a durable material, and with simple maintenance, tables look great for years

2) The durability and different types of wood also creates value for money, which is always useful

3) The appearance of wooden furniture appeals to many people

4) With minimal treatment, wooden tables are weatherproof in all conditions

Discover the benefits of wooden furniture

You also have a great variety in furniture sets in this material. As well as tables and chairs, wooden benches are commonplace, in many colours. If you cater to many people on your patio or decking area, a wood bench creates space for more people to sit together.

Whatever wooden option you choose for your garden, you will love our selection of stylish wood tables at HomesDirect365.

Metal and plastic also offer inspiration

Other options include metal garden tables or plastic furniture. Whatever your budget, when you shop for outdoor tables, be confident we have the ideal product to suit you and your family.

Shop with us to find your ideal style

For a wide selection of durable and affordable garden tables, check out what HomesDirect365 sells. We have contemporary and traditional styles, and we’ll make sure you’ll discover something you love.