Garden Parasols & Bases

Garden parasols are a brilliant way to enhance safety and fun in your garden. Whether you are relaxing, socialising or working, outdoor umbrellas and parasols offer shade and keep the temperature cooler.

At HomesDirect365, we offer an extensive range of garden parasols, transforming your outside seating area. A parasol is not just for summer; it benefits your garden throughout the year. You will love our garden parasol products.


Benefits of garden parasols

An outdoor parasol helps you to look after your skin. More people focus on their health and appearance than ever before, and the impact of harmful UV rays is well known. Having a parasol in your garden lets you enjoy the warmth while protecting yourself from too much sunshine.

Many people also feel more comfortable sitting under the cover of a parasol. If the temperature is too warm, this coverage makes sitting outside more palatable.

The same goes for pets. You must care for your pets in warm weather conditions. If you are worried about the sun being too hot or a decking area burning up under your pet's feet, creating a shaded area makes sense.

Care for the people and things you love by checking out our parasol products.

You can enjoy more privacy

A good reason to invest in an outdoor umbrella is to increase the level of privacy you enjoy at home. Whether you have nosey neighbours or your home is close to a busy street or path, it is helpful to protect yourself from prying eyes.

A garden umbrella is not just for summer; it is valid all year round. If you have a balcony, a patio or a decking area, having a parasol base with an umbrella ensures you enjoy more use of this area across the 12 months of the year.

Our garden umbrellas protect your devices

If the weather is great, you’ll likely spend more time outside. These days, people are always on electronic devices. Whether you are working, chatting or catching up on the news, you need to be mindful of the temperature being too hot for your electronic devices. Sitting under the shade of a parasol helps to keep these devices cool.

Your furniture can also be impacted by heat and sunlight. If you want your garden furniture to remain in excellent condition, installing a parasol will extend its lifespan.

There are decoration and design benefits associated with parasols. The variety of colours, sizes, types and materials of parasols ensures something for everyone. If you want to create a unique style on your patio, balcony, decking area or lawn, check out our range of parasols.


Types of parasols

The type of parasol that is right for you is likely to be impacted by your available space. A cantilever parasol is an excellent choice for many households, but you might not have room for it. An upright or tilting parasol might be better for your needs.

The parasol shape could be a crucial factor for you to consider. A rectangular parasol offers more shade, but a round one is often more stylish. It is also possible to find more unique shapes, helping you create a more personalised style.

You might focus on the opening system of the parasol. A push or pull system, similar to an umbrella, is popular. However, a pulley or crank opening system is better for people who require assistance in opening their parasol.

Is a cantilever parasol right for you?

Cantilever parasols are solid and durable, but you can be confident about any well-made parasol. Cantilever parasols cover a larger area, so if you need more shade, this parasol type is better.

Take inspiration from our parasol material

The parasol pole comes in various materials, including aluminium, wood and steel. There are options for all tastes and every budget. There are also options for the parasol material, including acrylic, polyester and nylon.

Our parasols work well with outdoor furniture items

A parasol by itself is functional, but it accompanies many items of garden furniture, including sofas, chairs, garden tables and loungers.

You can make the most of outdoor furniture by having a garden parasol, and we have items for every household.

Bases, garden parasols and accessories

We offer cantilever parasols, parasol bases and garden accessories that make this space come alive. To check out our latest offers on parasol stands and umbrellas, check out our website today.


Enjoy shade with our garden parasols

The most important reason to add a parasol to your garden is to create a shaded area and offer protection from the sun. Many brilliant accessories add to an outdoor space, but the practical benefits make it crucial.

Covering a seated area means you feel confident about family members, friends and children spending hours outside. Sun and skincare safety is paramount.

When you invest in a parasol, you know you have sufficient shade, helping protect the people you care about.

Don’t forget rain showers

The nature of UK weather means parasols also offer protection from showers. Even if it is warm outside, it can still rain. You can avoid getting wet by taking shelter under your parasol. Hopefully, there won’t be too many showers, but you can stay dry with our parasol range if there are.


We have parasols and stands for you

If you want to peruse our range of parasols and find the product that saves your loved ones from the sun, please check out the HomesDirect365 range of parasols.