Rattan Garden Furniture

There are many types of garden furniture to consider, including outdoor furniture from many materials. However, in recent years, rattan garden furniture is a popular choice. There are many reasons for this, and the range of rattan furniture products ensures there is something for every home.

If you are looking for rattan garden furniture sets, HomesDirect365 has everything you need. We have everything you need, from rattan chairs and tables to rattan corner sofa sets and rattan dining sets. Check out our online shop for the finest range of rattan garden products to see how you can transform your outdoor space.


The positive virtues of rattan garden furniture

Given the popularity of rattan garden furniture, there are many benefits to this material for garden furniture. Some people will prefer wooden garden furniture, but you might be surprised at the extensive reasons people have for choosing rattan garden furniture.

We know what UK buyers look for in garden furnishings, and we believe rattan is a material people love. This is a clear sign of the materials' growing popularity.

This is a resilient type of outdoor furniture

Resilience is essential when you want value for money. Rattan is a material that can be relied on for years. Its durability means with a little bit of maintenance; you will enjoy many years of service from your rattan furniture.

There is great versatility with our rattan garden products

As rattan becomes more popular with homeowners, there is a growing range of colours and styles to consider. Rattan tables and chairs come in a brilliant selection of colours and even with textures and patterns.

If you have a style or design in mind, check out the range of rattan furniture sets from HomesDirect365. We think you’ll love the variety on offer in our online shop.

Synthetic rattan can be easily repaired

Knowing your garden furniture is easily repairable is a massive comfort to most people. Wear and tear occur when you use furniture, especially if you have kids. So, if cracks appear, applying boiled linseed oil restores your rattan garden furniture to its former glory, and your outdoor furniture is good for more years to come.

Rattan furniture doesn’t stain easily. Socialising, drinking and dining outside is fun, but it means spillages happen. With rattan garden furniture, this isn’t a concern. You can wipe off drink and food stains and spillages instantly, leaving the garden furniture looking as good as new.

Rattan furniture stands up in various weather conditions

If you use garden furniture in the UK, you need outdoor furniture that withstands all weather conditions. Rattan is adaptable to warm and cold temperatures, making it a brilliant choice, no matter the season.

Rattan is also a suitable choice for outdoor furniture as it is UV resistant. Sunshine will not negatively affect the appearance of rattan furniture, nor will it weaken the material.

If you are looking for garden furniture you can rely on, check out our comprehensive selection of rattan garden furniture no matter the weather.


Rattan garden furniture is ideal for outdoor use

The full range of benefits associated with rattan makes for extensive reading, but hopefully, this shows how versatile the material is. We are delighted to offer a fantastic selection of rattan furniture items, with a price for all households.

Rattan is the ideal choice for weatherproof garden furniture that lasts as long as you need it.


Types of outdoor garden furniture made from rattan

Whether you have a massive lawn or a compact balcony, you have many options to fill this area with rattan furniture. Some of the furniture types available in rattan include:

Chairs and Armchairs

A table

Coffee tables and stools

Sofas and Corner sofas

Sun loungers

Day beds

A rattan garden set includes many items, ensuring the whole family can sit together outside.

Also, these sets come in different sizes, ideal for individuals, couples, those who socialise and people who spend time with their family. Comfort is crucial whether you are dining al fresco or simply enjoying the sunshine, and we offer an extensive selection of rattan items for your house and garden.


Rattan tables offer convenience

Chairs are vital outside, but a rattan table is also convenient. A rattan table is light, easily moved, but durable. This versatility makes it a perfect choice for so many outdoor spaces. For a stylish option, consider rattan bistro sets.


Our dining sets encourage people to eat outdoors

A bistro table is compact and stylish. Bistro sets usually sit two to four people, and are an elegant addition to any outdoor collection. People can use the round table in many ways, but it works best when facilitating conversation between friends!

There are many dining sets to choose from, both formal and informal. Whether you want something sturdy for your garden or stylish dining sets for the patio or balcony, we have you covered. Eating outside in the sun is a joyous occasion and a great excuse to go outdoors. We'll ensure you dine outside your house in tremendous fashion all year round.


Wow friends and family with our stylish garden furniture

It is not as if rattan furnishings are simple; there is an incredible range of products. Sun loungers, hammocks and egg chairs offer tremendous comfort and look brilliant. You can make a fashion statement with the extensive types of rattan products and showcase your contemporary style.

The selection of rattan sun loungers and day beds offer a high level of comfort. Chairs and corner sofas are a good option, but this sort of furniture is your best bet when you want to maximise relaxation.

You can enhance the comfort of rattan garden furniture with several accessories. Cushions add even more convenience to these products, and covers allow you to personalise the look of the furniture items.

Our shop has a comprehensive collection of rattan items, ideal for your patio or decking area. We serve customers across the mainland UK, and we help you create magical summer memories.


Enjoy a wide selection of natural finishes and colourful ranges

The extensive range of rattan products extends to colours. Black, brown, dark, and mixed grey are standard options, but there are various hues and shades. Powder-coated items are becoming more common, and with special treatment, you can have outdoor furniture in any colour you like.

You can also use cushions or accessories to enhance the appearance of furniture and dining sets. Whether you love a natural look or wish to add a dash of colour to your outdoor furniture collection, it is easy to do so.

If you are keen to create a unique style at your property, we can help. HomesDirect365 provides a brilliant range of rattan furniture sets, fit for every space, budget and household. We know you will love lazing in the sun with our garden furniture sets.

Rattan cube garden furniture is ideal for many spaces

The space available in your garden, decking area, patio, or balcony often dictates the garden furniture style that is best for you. For this reason, rattan cube garden furniture or rattan corner furniture is beneficial.

Knowing you can easily fit garden furniture into space or corners is a great comfort. Laying out your outdoor features allows people to chat, dine and socialise together with plenty of space.

Suitable garden furniture creates conversation and helps build an atmosphere. Stylised rattan furniture shaped to suit your available space plays a big part in having fun outdoors.


You can buy rattan garden furniture from us

Rattan is a wonderful weatherproof material, and there are many reasons to like this style of garden furniture. The weave pattern is appealing, and the lightweight yet durable presence offers versatility and flexibility. Also, the variety of rattan furniture products means everyone should find something that works for them.

Whatever your outdoor space, be it a balcony, a conservatory, patio, decking area or lawn, there are weatherproof rattan furniture options suitable for you.


Enjoy a great summer with our high-quality rattan items

Our high-quality weave design associated with rattan products is a sign of quality for many people. With reliable chairs and loungers, all you need is great weather to enjoy a brilliant summer at home. We can’t promise you sunshine, but we offer tremendous outdoor furniture that ensures you can socialise in comfort all summer long.

At HomesDirect365, we love our rattan garden furniture, and we have a brilliant range of outdoor furniture products, including some at a special price. Check out what we offer, and you’ll see something ideal for your garden space.