Video Production Classes


Basic- In this class members will learn how to set up a tripod effectively and the overview and operation of a beginner camera.

Advanced- The advanced class builds off of the beginner class and offers a few more professional elements to your production. Students learn the importance of high-quality audio. Professional video camera skills will be taught that will allow members to develop their skills as a professional videographer.  This class allows for fine audio tweaking and a professional image.

Cinematography- A perfect class for the independent film maker and photographer, this camera allows for much more creativity. FATV has an assortment of cinematic lenses. Members learn the basic functions of the camera, Shutter speed, ISO and F-stop.  Rule of thirds and depth of field and cinematic concepts are the pillars of a good cinematic foundation that can be used to build on.

Audio- The audio class deals in both video production and studio production audio. Lessons on a variety of microphones, varying pickup patterns, how and when to use them, and best practices/techniques.

Lighting- Lighting can bring any production to the next level. Whether it’s making sure proper lighting is achieved to get to maximum quality out of the camera you are using, or using lighting to achieve unique effects to help you change how a set is meant to be perceived, this class will teach you how to achieve it.

Editing Classes

Adobe Premiere

Beginner- FATV offers beginner and advanced editing classes. In the beginner class, members learn the basics of editing, splicing, graphics and various other tools in editing the editing process.

Advanced- In the advanced Class, members learn editing skills that can be applied in industry standard situations. The course involves more advanced editing techniques, editing theories, how to implement other adobe projects into a premiere project, and much more.

Adobe After Effects- For members looking to add more production value to their finished projects, Adobe After Effects allows you to create motion animation, advanced titles and much more.  This class teaches you the basics of navigating the After Effects interface and creating an animated project of your own.

Adobe Photoshop

Beginner- With the beginner class of Adobe Photoshop, members will become acquainted with navigating the fundamentals of the program. Participants in this class will become familiar with Photoshop tools and when to use each one as well as understand the function of layers and masks

Advanced- An advanced class in Adobe Photoshop introduces members to more of what is possible within Adobe Photoshop. This includes layer styles, effects, color adjustments, and filters. Those who take the advanced class will also gain the problem solving skills to navigate future projects while using Photoshop.


Broadcast Studio Production

Beginner- In the beginner Studio class, members can come in with little to no knowledge of broadcast television production and expect a basic overview of all aspects of a broadcast studio production including; cameras, microphones, lighting, set design, audio board operation, video switcher operation, and recording.

Intermediate- In this class, a more in-depth lesson for all aspects of the studio plus an introduction to the teleprompter, green screen and virtual sets as well as how to best handle subjects/ talent.

Advanced- With a good grasp of the individual aspects of a studio, the advanced class goes into how to bring it all together. Learning industry best practices, and how to manage and direct a full-scale studio production is what members will come away with after the advanced studio class.