Cathy Brown

Catherine Brown
Title: Writer
Education: Grand Valley State University
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Expertise: Certified as a Trauma Support Specialist, meditation, breath work, nutrition, bioneuroprogramming, quantum healing, plant medicine
  • Catherine Brown has been working in the field of health and wellness for fifteen years.
  • Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher
  • Yoga Nidra certified
  • Trauma Support Specialist
  • Practitioner Program: The Art of Holding Space
  • Hosts multiple wellness retreats annually
  • Master Level Reiki
  • Director of the nonprofit Foxlily Farm, a healing center for trafficked women


Catherine has worked with all sorts of trauma situations, including with refugee and human trafficking situations. She takes a holistic approach to addressing trauma, including yoga, meditation, breath work, nutrition, bioneuroprogramming, quantum healing and is a plant medicine facilitator. She is certified as a Trauma Support Specialist.


Catherine holds a degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University. She went on to become a certified yoga and meditation teacher, working closely with refugees and trafficked women. She is a certified Trauma Support Specialist who is currently undergoing practitioner training at the Center for Holding Space. She is the director of the 501c3 nonprofit Foxlily Farm, where she is building a residential healing center for previously trafficked women.

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