I’ve Had Eczema for 35 Years, and These Are the Only Products I Trust for My Skin

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve suffered from eczema. That’s 35 years of oatmeal baths, steroid creams, elimination diets, and hiding my skin. It was especially bad in the winter. As a toddler, my mother would give me lukewarm baths, then lay me down on the bed, and cover me head to toe with this menthol cream I can still smell.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with similar memories—over 31 million Americans have some form of eczema, a chronic skin condition that produces red, itchy skin rashes. There are many different kinds of eczema, the most common being atopic dermatitis. There is no definitive cure, only treatments which help to soothe the skin and reduce flare-ups. 

Once I became more in control of my own health and wellbeing in my 20s, I sought the advice of doctors and dermatologists and did extensive research on all the things I had been doing right (and wrong) up until then. I kept a “skin journal” chronicling what I ate, what I touched, and how my skin reacted. Everyone’s journey with eczema is different, but these are the products that have helped me finally get my eczema under control. 


Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream


There are a lot more eczema moisturizer options on the market now since I was a kid—and I’ve tried a lot of them. Dr. Rebecca Marcus, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Maei MD, recommends using fragrance-free products to “protect and repair the integrity of the skin barrier.” Additionally, she says to “apply moisturizer within two minutes of getting out of the bath or shower to lock in moisture and prevent moisture evaporation from drying out the skin.” 

For more eczema cream recommendations, Health rated the 10 best eczema creams of 2023.

Face Serum

Eczema Honey Nourishing Face Serum

Eczema Honey

Every now and then I get a patch of eczema around my eyes and it took me a long time to find something I trusted using in such a sensitive area. The Eczema Honey Nourishing Face Serum is perfect for this. It’s both gentle and effective and I can use it along with my regular skincare and makeup routine.

To buy: Eczema Honey Nourishing Face Serum $24; eczemahoneyco.com

Makeup Remover

Naturium Purple Ginseng Cleansing Balm


If you wear makeup, it’s important to double cleanse—even if you have eczema. A gentle cleaning oil or balm helps remove makeup while retaining moisture. Naturium makes my two personal favorites, but Health also reviewed the best cleansing oils if you’re looking for more options.

Steroid Cream

Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Creme


Since I never know when a flare-up might occur, I always keep hydrocortisone in my home. According to Dr. Kunal Malik, a board-certified dermatologist at Spring St. Dermatology, steroids “can cut the inflammatory process quickly,” providing fast relief when the rash becomes more severe. Your primary care physician or dermatologist can prescribe a steroid cream if you need something stronger, but my personal go-to is cortisone with aloe.

To buy: Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Creme with Aloe $8 (was $11); amazon.com

Body Wash

CeraVe Soothing Body Wash for Dry Skin


Moisturizing your body should start in the shower, with a gentle body wash designed for sensitive skin. Just like your moisturizer, it’s important to avoid fragrance, allergens, and dyes. The Aveeno lotion on this list is also Health’s pick as the best eczema lotion for daily use.

Hand Soap

Dove Hand Wash


Frequent handwashing is crucial for preventing the spread of germs but it can be difficult when it comes to managing eczema on your hands. It’s important to use tepid water and find a hand soap that is gentle on your skin. I have both the Eczema Honey and Dove hand washes in my home at all times so I can wash as frequently as I need without worrying about angering my skin.

Oatmeal Bath

Eczema Honey Oatmeal Bath Bomb

Eczema Honey

“Colloidal oatmeal baths can be helpful in restoring the skin’s epidermal barrier,” says Dr. Malik. The oatmeal works to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Two of my favorite oatmeal bath products are from Eczema Honey and Aveeno. 


Homedics Humidifiers


I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin since adding a humidifier to my bedroom—especially in the winter. “In many places, the air in winter is significantly drier than at other times of the year,” explains Dr. Marcus. “This lower ambient humidity increases transepidermal water loss, which means that water evaporates through the epidermis and into the surrounding air at a faster rate. This in turn results in dry skin, and for those who are prone to eczema, winter is consequently a time when eczema often flares.”

“Using a humidifier can help to add moisture to the air around you, which may be helpful for those with eczema as less moisture evaporates from the skin in humid environments.”

Laundry Detergent

Tide Free & Gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent


When it comes to my clothes, I follow the same guide as my moisturizers—gentle and fragrance-free. Anything more complicated or fragrant will immediately cause a flare up. Dr. Marcus agrees saying, “changing [your] laundry detergent to one that is hypoallergenic may be helpful as it’s important to avoid skin irritants that could result in a compromised skin barrier.” My go-to is Tide Free & Gentle but I’ve also used Persil Pro Clean.

Cleaning Product



One of my biggest eczema triggers is cleaning products, which tend to use very harsh chemicals. I make sure to always use gloves when cleaning but even so, I have to be very careful what I use. My all-around favorite cleaning product is always Dawn. Specifically, Dawn Powerwash. I use this to clean not only my dishes but my shower, sinks, stove, and fridge. It’s so versatile while also being very skin-sensitive.

To buy: Dawn Platinum Powerwash $17 (for 4 bottles); amazon.com

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