Cook Healthier Meals With This 5-Piece Lodge Cast Iron Bundle That's Now 40% Off

Durable, long-lasting, and highly versatile, this set earns rave reviews as a “kitchen essential.”

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 Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle tout

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When most of us think of “healthified” cooking, we tend to think about limiting processed foods, cutting refined carbs, and adding more fruits and veggies into our diet. (In other words, clean eating.) And while all of that definitely has major health benefits, it’s easy to forget that what you’re cooking on can sometimes be just as important as what you’re cooking with

Besides the reassurance of not cooking on a surface that may contain harmful PFAs, according to multiple studies—including a research review published in 2021 by the Nepal Journal of Epidemiology —cooking on cast iron cookware can actually help increase the iron content of food, which can have big benefits for those suffering from iron deficiencies such as anemia. In addition, cooking in a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet or pot can help limit the amount of oils you’re adding to any given meal, which can reduce your overall calorie and fat intake when all is said and done. 

But another reason people love cast iron is that it holds in heat better than most cookware types (like stainless steel or aluminum). So, as long as it’s properly preheated before you get started, it can speed up cook-time and make dinnertime a lot less stressful.

Maybe that’s why Amazon customers are going a bit crazy over the Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Bundle, which is now 40% off for a limited time only. Originally $150, the bundle includes a 10.5" griddle, 8" skillet, 10.25" skillet, 10.25" Dutch oven, and a 10.25" lid that can be used on multiple pieces. But now, it can be yours for just $90 (which is basically a steal).

 Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle


To buy: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Bundle $90 (was $150);

Like most products from the classic cookware brand, both the skillets and Dutch oven in this set feature easy-grip handles to make transferring from oven to stove a breeze. They’re also specially-designed to have premium heat retention that promotes even cooking, which can sometimes be tricky for amateur chefs just starting out with cast iron. Each piece is also pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil in Lodge’s foundry and comes with the promise of being fully Kosher, allergen-free, and made without any synthetic chemicals.

It’s become such a coveted item on Amazon that it’s managed to rack up more than 6,700 reviews—most of which come from happy customers who consider it a quality purchase that’s worth the investment.

One reviewer called it a “kitchen essential” and “a must-have for any home cook.” 

“The high-quality cast iron construction ensures that these pans will last a lifetime, while the pre-seasoned finish makes them ready to use right out of the box,” they added. “The variety of sizes and shapes make this bundle perfect for a wide range of cooking tasks, from grilling on the griddle to roasting in the dutch oven. I highly recommend this bundle to anyone looking to elevate their kitchen game.”

“I love this set of Lodge iron cookware!” another customer wrote. “Not only is it of great quality, [but] it is a set that is affordable, practical, and made in the US!”

 Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Bundle


To buy: Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Bundle $90 (was $150);

Plenty of customers said they sprung for the set after making the decision to cook more consciously.

“I'm switching cooking to cast iron due to the non-stick pans being bad for you,” one person wrote. “The set was on sale for $89—an amazing deal! I would definitely recommend [this] to a friend!”

“If you take good care of the set it will last forever," one customer shared. I can cook pretty much everything without any issues.”

In fact, its versatility might just be this set’s biggest selling point, since you can use it to sear, sauté, simmer, bake, broil, braise, roast, fry, or grill nearly any food item you can think of. Plus, it’s safe to use interchangeably between the oven, the stove, the grill, or even over an open campfire. And with a deal this big, it may be time to finally take the plunge.

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