When adding a touch of class to any room in your home, it is difficult to argue against the impact of chandeliers. Chandeliers range from timeless style to modern opulence, and hundreds of options are available to create the perfect look for your home.

At HomesDirect365, we understand the importance of design when creating the perfect living room with a ceiling light. That's why we offer a range of chandelier designs, from simple to opulent, so you can find the ideal chandelier to complement your room's style.

Our chandeliers are suitable for any room in the house, and we offer small and large chandelier options to fit any space.


The chandelier is a classy ceiling light

Our chandeliers collection includes modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and bohemian chandeliers, all designed to give your home that wow factor. Our chandeliers come in a range of sizes, shapes and fittings to suit your home, and we also offer chandeliers for lower ceilings.

The overall height of our chandeliers range from 17 to 40cm, the width covers 32 to 109cm, and the depth spans 5 to 108cm.

Any colour you like

We have a stunning selection of chandeliers with the fixture colour, including black, brass, bronze, brown, chrome, clear, gold, grey, red, silver and white. There is also a great variety in shade colours, featuring unique colours and multi-colour choices.

The light design includes cluster, crystal, drum, lantern, a dripping effect and some special pieces to make a statement about you and your home.

You can’t go wrong with any particular chandelier style, but some are more popular. The classic candle style never goes out of fashion, while world or globe chandeliers are also in high demand.

The Sputnik ceiling light is an excellent addition, while Wagon Wheel designs offer another classic option. You also choose square or rectangle chandelier to make an immediate impression, and no matter what category you choose, we know you'll love our opulent collection.


Crystal chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are a timeless classic that can add a touch of elegance and luxury to any modern home. Of course, the benefits of chandeliers include their ability to reflect and refract light, creating a dazzling display of prismatic colours that can transform a room.

In a modern setting, crystal lighting can be paired with LED bulbs to create a more energy-efficient lighting solution that you can dim to set a soft, ambient glow.

Crystals complement the ceiling and room

To avoid a style clash, it's best to choose a crystal chandelier that complements the other modern elements, such as ceiling, furniture and decor.

A modern living space with clean lines and neutral colours could benefit from a crystal chandelier ceiling light with a minimalist design, such as a geometric chandelier.

When paired with LED bulbs and dimmable options, crystal chandelier lights are a versatile lighting solution for any modern home.

Classic chandeliers and French chandeliers

When it comes to classic chandeliers, you instinctively think of crystals hanging down. The selection of classic and French chandeliers helps you develop a traditional tone at home.

The Shallow 12 Branch Silver Antique French Style Chandelier is breath-taking, while the 6 Branch Silver Antique French Style Chandelier is less flashy.

The Tabitha ceiling light is far more modest yet retains a sense of elegance and luxury.


Modern chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are popular for contemporary homes because of their sleek design, versatile functionality, and energy-efficient lighting choices. Modern lights have the ability to add a stylish focal point to any room without overwhelming the space.

Modern chandelier lights create a stylish and functional lighting solutions in a contemporary setting. For example, a linear chandelier with LED bulbs can illuminate a dining table, while a geometric chandelier shape adds visual interest to a living room or entryway.

Direct light where you need it

Some chandeliers also come with adjustable arms or shades, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it.

The 10 Lamp Multicoloured Ball Chandelier (also available in chrome if you prefer a more subtle finish) is a stunning example of the Sputnik style and will get people talking when they see it hanging from your ceiling.

Upgrade your property with one of our stunning chandeliers today and choose to add a touch of glamour to your house with a stunning light.