Outdoor Lights

Spending time outside your home, be it by yourself or others, is special, but you need the right temperature and lighting to make the most of it.

Good outdoor lighting provides security at your home, but it also makes life more fun. HomesDirect365 is proud to offer an extensive range of outdoor lights in all finishes, sizes and styles, including outdoor garden lights.

However, if you want to illuminate outside your premises or property, we have the light solution for you, whether your focus is safety, security, fun or other options.


Illuminating the outdoors

The right outdoor light depends on many things, including key features such as size, power of light, reach, and ease of use. Of course, the style of light also matters, which is why it’s great to have so many outdoor lighting options to consider.

Classic and French outdoor lights

The mini giant lamp, with an intricate design, might have a confusing name, but it has a classic style you will instantly love. This outdoor light is as good an ornament as it is at illuminating your way. Another fantastic option is the stainless-steel lamppost topper, allowing you to secure it to any lamp posts on site.

If you want to attach a light to a wall, you have many options. The silver wall downlight ensures pathways are illuminated, allowing you to move safely. The seraph grey wall light combines a matt grey finish with clear plastic, providing it lights up the space. When you install these lights at the end of your driveway or installed at the entrance of your home, you can find your keys with ease.

These outdoor lights suit homes with a traditional look, and it isn't hard to install them yourself.

Exterior lighting can match lighting inside your house

There are also pendant options in the Drayton and Klien range. If you are keen to have the same aesthetics of lamps inside and outside your home, the Burford or Drayton range provides many choices.

There are also classic floor lamps for the outside of your property. The Drayton floor lamp matches the presence of the Drayton wall and outdoor pendant lights so that you can match the lights around the outside area. This metal lamp has a black finish at home with a modern look, as it is in the classic or French genre.

Industrial outdoor lights

In our industrial range, the steel outdoor wall light works perfectly with brick, stone and all metals. The silver steel chrome shade adds a touch of class and will look great on many walls.

You can introduce the industrial style to the floor with the Francis floor lamp or the small silver Louvre lamp. Both of these outdoor floor lamps have an exquisite finish, which will draw admiring glances from passers-by.

Modern outdoor lights

There is no shortage of modern outdoor lights available at HomesDirect365, with the Helm black light being an ideal choice. This product holds an IP44 rating, so it is safe for all exterior use and is classed as corrosive resistant, handy for dealing with changeable weather conditions. This light is made from glass and aluminium and is ideal for any outdoor or garden setting, such as patios or a path.

Garden outdoor lights

For an outdoor garden table lamp, it is hard to beat the charm of the Literna, which again has an IP44 rating. There is a dimmer switch feature, but with outdoor solar lights, you don't even need wiring or to plug these outside lights in. You’ll love the traditional look while appreciating the very modern features from your patio or decking.

The Equinox lighting range also has an IP44 rating; you can choose standing or wall lights, again making them suitable as patio lights. These lights feature a clear polycarbonate shade, and the LED bulbs help create a safe route around the garden. If you socialise when there’s not much daylight, these exterior lights provide you with a year round opportunity to socialise, and many of our customers feel LED are a great option for exterior bulbs.

Outdoor lighting creates so many opportunities and HomesDirect365 is delighted to offer an extensive range of outdoor lamps, outdoor wall lights and security lights. Our security lights are outdoor lights with motion sensor, which will help deter theft and lighten up your driveway.

Be sure to check out our lighting page to discover lighting for your indoors!