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The right type of light transforms a room, and if you are looking to brighten a room and create a stylish atmosphere, spotlights are ideal. Whether you opt for ceiling spotlights or wall mounted lighting, or whether you need a single spotlight or multiple beams, HomesDirect365 has everything you need in our spotlights range.


Ceiling spotlights

Out of sight certainly isn’t out of mind, not when it comes to ceiling spotlights. People won’t spend a lot of time staring at these lights, but there is no denying their importance in improving the appearance of a room or space.

This is why it is good to have a range of options when it comes to the finish of ceiling spotlights. At HomesDirect365, there are brass, chrome, silver and white fixture colours, which means whatever colour scheme or look is in effect at your home, there is something for all ceiling spots.

The White Gold Spot Lamp is a striking three-light ceiling spotlight that can reposition all three individual lights. The finish is remarkable, with the white and gold perfectly offsetting each other, delivering an aesthetic charm and effectiveness in a straightforward solution.


LED spotlights

LED bulbs are highly energy-efficient and use less electricity than traditional incandescent products. Also, LED lighting can last up to 25,000 hours or more, much longer than conventional bulbs. This means you can save money on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously, with energy efficient options being a great choice these days.

LED spotlights are also bright and available in an extensive selection of colours, with warm white, daylight and cool white being popular. They are durable enough to withstand the rigours of a lively household. Add in low heat output, and you will have a hugely functional and practical lighting for your home.

Knowing the functional side is taken care of ensures you can be as ornamental or stylish as you like with LED spotlights, which is where we come in. Our range of LED spotlights are suitable for all rooms, but for many people, they come alive in the kitchen.

Being able to position lighting to shine on specific areas helps you work quickly, safely and efficiently, improving kitchens in all homes. You have a lot of spotlights to choose from, but with an adjusted light you can point in any direction, you are in complete control, regardless of your choices.

The Porto 3lt Round IP44 5W spotlights come in clear glass and chrome plate; they are suitable for bathroom zone 2 areas and are ideal for bathroom zone 1 when used in conjunction with a 30MA RCD. (Zone 1 is considered the “splash zone” in a bathroom.) These lights are dimmable, allowing you to create the ideal setting for convenience or relaxation.

The Kai 4lt Plate 3.5W Warm White bar spotlight offers flexibility in directing light, ideal for a larger space or a room where a lot is happening. The Westbury 3lt Round 3.5W Warm white, with an antique brass plate, carries a vintage style alongside the benefits of modern spotlights.

No matter what style you have at home, there will be LED spotlights which are perfect for you.


Dimmable spotlights

These spotlights are dimmable, an option many households want to embrace around the house. A dimmable bulb in spotlights provide a great way to save energy, create mood lighting, increase flexibility, prolong the life of your bulbs, and add aesthetic appeal to your home.

The most versatile lighting options

You’ll find an extensive range of lighting options at HomesDirect365, which means there will be a suitable solution no matter your budget or taste. The overall height of our spotlights ranges from 13cm to 29cm, the overall width runs from 8 to 66cm, and for the overall depth, you can choose from 6 to 28cm.

There is also considerable flexibility in the number of lights in a single fitting. Whether you are looking for one, two, three or four, you won’t struggle to find a suitable solution. The Gull Spot lamp setup offers a contemporary, yet simplistic design in matt white paint and satin-brushed gold.

The Harvey Nickel 1lt Wall & Spotlight features a silver lining and white shade, creating a distinctive look at home in the bedroom. The functionality of this spotlight, with an adjustable spotlight for reading purposes, helps create the perfect mood, even for more than one person. If you have task lighting in mind, there is a huge variety on offer to suit many styles and any room.

If you have struggled to create the ideal setting when different people have their personal preferences, the flexibility of spotlights with adjustable lamps are helpful.

Whatever styles matter to you, the full range of spotlights, including LED products and halogen lighting is suitable for all homes. Whether you want to highlight furnishings, brighten a hallway or backlight mirrors, the full stock of spotlights will sort your home. Whatever direction you wish to take at home, HomesDirect365 has everything and more, at a fair price, so check out the spotlights we have on offer.