Table Lamps

Whether ornamental or a crucial source of light, there is no denying the importance of the table lamp in your home. Virtually every room in the home benefits from a good quality table lamp, and this utility drives significant demand for a wide variety of table lamps.

At HomesDirect365, we understand this, and no matter the colour, finish, material, shape or design you crave with table lights, we have everything you desire.


Classic table lamps have a timeless charm

With a traditional or classic table lamp, you have almost endless opportunities. For functionality, you have table lamps ranging from 53 to 82cm in height and 12 to 45 cm in width. The ideal table lamp is available on a full-sized table or a minor corner or seat-side perch.

What colour of table lamp do you desire?

Colour-wise, brown, grey, gold, and silver come to the fore, matching strongly with most settings, allowing you to complement or contrast your surroundings. The Paityn Table Lamp, finished in grey and white with a linen lampshade, has a homely, pleasing design. Variations on this theme include the Pembroke, Pippa and Petra table lamp.

For an Art Nouveau inspired theme, why not check out our beautiful range of Tiffany lamps from our Tiffany lighting collection.


French lamps look great in living rooms and dining areas

Of course, if you are looking for something more unique which makes a proper statement, you cannot go wrong with French table lamps. The Incia Fluted Wooden Table Lamp has a timeless design that has an antique feel, although its modern make ensures you can opt for it with confidence every time.

The French lamps are often more intricate than others and provide a wide range of colours, including shades. The Cream Beaumont Four Light Table Lamp comes with hanging crystal pendants, offering a chandelier aesthetic for a table.

See our full range of French lighting here.


Industrial table lamps work well in modern and rustic settings

For diversity, the range of industrial lamps is probably the most expansive selection at HomesDirect365. You can choose from brass, brown, chrome, copper, white, gold, grey and silver materials for the fixtures while shades are available in all conventional colours and more exotic options like opal, blue, orange and clear.

Our table lamp collection has something for every home

With wooden, metal, chrome, marble and mirrored table lamps, industrial lamps suit virtually all settings, including traditional, rustic and contemporary. The Dahlia Table Lamp with Capiz detailing, white shade and brass tones is one of the most stunning table lamps you’ll find, and it’s sure to make a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.


Bedside table lamps offer functionality and style

Regarding importance, bedside lamps and desk lamps might be the most crucial of all table lamps. Whether you read in bed, watch TV or simply relax, ample illumination is essential to protect your eyes and make you feel comfortable.

The best bedside table lamps are often flexible, adjustable, and available in a style that fits the tone of the bedroom. Dimmable lighting options also help you find the ideal setting for whatever activity you enjoy here.

The Mayfield table lamp, available in chrome, can be adjusted to provide focused light where you need it most. Whether by your bed or as a table lamp, this is an excellent light for studying, reading and creating a brighter effect in any area.

Enjoy our table lamp collection with a versatile range of options

When you need an ideal table lamp to make life easier, and more enjoyable, HomesDirect365 has you covered. We have a perfect table lamp for every budget, need and setting, and our collection is sure to create a great style and illuminate your home in all the right ways.