Wall Lights

Wall lights serve a highly functional purpose at home but can do much more. As well as illuminating a room, wall lighting can transform a space, showcase your style, accentuate other key features at home, and impress others.

No matter what you want to achieve with a wall light, HomesDirect365 has everything you want and need to brighten your walls, rooms and home.


A classic wall light never goes out of fashion

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring, especially regarding wall lighting. If you want to add more light to critical points of your room and accentuate more eye-catching elements of your home, a simple wall light is a perfect addition to your house.

The Round Wall Light Antique Brass spruces up any wall with its gold and cream colouring, adding a dash of luxury to the area. However, it isn’t overpowering, with the diffused shade evoking a sense of subtlety, which is ideal for many homes.

The Nixon Wall Light Bright Nickel is compatible with LED lamps, and LED wall lights have a firm place in contemporary homes, but the classic style means it is perfect for traditional spaces and established styles. The Endon Antique Silver Trafford 2lt Wall 60W SW has a dimmable feature, but you cannot diminish the quality and sense of assurance here.

French wall lighting adds a particular panache to any house

However, you might be looking for something more special regarding wall lighting. The French are well known for their flair, with chandelier-style wall light coming to the fore immediately. The silver Chandelier French Wall Light with glass droplets is stunning, and an ideal way to add elegance to a dining room, hallway or living space.

The Fargo Wall Light, available with a chrome finish, is another fantastic example of the elegant way you can change a room with just one product. Classic French style wall lights can empower any quarter or wall, regardless of the overall setting.

For homeowners looking to upgrade the elegance of their homes, a wall light is a brilliant way to do so quickly and easily, helping you to feel more comfortable at home.

With options available in brass, chrome, clear and white, with brass, silver or gold fittings, the only limit on the transformation on offer comes with your imagination. This collection of wall lights ranges in height from 13 to 37cm, and for width, you are looking at a span of 10 to 30cm.


Bedroom wall lights set the tone for all purposes

Bedroom wall lights can bring numerous benefits to a home, particularly in creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for sleeping and relaxation. Wall lights placed near the bed can provide reading light without the need for bedside tables, helping you save space.

These wall lights create a touch of style and sophistication to the bedroom, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Well-placed picture wall lights illuminate the space and is ideal for those who like to read in bed, offering more flexibility than ceiling lights. There is no need to strain your eyes when you have a stylish wall light perched above and behind your bed, or even at eye level, which you can do with LED wall lights.

You'll also find pull cord wall lights are very popular for this room, and when coupled with wall sconces, you combine functionality and fashion in one simple move. No matter what taste you have, you'll find wall lights that make life brighter and better.

Wall lamps can add ambient lighting if used correctly

The Indara Wall Light, with a hammered bronze effect, is a stunning example of how you can add a stylish yet pleasing light to any bedroom. The fabric shade comes in natural linen, adding a touch of softness to the overall product, which is ideal for people looking for a welcoming vibe in the area.

One popular choice is the dimmable wall lamps, adjustable to suit personal preferences and create a relaxing environment for winding down before sleep. Another option is the bedside wall light, which can be positioned perfectly for reading or working in bed.

The flexibility of the Endon Harvey Nickel 1lt Wall & Spotlight, with its reading light, is ideal for those looking for a perfect match with their bedroom wall light at the right height. This wall light is reminiscent of sconces, but in a contemporary fashion.

Accent lighting has never looked so good

For those looking for a statement piece, there are decorative wall lights with unique shapes or designs that can be a focal point of the room. A perfect instance of this style for indoor wall lights is the Galina Crystal, the mixture of steel and chrome creates an eye-catching wall light that never fails to highlight a room for many reasons.

Overall, bedroom wall lights are versatile and can suit any decor while providing practical and comfortable lighting solutions for a restful night's sleep.


Modern wall lights create a contemporary style

Modern wall lights can bring numerous benefits to a home. They not only provide practical lighting but also serve as a decorative feature that can add class and ambience to any room. Wall lights are also space-saving alternatives to floor or table lamps, making them an excellent choice for smaller homes or apartments.

The LED wall light is a prevalent choice, providing energy-efficient lighting with long-lasting bulbs. Another option is the adjustable wall light, which allows homeowners to direct the light where it's needed most. For those looking for a sleek and stylish option, minimalist wall lights offer a simple yet sophisticated look.

Additionally, decorative wall lights with intricate designs or artistic elements can be a statement piece in any room. Modern wall lights are versatile and can suit any home decor while providing practical and decorative lighting solutions.

Mirror lighting is one of the nicest features

While mirror lights are most common in the bathroom, they can feature in other rooms, acting as a spotlight with glass or a reflective surface. The Endon Johnson Wall 5W - Warm White light is a fantastic example of a modern wall light, with reflective aluminium materials offering a brightness with none of the glare.

There is no shortage of colours you can enjoy with wall lighting, bringing warmth to a room with LED bulbs or the colours and finishes of the materials. No matter the shapes you desire to lighten up hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and more, you'll find HomesDirect365 has everything you need to break the dullness and monotony of a home.