The word 'bench' conjures different images for us all. We might imagine old park benches with bowed planks and rusted iron arms, or uncomfortable stone or concrete seats in a town centre. However, there's so much more to the world of living room benches!

Benches can be used in the lounge, hall, bedroom or garden to provide extra seating, and some can provide a convenient place to store bits and pieces you can't find a home for. What's more, they can be as rustic, modern, quirky or traditional as you want.

At HomesDirect365, we have an impressive range of bench styles, sizes and designs to suit all tastes, so take a moment to check out what we have to offer.


Modern Benches

Do you love contemporary styles and need extra seating for when friends visit? Or maybe you want a handy place to sit while putting on or taking off your shoes? We have a variety of modern benches that are perfect for the job!

Mirrored Benches

Mirrored furniture always adds glamour, and our three examples are no exception. Available in natural (a light beige colour), light grey or dark grey, the deep, comfortable button-pressed cushions contrast cleverly with the reflective surfaces to provide a piece of furniture with class and sophistication.

Metal Frame Benches

We also have several items with stainless steel or metal frames. One example, the Tiverton, has a leather button-stuffed seat with a pleasing vintage look.

Other units use stainless steel to excellent effect, with rectangular or criss-cross frames softened with fabrics in beautiful, neutral colours.

Two of our modern bench examples are oval in shape and have generous storage compartments within or beneath. The royal blue ottoman storage bench is beautifully held by a curving gold frame, while the other is dark grey with a sturdy gold frame with a shelf underneath.

Both are seriously useful items, whether for storing clutter or a handy seat when needed.


Chaise Longue (Chaise Lounge) And French-Style Benches

Chaise longue, or chaise lounge? Does it matter which one? They essentially mean the same thing, so it's up to you which you use!

Either way, we have a great range of French benches and chaises for you to browse.

Any of these would look great in a living room or bedroom, creating an elegant boudoir mood with a French flavour. Imagine yourself relaxing with a drink in hand - it's a great way to forget your worries and indulge yourself!

A classic chaise longue has only one arm and the backrest slopes downwards towards the other end, although there are several variations of this. They are designed for relaxing on and have always been something of a status symbol. Thankfully, they are now accessible to everyone, although they do suggest opulence and luxury wherever they are used.

Our gold French antique-style chaise certainly is luxurious, with a gold satin patterned fabric over a beautifully crafted frame. The carved floral detail finishes it off perfectly, making this a real statement piece.

We also have a three-seater sofa chaise in soft orange fabric over a natural wood frame. This attractive piece curves gracefully from the armrests around the back to form two rounded backrests that flow down to short cabriole legs. The overall effect is classy and appealing, for those who want to make a real statement with their furniture!

Another great example is our silver button-stuffed chaise. Encased in opulent silver crushed velvet, this piece curves sinuously in a laid-back S shape - more like a sun lounger than a classic chaise longue. The solid dark wood 'bun' style feet add to the sense of grandeur, making this an item you'll want to show off.


Shabby Chic Benches

The eclectic style of shabby chic appeals to many of us; you can mix various colours and textures to create an appealing design scheme just how you want it!

At the heart of shabby chic rooms, you'll usually find several larger pieces of furniture. These will always have character and a sense of history. That's why our shabby chic benches and chaise longue examples are ideal, as they have bags of character and charm.

So, whether you choose the white chaise with floral print upholstery, the white rattan chaise with high-level arms, or the La Rochelle 'monk's bench' with its exquisite carving and handy storage compartments, you can complete your shabby chic room with HomesDirect365.


Teak Root Benches

Few people can resist the allure of natural wood grain particularly when it's been beautifully crafted and polished.

Our teak root furniture definitely belongs in this category, so do check it out if you love good quality craftsmanship and the rustic charm of wood.

Each one of our teak root benches are expertly crafted using teak wood to create a range of different designs. No two pieces will be identical as the natural shape of the materials will dictate how it turns out.

Some are simple benches with a single seat supported by two thick legs, while others use the twisting, intertwined roots to form fascinating shapes. Some have high backs and arms, and yet others resemble thrones carved from a single piece of root!

These can be placed anywhere and will look amazing - even in an outdoor space. Teak is naturally water-repellent and resistant to rot, making it ideal for garden benches. Even so, it's wise to protect them against weather damage and cover them when not in use. Cushions will also need to be brought indoors in bad weather.

However, these seats are great indoors and will add a warm, rustic touch to your room.

Incidentally, our teak bean garden bench can be found in our selection of outdoor benches in our online shop. This is very different to our indoor collection as it is made from slatted teak timbers rather than the roots.


HomesDirect365: Creating Your Perfect Home

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Whatever designs and materials you prefer, we have just the thing you're looking for, and at a price that suits your budget.

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