Whether you have an impressive selection of books in your home library or just a handful of favourites, you need somewhere to keep them. Books look great, adding interest, character and personality, which is why we love to put them on display.

As well as books, you might need space to show off cherished items, such as mementoes, souvenirs, curios and photographs.

The best way to do this is with a beautiful bookcase or a bookshelf, and HomesDirect365 has an exceptional range of these on offer.

If you need a perfect place to store your treasured books, ornament and photos, here's an overview of the stunning furniture you'll discover on the HomesDirect365 online store.


Living Room Bookcases

Although some people have shelving or bookcases in other rooms, the most common place to store books is the living room as this is usually the most practical solution.

As a result, most of us want something special, and the best news is that HomesDirect365 has just what you're looking for when it comes to living room bookcases.


Modern Bookcases

If you're a fan of contemporary design you'll love our collection of modern bookcases!

For a clean, minimalist look, we have simple three, four or five-tier units in white, oak, walnut or black. There's also the Vida range, which is made up of a series of cube-shaped compartments. These come with four, six, nine or ten cubes, and some are arranged in a 'staircase' shape and are available in white, black, oak or grey finish.


Open Bookcase Collection

The Brando unit is an attractive open bookcase with a gold-effect metal frame and rustic wood shelves inlaid with acacia veneer. The overall effect is very appealing, making this a perfect piece on which to proudly display your books and prized ornaments.

Our other open units include the following ranges:

  • York
  • Fontana
  • Tiva
  • Lenox

These are all ladder-style units, some with drawers and storage compartments. All of them are modern in style and are great for showing off your books and curios!

Similarly, the Fair Isles unit is contemporary in style but is constructed in a 'pyramid' shape rather than a ladder style. This example has the added appeal of being crafted from reclaimed pine.

The Naples range is built around the classic bookcase design with a contemporary twist; angled planks offset against the shelves make this a quirky and fun unit.

Our Granada, Ranston and Trentino ranges are fairly similar in style and available in a variety of designs and shapes: wide, tall, with storage areas or without, and between two and five tiers. All of them are finished with a natural oak top.


Industrial Style

This design trend draws inspiration from our industrial heritage, using materials like concrete, iron, aluminium, steel and timber to create a feeling that a space or the items within it were once used in a factory or warehouse setting.

Our Hoxton, Old Empire and Ealing ranges echo this, cleverly combining rustic timber panels and black metal to bring about a real factory atmosphere.

We also have a large metal display cabinet that has plenty of space for books and other items, with two storage drawers and two large compartments with glass doors. The grey metal finish will complement any modern industrial design room!


Antique French Style Bookcases

For those who love classic French flair, we have a treat for you with our stunning collection of antique style French bookcases!

These come in all shapes and sizes, from tall, narrow five-tier units to larger one that is almost three metres wide! This large unit has three distinct sections, with a two-door storage cupboard at the bottom of the central section. It is finished in antique white with decorative floral carving around the edges, and has a convenient library ladder attached - a fantastic addition to any home!

Some examples are more like display cabinets or classic sideboards with enclosed shelves, cupboards and drawers. All of them are expertly crafted and are ideal for your home library.

Although many are finished in antique white, others have a weathered oak or a rich black finish.


Shabby Chic Bookcases

Shabby chic interiors are great, as they allow a lot of flexibility for you to mix and match fabrics, textures and colours. At the heart of most shabby chic designs, you'll find a statement piece with character and charm.

If you are planning your own shabby chic room, any of our shabby chic bookcases are a perfect centrepiece, with bags of character and charm! The Corbeille and Provence units lend themselves to this role particularly well, and we also have a narrow bookcase with a storage space that has classic louvre doors. Any of these units would suit your shabby chic scheme and complete your room perfectly.


How To Choose Your Bookcase

Buying the right piece of furniture can be tricky. You need to consider several different issues before going ahead, and it's important to get this right. Here are a few tips to guide you:

Measure Twice!

Measure the space where you plan to place your new bookcase. Double-check this to be sure, and start thinking about the style you want. Alcoves are great settings for a bookcase, as these spaces can sometimes be wasted. Again, make sure you measure carefully before you decide which unit to go for.

Think about the depth and width of the unit, as you don't want the bookcase to project too far into the room or obstruct windows or doors.

It goes without saying that the height of your unit is important, especially if your house has low ceilings (particularly in older rural homes).

Consider Your Existing Decor

Choose your new furniture wisely as it needs to fit in with your existing decor. Unless you plan to redecorate soon, your new bookcase needs to complement the colours in your living room. Bear in mind that heavy, solid wood bookcases are enclosed at the back and ends which may make the room feel smaller. If your room is small, open bookcases may be a better option.

Extra Storage

Consider whether you need more storage to keep things tidy, as many of our units come with cupboards and drawers to help keep your home tidy and organised.

Check The Details!

Many of our units, particularly the larger ones, will require some assembly at home. Always read the description carefully before going ahead. Feel free to use our chat facility if you have any queries.

Safety Note

Some bookshelves and bookcases are heavy, and even those that aren't will have books and other items sitting on the shelves. While they are safe in their own right, there is a danger of them toppling forward if they are pulled from the front, for example, if a child climbed on the shelves. For this reason, it is recommended that you fix the bookcase to a wall securely to avoid this eventuality.


HomesDirect365 - Creating Your Perfect Home

The HomesDirect365 online shop is the best place to begin your search for the ideal bookcase. We stock a wide variety of furniture styles that allow you to create the home of your dreams, at a price to suit all budgets.

You'll discover the bookcase you want and much more besides living room furniture! We stock sofas, wardrobes, beds, tables, chairs and a whole lot more.

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