Console Tables

If you have a space to be filled in your living room or lounge area, a console table is the ideal piece of furniture. Some offer extra storage, with shelves and drawers to keep your home tidy, and they all provide handy space for ornaments and curios. Even better, they are beautiful items of furniture in their own right!

Our HomesDirect365 console table collection is a perfect place for you to begin your search for your ideal living room furniture.

We've picked a handful of living room console tables to give you an idea of what's on offer in our online shop.


French Console Tables

When we think of classic French designs we might imagine extravagant carving and heavy ornamentation, but that's not always the case. While several of our tables have exquisite mouldings and foliate carving, others are simple and sophisticated.

Some French living room console tables have straight legs turned on a lathe, joined at the bottom with a handy shelf. These units rely on straight lines and symmetry, perhaps with the odd detail added, such as carving on the drawer face or crystal handles.

A few are slimline in design, making them perfect for smaller rooms or hallways.

Others are grand in style, with cabriole legs and carved details. One particularly stunning example is crafted from mahogany, with heavy, bold carving in a baroque style and highly accentuated cabriole legs.

As for colours, you can find natural wood, black, antique white, ivory, and grey, all of which add more sophistication and style to your home.


Shabby Chic Console tables

Our Juliette, Provence and Weymouth ranges are specifically aimed at anyone who loves the shabby chic look. Popular in the UK since the 1980s, this concept allows you to combine a variety of textures, colours, materials, patterns and fabrics to create an overall theme. Ideally, furniture must appear to have age, character and history.

The good news is that the three units mentioned above match this description perfectly, as do most of our shabby chic living room console tables!


Mirrored Console Tables

Mirrors have been used for several hundred years in grand houses to give the impression of space and light. Mirrored furniture acts the same way, adding glamour and panache to your living room while reflecting light and enhancing the decor.

For minimalist chic, we have simple mirrored console tables comprising a basic tabletop and four legs. The understated elegance of these units lets them blend in with your decor while looking beautiful.

Other tables are similar but have one, two or three drawers built in, and many have crystal glass or vintage metal handles that add another dimension.

For a real touch of class from the past, check out our art deco-style tables, with classic use of geometric shapes in the body of the unit.


Modern Console Tables

You can discover the furniture of tomorrow in the HomesDirect365 online store! We have a fantastic array of modern console tables that encapsulate contemporary design ideas.

Glass & Metal

The Crossley is a fine example of our glass and metal tables. The bevel-edged clear glass top perches perfectly on four solid legs that are joined in an X shape with a cross piece connecting both ends for extra strength. The eye-catching chrome finish adds a real contemporary touch!

The Azaria, Imperia, Meridian and Allure ranges all echo this, with a choice of rose gold, gold and silver finishes, as well as a variety of leg designs.

Wood & Metal

The Tate shows acacia wood and brass at their best, with an inspired mix of the two materials creating a modern masterpiece. Thin slimline metal legs support a superbly made body. The wide drawers are faced with triangles of inlaid acacia wood punctuated by brass-wrapped sections for a beautiful, stylish finish.

Glass & Wood

The Ferndale unit turns normal convention on its head: two thick glass panels act as legs supporting a wooden tabletop! This arrangement makes for a truly modern piece of furniture, and the bevelled edge to the top adds an extra modern twist.

Pure Glass

For sheer minimalism, the Azurro table should win a prize! This remarkable item is made from a single piece of glass that's cleverly bent at either end to form the legs. It's simple, elegant and stunning - an asset to any modern living space.


If you adore the natural look of wood grain, then we have plenty of choices for you.

Whether it's the rustic charm of the Fair Isle range or the sophisticated simplicity of the Milano and Madrid, you can be sure that wood plays the starring role.

Our Panama, Huxley Pine, Tucson and Havan ranges cater to more classic contemporary tastes, while still celebrating the charm of wood grain.


Solid marble furniture really makes a statement, and our Newcastle grey console table does exactly that. This two-piece item comprises a substantial, sturdy base with a rectangular slab on top. The base is highlighted with a vertical mirror panel on either side, adding extra finesse to an already stunning piece of furniture.

Other examples use marble or faux marble more sparingly as a tabletop, in the Barcelona, Cleo, Ackley and Emperor ranges.


Industrial Console Tables

Industrial furniture can reflect modern ideas or it can be retro, and our collection covers both preferences!

For example, the Shoreditch range includes a table with classic dansette legs, echoing the design of the 1950s and 60s. This unit beautifully combines wood and brushed metal to create a useful storage piece.

The Verne and Avro tables reflect industrial heritage ideas entirely in metal, and we also have a Storage Basket table in the same vein with a grey top, wide metal legs and a large wire basket at the base.

Our three New Foundry tables cater to lovers of vintage or modern styles: we have a three or four-drawer table with substantial black metal legs, a solid wood counter and metal castor wheels. The third option has no storage facility, and the legs are thin, arranged in a symmetrical triangular pattern beneath the wooden counter for a contemporary feel. 

For a rustic and urban look, shop our full range of industrial console tables.


Teak Console Tables

Solid, robust, rustic and stunning, these items are all unique. The shape is determined by the way the root has grown, and then expertly transformed into an amazing piece of furniture by skilled craftsmen.

One example has been cleverly capped with teak sides and a top to make a slim console table that works well in living rooms or hallways. Others use the splayed root system as a base to hold a wood or glass tabletop.

The wooden top is abstract and irregular in shape, adding to the rustic quirkiness of the table, while the square glass tops allow you to view the beautiful wood beneath.

All our teak console tables are ideal statement pieces for your home!


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