Living Room Display Cabinets

Where do you keep your most treasured possessions? Very often, we stash them away in cupboards and attics where they're safe, but they can't be seen! So, how do you put them on show while protecting them at the same time?

A display cabinet is the perfect solution: your prized items are safely stored, they can be seen, and you get a beautiful piece of furniture for your living room!

HomesDirect365 has an enviable collection of living room display cabinets to choose from, and here's a quick overview of what's on offer.


French Display Cabinets

If you're a fan of Continental styles, our French display cabinets are sure to please.

For example, we have slimline display units, like the Provence, with five shelves and a single drawer. This attractive display cabinet/bookcase is classically French, with a weathered oak effect finish, short cabriole legs and a tastefully ornamented pediment.

The open-backed French antique-style display cabinet is a more complex affair, with tiered shelving, cabriole legs, and an ornately-carved pediment. This four-shelf unit is available in antique white or stunning black.

Our largest French cabinet is a real beauty, and almost three metres wide! It comprises three distinct sections that are beautifully balanced, the two 'wings' being slightly lower in height than the central section. There are two cupboards in the middle with stylishly curved doors, and the entire unit offers fourteen shelf spaces - more than enough room for your books, ornaments, photos and collectables!

The ornamentation is restrained and refined, but what sets this unit apart is the library ladder attached to the front that slides along a black iron support.


Shabby Chic Display Cabinets

If you enjoy the eclectic feel of shabby chic designs, any of the items mentioned in our French cabinet section would be an ideal addition to your living room furniture (or dining room).

Each item has bags of character, and their antique-style design provides a sense of history - exactly what your need to make your shabby chic room complete.

In particular, the Provence and Corbeille units are perfect examples, and we also have a four-shelf display cabinet and a cupboard with louvre doors.

However, all our shabby chic display cabinets are great choices!


Modern Display Cabinets

Are contemporary styles more your cup of tea? Then check out our selection of modern display cabinets!

Metal & Glass Display Cabinets

The combination of glass and metal gives a clean, cool, modern feel, and our Pippard, Putney, Harry, and Logan ranges are all great examples of this fact.

Each one has an open design with no back or sides, allowing you to see your prized items from all angles. These units are ideal for smaller spaces as they don't obstruct light from reaching all areas of the room, making the room seem bigger. Even so, they will look excellent in rooms of any size!

Depending on the unit, the frame will be black, gold or chrome with sleek clear glass shelves.

Wood & Glass Display Cabinets

For a modern style with a retro touch, how about our quirky cabinets modelled on the classic British telephone box? There are two different designs, one of which is larger with a central drawer, a wine rack and a hanging rail for glasses. The second design is simpler, with four large storage compartments to hold all your ornaments and curios.

These fun, stylish units are available in classic red, dark blue, light blue, black, grey, white and natural wood finishes. Our telephone box display cabinets with glass doors are very popular within HomesDirect365!

Wooden Display Cabinets

Wood is a brilliant material in its own right, and our Cambourne, Milano, Madrid, Holbrook and Kingham display units highlight this fact.

Available in oak, pine or walnut effect finish, they illustrate smart, contemporary design at its best, with multiple shelves. Most have an open structure, and some models include enclosed cupboard space for extra storage.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored furniture is the last word in opulence when it comes to furnishing your home! It enhances the colours and textures of the room, adding elegance and sophistication.

Our mirrored Champagne one-drawer, four-shelf cabinet certainly fits this description, standing two metres in height and with a robust yet refined design. It is available as a single unit, or as a set of two with right and left opening doors. For added glitz, the drawers are finished with crystal glass handles!

Ultramodern Cabinets

Treat yourself to a super-contemporary display cabinet with the Charisma. Shaped like a reverse S shape, this clean, bright unit has a high gloss finish in brilliant white. Where the shelves are open, they are supported by gleaming chrome pillars. This three-shelf cabinet will allow your prized items to stand out beautifully while adding a contemporary feel to your room.

Industrial Cabinets

Do you love the industrial vibe in your home? The raw, rugged feel of wood, bare metal, rivets and glass really adds an edge to any space, making this a popular style for people of all ages.

Our industrial-style cabinets are a perfect fit for your home, each with its own distinctive design.

Our first example is the mint green industrial cabinet. Standing at over a metre in height, it's a substantial piece! The outer casing is coated in distressed pale green paint, while the drawer fronts are crafted from brushed metal or wire mesh, each with a label slot. The storage compartment at the top has a drop-down door, again with a wire mesh surface.

A final touch of industrial flair is added by the cast iron wheels, with two larger wheels on the left and two smaller ones on the right!

Other units use materials like mango wood to excellent effect. They are robust and solid, with rolling doors that slide on chunky metal fittings.

Metal Cabinets

For a serious industrial vibe, check out our grey display cabinet with three drawers and two shelves. Each drawer has a metal cup-style handle and slotted air vent detail. The upper compartment door is an open cage affair, giving the appearance of a concertina door that you'd find in an old lift or industrial setting.

The rattan door cabinet is different and quirky, made entirely from metal. The doors are crafted in a lattice-work pattern to resemble a rattan or wicker weave. These open outwards to allow access to the inside, but they don't meet in the middle when closed, offering a view of anything stored in the central area on any of the three shelves.


Find your perfect display cabinet at HomesDirect365

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