Pouffes & Footstools

Are you looking for a new furniture piece to complete your living room furniture? Maybe you feel there's just something missing? It may be storage related, or comfort. Well, with versatile pouffes and footstools, you'll be able to address your needs with ease.

With HomesDirect365 offering so many products, though, it can be difficult deciding the best styles, fabrics, sizes, or colour for you.

With our quick guide to picking out the best pouffe or footstool below, you'll be able to find the perfect place to rest your feet and add a little style to your home!


French style

One of the more popular styles from our collection is the French pouffes and footstools. The French style is something that we stock all sort of furniture in - from storage ottomans to your sofa, side tables to an armchair. The French style transcends many of our products.

But what is the French style exactly? What can you expect from our French style footstools, for example?

  • Upholstered, pastel coloured bases and tops
  • Statement metal legs
  • Soft curved shapes

The French style is all about bringing attention to the piece in a statement way. It will help provide a pop of soft colour, a luxury velvet feel, and it's a great pick for anyone looking to add comfort and style to their living set.

From rounded to soft square, pastel pink to soft grey - we have a French style pouffe/footstool/ottoman that will suit you!


Shabby Chic designs

Our shabby chic footstools and pouffes are also incredibly popular. The shabby chic look is supposed to be rustic, handmade, and look the part in terms of fitting into a well-loved home. That's not to say our shabby chic range looks tired, old, or out of place, though. Oh no, here at HomesDirect365, we focus on the chic!

Our interpretation of the shabby chic style includes:

  • Bold, geometric shapes designed to draw the eye from the floor up through the room to create a dramatic first impression
  • Strong colours to catch the eye
  • Interesting designs for the feet and legs

Shabby chic here is all about bringing elegance to an ottoman or footstools, whilst also keeping it bold with strong colours, statement feet, and strong shapes.

Our shabby chic range of footstools are perfect for relaxing, storage (everything from magazines to board games), and making the perfect statement in your home. No matter your preference of styles, we have shabby chic footstools that are sure to add drama to your living space.


Modern look

Our modern footstools and benches collection combine the previous two styles in unique ways. Whilst being inspired by the soft curves of the French design and strong lines of the shabby chic, our modern selection is great for those who love to mix and match colours and styles. As they say, most things have already been done before at this point in design and style, which is why our modern approach cherry picks the best parts of other designs to create something inspired by history's best bits!

Picking out a modern footstool or bench with us will mean:

  • A wide variety of designs - from statement leopard print to soft crushed velvet
  • Geometric feet - with bold, gold colours and strong geometric shapes making the support system part of the design
  • Interesting shapes - from cylindrical to circular, square to abstract - there's something to suit everyone's taste
  • Range of materials - metal, wood, velvet - you name it, our selection of upholstered and natural handmade footstools are varied

Check out our stock today, and you'll be able to find footstools, pouffes, ottomans, or benches that are sure to match the pieces you already own. If your modern sofa needs a companion, then you'll be able to find something that suits with us!


Benefits of shopping with us

Still not sure if our footstools and pouffes are right for you? Then here's a quick list of reasons why we're sure to stock something that's just great for you.

Free delivery to UK Mainland

Free delivery is great. But usually you have to meet a certain price before free delivery is offered. Well, here at HomesDirect365, all our stock comes with free delivery to UK Mainland as standard (terms and conditions apply). Whether it's footstools you need, a new sofa, bedside tables - whatever it may be - free delivery to UK Mainland is standard, not just something we add on for certain order sizes or amount of money spent by the customer.

Fast shipping

We know how much you can't wait to get your hands on our great pieces, so we're quick with our delivery to keep your stress down and satisfaction up.

Outstanding products

With ranges like ours, who needs to look elsewhere? Our footstools are varied and unique, specifically so we can cater to a wider audience.

So why not check out our pouffes and footstools selection today?